Blog comment policy update

Greetings, readers. Today, Rebecca and I accepted a comment from someone who came across my entry “Preliminary report card on MLB13: The Show.” The comment was on topic, which I was thrilled to see, but it contained an advertisement on how to get more readers by going to a linked website. This in itself might not have been a bad thing, but at present I cannot get into any kind of advertisement that I might have to pay for later. I marked the comment as not spam and then snipped the ad part off the end before I approved it. We reserve the right to edit any solicitous comment.

So please, by all means, do comment. But no more advertisements. Thanks and have a great day.

Current Official Comments Guidelines

Greetings, readers. Checking my spam-mail number for the past 30 hours, I was horrified to see 141 spam comments and two pending. And those two turned out to be spam as well. Oh, my! Either I’m not getting something here, or I have a whole lot of bots going on. One of the recent spam messages that looked like it might have been from a real person was hiding a trojan virus. Thank goodness for my top-notch anti-virus program; it did catch it and computer is safe. : )¬† I have a lot of comments with a general, “great post,” or “very helpful.” These don’t tell me a whole lot.

I recently wrote a blog post about this,¬†titled I’m new here so please … where I made some suggestions. I now have an official comments policy for you to follow, when you want to leave a comment, so that I know it is from a real person.

Please write my first name, Joe, somewhere in the post. “Hi, Joe,” will be fine. Also, mention a specific detail from the post you are responding to, so that I get some feedback and so that I have context for your comment. You can ask me a question, to which I will reply in the comments. I will also be making my own comments regularly, once I get more of them from readers.

Take care, readers. Blog post about my father is coming soon.