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Here’s #600!!! :-)

Greetings, readers. Again we have hit another milestone. Blog entry #600. Incredible. When Rebecca and I began this blog in late 2011, I really didn’t think I could do it, and figured that the idea would be a flash in the pan. To my wonderful surprise, I’m gaining new readers each month, some on Facebook and others on the WordPress reader. Our work and accomplishments make me proud.

Rebecca has been a wonderful editor and has helped me get each and every entry as polished as could be. Sometimes we’ve had to dash out an entry in less than an hour. With Rebecca’s prowess, I can’t tell the difference from the ones we took more time with when I go back and read them. Probably the real short ones are the ones we dashed off in a pinch.

What’s coming in the next twelve months?

I’m still very disgruntled at the Donald Trump victory but I am learning to live with it. I’m watching no news about him because I don’t want to see the mistakes he makes. So if you are looking for anything political from me in the next twelve months, drop me a suggestion other than President Trump and we shall tackle it.

In the upcoming year, I plan on purchasing a used PS4 and I will begin to review games for that system. As some of you may have realized, I did not do a review on MLB baseball or Madden football last year. My system is too old.

Also you will see a good number of top ten lists and several From Rebecca. Those are always very popular. I shall keep you up to date on what is going on in my apartment building, and of course with kitty cat Keekee. I can’t believe she is eleven now. Yikes. Lastly, as something new to try out, I plan on taking a couple of road trips via Zipcar to local areas, with tape recorder in hand, and shall take notes about my experiences, then Rebecca and I will work them up into a series of blog entries. I’m always looking to give my readers something new.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and we can assure you that this blog is nowhere near done. I have no plans of shutting it down. I enjoy writing it very much. There will be one change, however, in the coming weeks. Although I love the current style theme, Chateau, very much, I think it is time for a change. I’ll have to choose one that is easy to read and easy to work with. Trust me, some aren’t. We’ll let you know when that change is about to take place.

I bid you all a wonderful weekend, know that I am thankful to each and every one of you, and continued happy reading.

This morning I had a minor health issue while playing my new video game

Greetings, readers. I’ve never enjoyed talking about my cerebral palsy and all of its side effects. But this morning something happened which really had me concerned. I had slept in a wee bit and had taken my meds later than usual. I then settled down with some coffee for a few hours of my new game, WWE2k16. After the first 40 minutes, even with that annoying screen shake toggled off, I felt a seizure coming on. Everything started to go black, I felt shaky, and I instinctively grabbed both chair arms and held on for dear life. It didn’t last very long, I must say, since I was able to ward off the actual seizure. I immediately turned the game off, shut off all the lights in my apartment, and did what I do best, took a nap.

When I awakened at 11:15, all was normal once again. I’m really going to have to watch myself when playing this game. I can play MLB baseball indefinitely with no issues. I think in this wrestling game, the flashing lights of the arena and all the simulated pyrotechnics are just a little bit too much. From now on, I’ll play for an hour or so and then take a break. I am really enjoying this game and want to get better at it, but to do that I have to play. It is frustrating when I have to stop all the time because of my condition.

I first saw this game on YouTube, being played by a gamer who calls himself CMPuLs3 (pronounced c.m. pulse). His channel is excellent and his wrestling videos are introd by the actual WWE champion, Seth Rollins. Way cool! I want to thank CMPuLs3 for getting me into this game and making super cool videos, especially the James Falcon series.

I’ve written to this person on Facebook, asking him for any help on how to play the game for people with bad hands. Luckily, and to my surprise, the game will play computer versus computer, so I can watch and at least learn the moves. Next, I need to know how to do them, quickly enough. I’ve played four matches now. I am 0-4, with an average losing time of 8 seconds.

How cool is this? I created my own character called Thunderbolt Jimmy Storm, paired him with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and we are now a tag team tentatively called The New Foundation, working our way up the ranks to hopefully take the title.

Lastly, it is a rainy day here in State College and I might have to keep the gaming machine off. That is probably a good idea considering what happened this morning.

Until Wednesday, when we’ll be back to a normal week, take care, have a great weekend, and happy reading.

Top ten list of my top ten lists

Greetings, readers. Rebecca had an idea that I just loved; to do a top ten list of our top ten lists to date. Here they are in order. You can click on the titles to link to the original blog entry. Enjoy.

#10. Top ten list of my favorite football helmet logos

#9. Top ten list of my favorite TV theme songs [In my last performance, the theme to The Love Boat was the show opener.]

#8. Top ten list of great M.A.S.H. episodes [It was truly hard to choose only ten. M.A.S.H. was such a great show; truly top quality TV.]

#7. Top ten list of favorite holidays

#6. Top ten list of favorite television show finales

#5. Top ten list of places I want to visit or revisit

#4. Top ten list of MLB or NFL stadiums gone by [I wished I could have lived in the era when Forbes Field in Pittsburgh and Shibe Park in Philadelphia were in their heyday. I definitely would have gone to games there.]

#3. Top ten list of ways to get inspired

#2. Top ten list of airlines no longer with us [I never thought that TWA, Eastern, or Pan Am would ever go out of business.]

#1. Top ten list of Air Crash Investigation stories [This topic continues to be one of the hottest on the blog and this is the entry with the most views.]

Honorable mention: Top ten list of modern conveniences [This one is a funny one. Every week with few exceptions it shows up in the views stats. Neither of us have any idea why this is so popular. For all we know, a teacher might be using this as part of a homework assignment.]

There you have them, in order. Chime in with yours if you wish to, here or on Facebook. Until next Wednesday, take care, have a great weekend and happy reading.

This is going to be a short one, folks

Greetings, readers. Unfortunately, this is going to have to be a rather quick post today, because time has gotten away from us. Rebecca and I were checking emails, Facebook and Twitter as we normally do on Fridays and between needing time to back up files and Rebecca’s leaving early for an appointment, we have to type and leave time to edit. So here we go.

First, the weather. I checked my weather source on the computer this morning and found out that on Tuesday the high temperature will only be 47. The low, thankfully, will be 42. I say thankfully because on Tuesday evenings I meet a friend for coffee, and if the temperature would go below freezing that meeting would be called off. No change of plan is needed. Today started out sunny and beautiful, but a minor storm rolled in and clouded up around noon. People keep telling me we need the rain, and I suppose if I want to see my green grass and nice flowers, I will have to accept their judgement.

Sports playoffs are going on right now. I know my Pittsburgh Penguins made playoffs, but I am not sure rather they won their first round series or not. As for the NBA playoffs, Pittsburgh doesn’t have a team and I’m not much into basketball anyway. My favorite sport is baseball, but of course you probably could have guessed that, being that the MLB video game franchise is my favorite game to play on PS3. Yes, I love my baseball.

Continued prayers go out to the families and friends of those lost on Malaysia Airlines flight 370. I read just the other day that the country is officially calling it a salvage operation now, and I was reassured to hear that they are not going to quit looking for the aircraft. Readers, it’s got to be down there somewhere.

Finally, a little bit about my weekend plans. On Saturday is Dungeons and Dragons gaming day, which is always fun. My character, Donaar, is a dragonborn paladin and I have really gotten into playing that character. The game only goes up to 30th level, so when we reach that I will have to retire Donaar. I think I will actually miss him.

On Sunday it will be a day of rest, recouping, and trying to get this apartment in some kind of order. It seems that every time I take one step forward in cleaning this place, something happens and I am pushed four steps back. I promised myself that this task would be done, so good luck to me on that.

Our next blog entry will of course will be on Wednesday, and as of now the topic is unknown. So until then, take care, have a good weekend, and happy reading.

The ultimate test of my patience: PlayStation network

Greetings, readers. My second Christmas, i.e. the release date for the video game MLB14 The Show, is a day late. Let me explain. For only the second time ever, I decided to purchase the game from the PlayStation store on-line instead of buying the game on disc at the store. No big deal, right? When I purchased it two days before its release date, I was told I would have to wait until after midnight on April 1st to begin the actual download. I had no problem with that. What I did have a problem with is the PlayStation network going down for maintenance on a day when millions of baseball fans are more than likely trying to download this game. OMG!

Finally, at 4:30 yesterday afternoon, I was able to start what I thought would be a three to four-hour download process. Nearly 24 hours later, the download reads 98% done. I will be livid if this game really isn’t downloading at all. Usually I don’t leave my modem and other equipment on overnight but I had to or the process would have been interrupted. Perhaps someone can tell me: do downloads take longer if more people are trying to do the same thing at the same time? All I know is, the money has been taken out of my bank account and I’m just anxious to get what I paid for.

Today’s blog entry was going to be about how great this game is. Unfortunately that is going to have to be done on Friday. So, let’s get you up to date on other things.

Although I don’t sit down for hours and watch news, I have been trying to keep tabs on Malaysia Airlines flight 370, praying that someday very soon searchers will find something. Obviously that aircraft or bits thereof is somewhere. With all the high-tech satellite and other gadgetry, I am shocked that this plane has not been found yet. Granted, parts of the Indian Ocean are quite deep, but I must have missed my guess because I thought we had technology to pinpoint anything anywhere if we wanted to. Time will tell and I will keep my fingers crossed for closure for their loved ones.

Closer to home, yesterday was our first truly beautiful warm spring day. Almost 60 degrees, light wind, and abundant sunshine. I will happily take many more of those kinds of days. Rain, however, is in our forecast tomorrow. According to my friend Jim, the water table is down, so I guess we do need it after all.

Lastly, Keekee is being such a good girl. She has quickly learned when it is her feeding time, so as not to bother daddy during work hours. Also, the phrases she has learned, such as treats and milk, show that I am the proud papa of one very smart cat. I often wondered what would happen if I tried to bring a second animal into the apartment. On many occasions, Keekee has reminded me in her own way that this is her house and I am just allowed to live here. Somehow I don’t think Keekee would be too happy with another four-pawed animal running around the place. This is her apartment. All hail Queen Keekee.

On Friday, I will report on MLB14 The Show … I hope. And soon it will be time for another top ten list. Until Friday, have a great day, enjoy springtime, take care and happy reading.

UPDATE: Finally after twenty-one and a half hours, I thought MLB14 The Show had successfully downloaded, but when I tried the install process an error message came on the screen saying that the data may be corrupt. I’m currently re-trying the install process in the hopes that I get lucky, but I fear I will have to do one of two things. One, uninstall the game and begin the download process all over again. Or two, call the Sony 800 number, ask for a refund, and when the money is redeposited in my bank account, go to Best Buy and buy a copy of the game on disc. Blog post on Friday on the game is now pending.

SECOND UPDATE: 4/4/14: Sorry to have to inform you that the download of MLB14 The Show from the PlayStation store turned out to be a permanently corrupt file. After talking with a tech person, we agreed the best thing to do was to cancel my order and either try again at a later date or buy a physical copy. So, expect my yearly review on the MLB baseball series ASAP.