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A short blog entry today before I call bingo

Greetings, readers. I am still under the weather, but feeling well enough to call bingo tonight until our regular bingo caller gets back from work. Around 5pm, I’m going to Panera and get some turkey chili and coffee. That will not only clear my sinuses, but it should give me all the energy I need to get me through until 9:00.

It’s been a long time since I’ve called bingo and I hope it goes okay. Every once in a great while there is drama in the community room. When I call though, it’s my game and I let people know that I won’t take any shenanigans. As Katharine Hepburn said in On Golden Pond, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just get along?”

I canceled my afternoon appointment because I wanted to sleep. I need to kick this cold in the butt and be ready to go to work tomorrow morning. Unless I am hacking up a storm, I’m going. I love my customers and I can’t miss any more money. I wonder if any of my customers asked where I was on Tuesday? It’s not like me not to be there. Because I handle money though, I decided it was best not to go to work.

This blog entry is being created with me using my speech recognition program and I must say, it’s amazing. So far, I’ve ‘typed’ 239 words. For me and my writing career, this is the best thing since ice cream … and we all know how much I love ice cream. After my cold goes away and I’ve read and edited Four’s a Crowd, it will be time for me to begin the first of two projects I have in mind. Oh boy, I can’t wait.

Well, that’s it for this short blog entry. Very soon I am going to go outside and breathe some good air. Dinner should perk me up as well. When I get back from bingo calling, it will be lights out.

Until next Wednesday, I bid you a great weekend, take care, and as always, happy reading.


My Summer Car help request and other topics

Greetings, readers. I know I just blogged about My Summer Car not too long ago, but it continues to bother me. In the latest update, the creator of the game added a wonderful moped (to me it looks like a dirt bike) and it is the only vehicle that I can drive with my frame-rate problem. Yes, that is my issue. Even on the crappiest settings, my frame-rates are horrendous. The van barely moves, as well as the diesel truck, and the boat won’t start, so I am forced to use the moped to get to town. That in itself was fun, I was finally able to buy things at the store, however I have no vehicle to get the items back home, as there is no basket on the moped.

I created a YouTube video approximately 5 minutes in length describing my woes of playing My Summer Car. If anybody can give me some tips or pointers on how to make the game run better, or any game with frame-rate problems, please leave your suggestions in the comment area either here or on my Facebook page. I would greatly appreciate any help.

Okay, on to other news. I found out that my idea for my new writing project cannot be done. Not only are the folks I was going to write it for basically finished with their productions, but the list of restrictions from the Star Trek world governed by CBS and Paramount are so ridiculously stupid that I can’t even work with them. For instance, your project can only by 15 minutes long or 2 parts for a total of 30 minutes. It has to be family friendly, so there goes any fight scenes or phaser battles, and I wouldn’t even be able to show them having a drink. Lord forbid little Johnny or Susie see the characters drinking Romulan ale. The whole thing is so frustrating.

I actually had a good idea with a strong story and subplot. I was excited about the project, and then just for giggles I wanted to see what the guidelines actually were. My excitement faded away quickly. I think I’m still going to do the project just for the writing experience. It would definitely get those writing muscles working again and boost my creativity. Will the story be able to be produced by anybody? I doubt it. Oh well, so it goes.

Okay, I’m done ranting and raving. I do have one other thing I want to share with you. Last week I had a comment in the spam filter that I deleted, but the question was close enough to a real one that I thought I’d answer it, in case I was wrong about it being from a spam bot. It asked about how I do the coding for this blog, and do I use html code. WordPress is a great host that does the work for me, even though I am using their free version. I log into my account, see a dashboard with different categories, click Add New Post, and I have a window to type the blog entry into, with easy to use features to put in a category and tags. When I am ready, I click Publish, and WordPress puts it live on my page. I would recommend WordPress.com to anyone who wants to do a blog, even if they are not tech savvy.

There’s my blog entry for today. Again, please if you would, watch that YouTube video and give me any help you can.

Until tomorrow, have a great day, take care, and happy reading.

From Rebecca: Busy book day for Joe and Darren

As many regular readers know, Joe wrote a play called Kimberly and my husband Darren is turning it into a book called Four’s a Crowd. It is close to finished now, and Joe was over to our place today to meet with Darren and go over the latest changes. I told Joe I would write today’s post for the blog and I apologize for being a little late with it; I did something else for a few hours and it went right out of my head until a few minutes ago. (Sorry, Joe!)

Darren has worked hard on the novel, and I hope it goes far and wide someday. They are planning to self-publish with CreateSpace when they finish the final writing and edits.

From what I heard today, that time might be soon, maybe in the next six months. Both the play and the novel are about two couples, Alice and Henry, their son Lyle, and his wife Kimberly. The parents move in with the younger couple and there are some adjustments to be made if they are going to live together. The play takes a lighter tone than the novel, which adds some personal problems to the characters for a more serious tone. There is still humor in the novel, and the play forms the skeleton of the book. Part of the hard work Darren did was to keep most of Joe’s play while fleshing out the characters and action. I am so proud of my husband.

We will keep you posted on this book and on Joe’s current project. Joe will be back next week.

Until Wednesday, as Joe would say, have a great weekend, take care, and happy reading.

Mini snow storm over and novel’s chapter two is going well

Greetings, readers. I woke up to roughly 3 inches or so of snow on the ground. It was no surprise. Everyone knew it was coming, the question was just how much. We were in the 3 to 6 inch range, but I think we got the smaller amount of what was predicted.

Snow is pretty when it first comes down, but after the cars roll around in it and make it black, it is disgusting. Also, with my bad balance, slush and ice are not my friends.  When there is any amount of snow that is more than a dusting, I stay inside. It’s just not worth me breaking a leg over. Anything I need at the store, I can get the night before or the day after.

It is late morning as I am using my speech recognition program to dictate this entry, and the snow has already stopped. Now it is just cold and slippery. After I’m done dictating, I shall save this entry to draft and get it ready for Rebecca to edit. I expect that she will post it sometime in the mid to late afternoon.

As far as my new writing project goes, oh boy, am I off to a hot start. Today is a little slower than yesterday as far as production, but it’s still early. I plan to work until at least two or three this afternoon. With over 2,100 words so far, it is certainly my best start in years. What do you know, writing is fun again. Yay! 🙂

I am going to continue to plug away at it until the ideas don’t come anymore. Hopefully, that won’t be for a very long time. I’ve got a great idea for this novel. The more I write, the more excited I get about the project. I shall keep you all up to date in the coming weeks.

Until next week, have a great weekend, be safe if you’re in the snow, and happy reading.

A major writing idea has finally hit me

Greetings, readers. After pondering for many weeks about what personal writing project I will do, I came to a conclusion.  I was looking at an old proof copy of Greetings, Readers: A Year in the Life of a New Blogger, the book with blog entries from my first of being a blogger. I realized one big mistake I made. I was charging people money to read what they could read on my site for free, with very little new content.

Last night the idea hit me: Since I love blogging, and I dare say I am fairly good at it, why not write blog entries exclusively for the new book? Does this mean I will give up writing in this space? Absolutely not. Rebecca and I will continue to blog here on WordPress on Wednesdays and Thursdays. And I/we will also create blog entries for the new book, tentatively titled Greetings, Readers 2 (subtitle to come later.)

This is the first that Rebecca has heard of the idea and I don’t know what she thinks of it. I have been told by a number of people to go with my strengths. We have been blogging for 5 years come December and we now have 550 entries. If I could create between 60 and 80 extra entries, exclusively for the book, that might be the ticket.

On a short side note, I already know what topic I will blog about tomorrow. I’ve been watching very bad B movies on YouTube recently and I will share my experiences about some of them with you tomorrow.

Please, readers, if you wish to leave a comment, suggestion, or a thumbs up or down, about my writing project idea, please do so in the comment section or on Facebook. If there is a topic you want to see me cover, here or in a new book, let me know.

Until tomorrow, take care, have a wonderful day, and happy reading.

New daily schedule is progressing nicely

Greetings, readers. I am very happy to tell you that my new daily routine is almost set. I’ve been told that it takes about three weeks to make something a habit, so I have about a week left. I’ve awakened at six the last few mornings and want to eventually have five AM be my new, permanent wake up time.

Rebecca will be here at 9:45 today; our new work start time. Work hours will be in the mornings from now on. I can’t wait until the time comes where I can get up, get ready and have pages typed before Rebecca arrives. Then she can become more my editor instead of my primary typist.

I’ve been studying the Amish lately. I’ll be writing a story dealing with that culture. With six books out from the local library, I’ve plenty of research material for my secondary writing project. It’s going to be so much fun. Bear Spring Camps book three is still going to be our primary project.

On a side note, KISS came to State College last night. As I said, I did not attend the concert. Money was a bit tight, and I have seen them live three times. I will admit, I almost broke down and tried to get tickets, but I held firm. I wouldn’t have been able to hear straight for a couple of days. If they ever return before they retire, I’ll go see them. 🙂

That’s all the news for today. Until tomorrow, take care, have a great day and happy reading.


Keekee got a glowing report at the vet and happy Halloween

Greetings, readers. This is something I have not done before. I am dictating the blog today, Thursday, to have it ready to review and publish tomorrow, Friday. I’m doing this because I need tomorrow to be a big creation day. So let’s just pretend it is Friday.

As you read this second paragraph, Keekee will have been home a whole day and hopefully will not be mad at Daddy anymore. I had a hell of a time getting her into her pet carrying case. I only use it to take her to the vet, so she knows what is going on. Yesterday was her semi-annual senior wellness check. How lovely. I understand that keeping Keekee healthy is a priority, but twice a year for 80 plus dollars? And more if there is to be blood work done. Well, if it means keeping Keekee healthy until she is 15 or so, my accountant will just have to live with it, because she is extremely high on my priorities list.

After Rebecca and I review and edit this, I’m going to begin dictating a new story for camp book 3. That project is going slower than I want it to, but it is going. My other project, The Parlor’s Secret, is not only not off the runway, it hasn’t even left the gate yet. What I need to do for that project is put on some music without words and dive into it, typing the first draft myself. I need to see the events of the story as if I were watching a movie. After a good chunk of it is completed, I will hand it over to Rebecca for editing.

Very soon now I have to leave, calling the work day early, because I have to get ready for Keekee’s appointment. [As the title says, Keekee got a glowing report and, besides one bad tooth, she is perfectly healthy. Vitals are perfect, coat and skin are healthy, and her eyes are clear and beautiful.]

So have a happy Halloween, a great weekend, stay warm if it is cold, take care and happy reading.

Back from camp renewed and energized

Greetings, readers. After a wonderful vacation in Maine, I’ve come home with an entire new outlook on writing. It is so positive I can’t even begin to tell you. But I will try.

For several months now I have been playing around with the idea of a third and final camp book. But I wasn’t sure how to proceed. Then the idea hit me. Over the next several weeks I am going to create from scratch two fictitious characters, a man and woman, both probably in their mid-20s. They will be the newbies at Bear Spring Camps. Not only will this third camp book contain true stories from my camp life, but also it will have fictitious stories told by the new Bear Spring Camp’s couple.

I started to think of all the stories I could tell and in my mind I already have several that I can expand on. If I put my nose to the grindstone, we could have a new book out by next July. That is my goal.

Now, about the vacation itself. It was one of the very best ever. I was completely calm and at ease, laughing, telling jokes and stories, eating like a horse, and making people happy. The camp menus changed very little, thank goodness. I did everything I wanted to do and more, including renting a pontoon boat for two days. I am going to do that next year for the whole week. It was much easier for me to get in and out of, as well as a better area for fishing; as you know I need all the help I can get. Five stars for the pontoon boat idea.

The first few days were long and filled with fun and good times. The last couple of days seemed to go by very quickly. I guess we all knew the end was near. Friday afternoon, of course, was packing day. I thought to myself I’ll wait and do it after supper. Well, a thunderstorm came and knocked out the power for two hours. So much for packing. Still, the next morning I was packed and ready to go, and on the road, by quarter to ten. I had told Rebecca, and I might have mentioned it in the blog also, that I thought this year might be my swan song at Bear Spring Camps. Well, I’ve got news for you. I enjoyed this year so much that I’ve already decided that I will be back next year. My arrival date is August 8th, and boy I can’t wait.

I’ll be keeping you up-to-date on my writing projects, as well as what’s going on in State College, PA. I can tell you already that students are beginning to flood back in. Classes start in two weeks. Where did the summer go?

Finally, Keekee was one happy kitty-cat when I came in the door. She missed her daddy. She was literally underfoot for a day and a half. She seems to know now that I am home and she’s gone back to her regular routine.

Until next time, have a great day, happy reading, and stay tuned for more details about my trip and about my up-coming musical performance at Addison Court. 🙂

Yet another snow storm on the way

Greetings, readers. Here we flippin’ go again. And that is to put it politely. The winter weather marches on. Just when the central PA area got cleaned out and we have enjoyed a few days of sunshine, my Facebook friends are announcing another storm is on the way. That prompted me to check the weather app I have on my computer, and although no accumulations are given, we are supposed to get snow anywhere from Saturday night right through Monday. Also included in that timeframe are my least two favorite words: freezing rain. Yuck!

Looking outside my window, a beautiful sunny day is staring me in the face, and it could be 75 degrees out there. I checked an hour ago on the computer and, alas, it is only 8 degrees. Looks can be deceiving. A friend of mine on Facebook warned me that our region will probably receive two more storms before the early signs of spring arrive. I can’t wait. Now, I know that I will actually complain about this when it happens, but right now bring on the triple digits. I am so tired of freezing to death.

Briefly onto something else. I worked with Rebecca’s husband Darren yesterday on the Kimberly project and it is going magnificently. Whether the novel actually does come out or not, I give him an A+ for effort. Whoo-hoot for Darren. He is up to 74 handwritten pages. Excellent progress for only a few months’ work. I am envious.

As for next week, Rebecca and I will have our usual three-day work week, including two blog posts.

I saved the worst for last, because I am not going to say much about it. This weekend is the dreaded State Patty’s Day event at Penn State University and as far as I know, there will only be a few choice places that will be serving alcohol. All other businesses, restaurants and bars who are abstaining, thumbs up.

Until next week, have a good weekend, stay out of the snow if you can, drive safe if you are in it, be well and happy reading.

It’s a hodgepodge day #2

Greetings, readers. Another work week has begun. It will be a slightly shorter one, because I’ve given Rebecca Valentine’s Day off to spend with her husband, Darren. Speaking of Valentine’s Day – not my favorite holiday – I think I will drown my sorrows in a tall, cold glass of beer from the bar across the street. That is what I did last year.

On to a topic related to my new writing project. The extra time which I have spent at my computer, while looking through my bifocals, has caused extremely tense neck muscles. It’s my body’s way of saying, “Hey, we aren’t used to this. Go back to playing your video games.” I have to fight that temptation. I am finally on a roll and I do not want to let my momentum stop. Although I did not type any new pages in the last couple of days, I did figure out where I’m going to be taking the story next. So, tonight or in the morning, I’ll be ready to go once again.

The weather is still brutally cold here in Central PA, and we are bracing for a winter storm now clobbering the south. It could dump as much as four inches of snow along with freezing rain by the end of tomorrow. Not good. We got that much snow this past Sunday and the roads were treacherous in some places. If ice is coming, the road crews will have to do better. I think I will be getting a few items from the corner store this afternoon and pretty much staying inside tomorrow except for an appointment. That will suit me just fine. I’ve two appointments in the next couple of days, and hopefully the weather will not interfere with either of them, especially my haircut appointment. I am beginning to look like one of the Beatles from the late 60s; too much hair and beard.

As I approach my 300th post, Rebecca and I will soon be discussing the possibility next year of a second blog book. I’ve not decided for certain, but if we do put one out, there will be more added material than I put in the first blog book.

That is all my news for today, so as always, have a good day, stay warm and healthy, take care and happy reading.