Monday’s entry… on Thursday :-( Sorry

Greetings, readers. Finally I found time to type a new blog entry! 🙂 Today’s topic: the first look at NBA 2K 20, Steam Edition. Okay…, three words…, OH MY GOD! I’ve recently played this game on my PS3 [2K18], an I thought that was marvelous. But in Steam’s 2020 version, the detail in graphics, toggle-features and the chance to play NBA or WNBA is fantastic. The women’s league got the nod for the first time ever! YES!

As with other games in the 2K basketball series, the in-studio pregame and halftime shows are based on the real-life NBA on TNT presentations, featuring Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal. During the games, the announcers are Kevin Harlan, Greg Anthony, Chris Webber, Steve Smith and Clark Kellogg, with Doris Burke and David Aldridge as the sideline reporters. I am simply astounded at the amount of not only play-by-play, but also the detailed color commentary, which makes the experience almost like I’m watching a real game.

So far I’ve only ‘played’ this game watching the computer battle itself. I’m still trying to learn what all the buttons do and what all the commands are. Also, there are different icons under some players. I think this is to indicate that the player is hot, cold, a good 3-point shooter, dunker etc.

In a few weeks or so, I’ll play a game on rookie mode versus the computer and make a video of it for YouTube. I shall put the link in the entry so that you can all watch my lose…, uh…, play. Lol.

That’s it for now. Until soonest, take care, love one another, have a great few weeks, and happy reading.

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