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This is going to be a short one, folks

Greetings, readers. Unfortunately, this is going to have to be a rather quick post today, because time has gotten away from us. Rebecca and I were checking emails, Facebook and Twitter as we normally do on Fridays and between needing time to back up files and Rebecca’s leaving early for an appointment, we have to type and leave time to edit. So here we go.

First, the weather. I checked my weather source on the computer this morning and found out that on Tuesday the high temperature will only be 47. The low, thankfully, will be 42. I say thankfully because on Tuesday evenings I meet a friend for coffee, and if the temperature would go below freezing that meeting would be called off. No change of plan is needed. Today started out sunny and beautiful, but a minor storm rolled in and clouded up around noon. People keep telling me we need the rain, and I suppose if I want to see my green grass and nice flowers, I will have to accept their judgement.

Sports playoffs are going on right now. I know my Pittsburgh Penguins made playoffs, but I am not sure rather they won their first round series or not. As for the NBA playoffs, Pittsburgh doesn’t have a team and I’m not much into basketball anyway. My favorite sport is baseball, but of course you probably could have guessed that, being that the MLB video game franchise is my favorite game to play on PS3. Yes, I love my baseball.

Continued prayers go out to the families and friends of those lost on Malaysia Airlines flight 370. I read just the other day that the country is officially calling it a salvage operation now, and I was reassured to hear that they are not going to quit looking for the aircraft. Readers, it’s got to be down there somewhere.

Finally, a little bit about my weekend plans. On Saturday is Dungeons and Dragons gaming day, which is always fun. My character, Donaar, is a dragonborn paladin and I have really gotten into playing that character. The game only goes up to 30th level, so when we reach that I will have to retire Donaar. I think I will actually miss him.

On Sunday it will be a day of rest, recouping, and trying to get this apartment in some kind of order. It seems that every time I take one step forward in cleaning this place, something happens and I am pushed four steps back. I promised myself that this task would be done, so good luck to me on that.

Our next blog entry will of course will be on Wednesday, and as of now the topic is unknown. So until then, take care, have a good weekend, and happy reading.


Mixed feeling day – sad anniversary and exciting book news

Greetings, readers. As the title implies, I have mixed feelings about this day, June 15, 2012. On this date in 2003 I lost my dear mother, Dr. Dorothy Greiner Kockelmans. It was one of the saddest days in my life and changed my life forever. I was what you call a momma’s boy and we were joined at the hip. She was over protective of me because of my cerebral palsy, and I was used to it since that was all I knew from my early childhood days.

When I came home one day and found that she had passed away, the follower had to become the leader. Two things happened within moments of each other. First, to make absolutely certain, I lifted her left eyelid and saw no one looking back at me. Second, I had to go and tell me dear father that his wife had died. To make matters worse, that particular June 15th was Father’s Day. Time has marched on and day by day my routine without mother gets stronger. Though still every mid-June is still difficult for me. Love you Mom.

Now on to happier news. Rebecca and I were at a local bookstore today where my first book is for sale and learned that someone did indeed purchase a copy. Whoo-hoot. The store owner is interested in my new book, due to come out next week or so and wants six copies. Big thumbs up. To all my readers, I know sometimes I post links here on my page which may or may not be of interest. However, when the second book is for sale, I shall put the two easy links for both books.

On a sports note, congratulations to the LA Kings for winning the Stanley Cup. Also the NBA finals are in full swing. As I am not a big basketball fan, I shall just say good luck to both teams. I believe it is Miami and Oklahoma City.

On a quirky note, I won my very first full length baseball game on PS3 the other night. I was the Baltimore Orioles and the computer was the Washington Nationals. I hit three home runs. Yay me. I do not remember the final score because this game took place at 6:30 in the morning while I was suffering one of my frequent insomnia nights.

Lastly, for next week I hope to have at least two new blog entries go up. I don’t really want to talk about the Jerry Sandusky case, but I might. Or politics, but I might. You get the idea. I know I had promised a blog about Romney vs. Obama. I still hope to have that come out one day very soon. I guess I am just afraid of any hate mail I might receive. Rush Limbaugh or Chris Matthews, I am not. Until next week, have a good weekend and happy reading.