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My pet is purr-fect

Greetings, readers. I’ve had my kitty cat Keekee for 11 plus years now and have enjoyed every moment with her. Alright, I’ll admit, she’s my kid and she’s spoiled rotten. I’m very happy to say that with two vet visits a year (her semi-annual wellness check) she is in remarkably good shape for her age.

Keekee has her daily routine just like any other being on earth. When my alarm goes off in the morning, she knows its time for breakfast. I say let’s go get it and she runs to the kitchen where her plate is. Around 11:30 she gets antsy for her dinner and that’s her second and final helping of moist food for the day. She also enjoys every morning what I call the bottom-of-the-saucer-full-of-milk.

Keekee also has many habits. She loves to sleep on my bed, look out the window for birdies, and play ball. When she’s feeling frisky she will find one of those balls and swat it around with her foot like a hockey player with a puck. She also knows exactly when I am leaving. As soon as she sees me putting on my coat or packing my book bag she goes somewhere and pouts. When I’m in Maine, she clings to Rebecca and sheds like crazy. My Maine trip is her least favorite time of the year.

She does seem to be able to tell time. If I am up too late at night, she will come out, stare me right in the face, as if to say, why are we still up?

Recently I’ve given thought about what is going to happen when Keekee is no longer with me. That will be an extremely sad day and one I am not looking forward to. I’ve had pets all of my life and I know what it is like to lose one. Will I take the plunge and get another cat? Or perhaps a small dog? Odds are yes. Where I’m living now there is not much green grass where I could let a dog run free and do its business. So I think a cat would be the way to go. But would I ever be as lucky to get a kitten as mild-mannered, well-trained, and purr-fectly spunky as my Keekee? I doubt it. I would either be allergic to the new animal or find out that its temperament is so much different from my current pet.

When I moved out of my parents house, I swore I wasn’t going to have another animal. My ex-wife and I had a pet, a wonderful dog named Sassy. I missed out on most of her life after the marriage ended and they moved to California. When I was informed by my ex-wife that Sassy had passed away, I immediately burst into tears. I wasn’t looking to have a pet when I moved into this apartment building. The Lord though had other plans. A woman who was moving out of the building had this 6-month old kitten who she rescued from the side of the road, and asked me of all people if I wanted a free pet. I took the chance and have been glad I did every day since. I expect I will have many more years ahead with Keekee but only the Lord knows.

For those of you who have not seen a picture of Keekee, here she is:


Until next week, have a fantastic weekend, take care, and happy reading.


Keekee got a good report and busy weekend is coming up

Greetings, readers. I got the call from the vet this morning and my kitty cat Keekee, who is almost 10 years old, got a glowing report. All tests came back negative. This made me extremely happy. The grand total of the bill did not make me happy; it was over $300. My accountant agreed that pets are worth it. He has a cat and he understands. I won’t need to do this again for at least 6 months. Now that Keekee is what they call a senior cat, she is supposed to have semi-annual check-ups.

Now for the busy weekend news. I have six chapters of Four’s a Crowd, Darren’s novel from my play, to read over and edit. I’m going to dive into this project beginning tomorrow morning. I am going to ask Rebecca for the flash drive she has, with the rest of the chapters, so that I can put them on my computer and print them off at the library at my leisure. Most of Saturday will be taken up with this project. The Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Denver Broncos on Sunday afternoon, and as a fan I must watch that play-off game.

Although this TV feature has been around for a while, I am just beginning to get acquainted with my cable provider’s on-demand service. Most movies and specials are pay-to-view, but I can find a few shows that are free to watch. On my budget, free is the right price. If I can find Reba or Downton Abbey, I will partake of some of those episodes in the evenings. I wish I could find Upstairs, Downstairs but no such luck.

Next week will be our first full work week in a while. You may expect at least two blog entries, possibly more.

Until Wednesday, have a great weekend, take care, and happy reading.

Keekee got a glowing report at the vet and happy Halloween

Greetings, readers. This is something I have not done before. I am dictating the blog today, Thursday, to have it ready to review and publish tomorrow, Friday. I’m doing this because I need tomorrow to be a big creation day. So let’s just pretend it is Friday.

As you read this second paragraph, Keekee will have been home a whole day and hopefully will not be mad at Daddy anymore. I had a hell of a time getting her into her pet carrying case. I only use it to take her to the vet, so she knows what is going on. Yesterday was her semi-annual senior wellness check. How lovely. I understand that keeping Keekee healthy is a priority, but twice a year for 80 plus dollars? And more if there is to be blood work done. Well, if it means keeping Keekee healthy until she is 15 or so, my accountant will just have to live with it, because she is extremely high on my priorities list.

After Rebecca and I review and edit this, I’m going to begin dictating a new story for camp book 3. That project is going slower than I want it to, but it is going. My other project, The Parlor’s Secret, is not only not off the runway, it hasn’t even left the gate yet. What I need to do for that project is put on some music without words and dive into it, typing the first draft myself. I need to see the events of the story as if I were watching a movie. After a good chunk of it is completed, I will hand it over to Rebecca for editing.

Very soon now I have to leave, calling the work day early, because I have to get ready for Keekee’s appointment. [As the title says, Keekee got a glowing report and, besides one bad tooth, she is perfectly healthy. Vitals are perfect, coat and skin are healthy, and her eyes are clear and beautiful.]

So have a happy Halloween, a great weekend, stay warm if it is cold, take care and happy reading.

From Keekee: Meow, Meow

Greetings, readers. Just kidding on the title. My cat Keekee was staring at me when I was trying to think of a title for this entry. I am having a back spasm and have been trying to relax it away for an hour, without much success, while trying to concentrate during the writing session. So I turned to Keekee and said, “Why don’t you do the blog entry today?” Rebecca laughed and started typing this from Keekee.

Keekee says, “Meow, meow. Meow meow meow, meow.”

So enjoy this short entry focused on my cat. We will do the real one now.

KeeKee’s birthday

Greetings, readers. I am on my own today because Rebecca is a tad under the weather. Best wishes to her. Get well soon! 🙂

On to the topic. My cat is now eight years old; technically a ‘senior cat’ as described by my vet. When I got KeeKee, she was less than one year. I don’t know her birthday, but her former owner said it was around mid-March. So, I decided years ago that March 15th would be it. That’s tomorrow.

I can’t believe I’ve had her that long. It seems just like yesterday. She was a wee bundle of fuzz. Now, she’s a middle-aged cat. I’d say about 56ish…, if you believe the animal-to-human conversion equation. How time flies! I always thought I’d be allergic to cats, but now I don’t know what I’ll do without her when she’s gone. And yes…, she is just like a kid. She’s a family member.

Well, in less than an hour I’ve got an appointment to go to. So, this short blog entry must now be spell checked etc.

Until next week, take care, enjoy your weekend and happy reading.

Maine vacation is vastly approaching

Greetings, readers. (Keekee says, “Meow.”) The meow Keekee just gave us, I am sure, is for: Feed Me, Daddy. You see, readers, Keekee has us well-trained that as soon as we get down to work it is d-i-n-n-e-r time. Sometimes I think Keekee can spell too. {Keekee just won. Joe is off to feed her. He will be right back.}

On to the topic of the day. This coming Wednesday or Thursday morning will mark the beginning of my annual Maine trek. I’m planning on making a little side trip on the way up to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. This was a stop Mom, Dad, Grandma and I made when I was a little boy. I wanted to do it last year, but went right past the exits both on the way up and coming home. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. This year I am going to program it directly into the GPS. I also might go to our library and print out the directions just in case from Google maps.

Now the big question is: am I ready? The answer is: not by a long shot. Supplies were purchased for Keekee and some laundry will be done tomorrow. The rental car, however, will not be obtained until early Wednesday, so I really can’t pack the car until Wednesday afternoon. Rebecca is coming early that day just in case I want to get an early start on the road. I will probably pack my suitcase Tuesday night.

I can’t wait to see all my family and friends at Bear Spring. We always have such a good time getting caught up; at bonfires in the evenings, at mealtimes, and on the pontoon boat while fishing. The week always seems like three days. Much too fast.

At this very moment 15 copies of my new book are being produced and made ready to ship directly to Bear Spring Camps, so that anyone who wants one can purchase one. My last two books were about Bear Spring and I want to show my loved ones that I can actually write something other than camp stories. I am proud of all three of my books.

When my week is over, I will stop in a hotel in Southington which I have stopped at twice before and found comfortable. It has three things that I love about a road-trip stop. One, easy to get to from the interstate exit. Number two, equally easy to get back on the interstate. And number three, a Dunkin’ Donuts within a block for breakfast.

Gee, in a little over 350 words, I’ve just gone to Maine and come home already. Haha. Seriously though, as someone who was used to going to Maine for two weeks and now can only stay for one, I actually live out of my suitcase. I only really unpack my toiletries and my medication. The person who cleans and makes fresh the cabin each day, known as the cabin girl, doesn’t seem to mind the suitcase on the extra bed. And in my 40-some years of going I have not had one article stolen from any of the staff. That is one of the reasons I consider Bear Spring Camps my second home. It feels just as safe as my home here does.

While I’m gone, Rebecca will chime in a few times. So until I get back, take care, enjoy the summer, and happy reading. P.S. I’ll catch a fish for you.

Feeding Keekee and Update 5/3/13

Greetings, readers. My kitty cat Keekee has learned a few new tricks. When it is her dinner time, she seems to know it, and stands on the arm of my recliner chair, and just looks at me, as if to say, “Ok Daddy, it’s time.” I say, “Do you want your dinner?” She gives a meow that has to be heard to be believed, leaps over the work table, and stands by her feeding area in the kitchen. She also knows words like treats and aqua. Very smart cat. When I am getting her dinner out, she makes sounds like she hasn’t been fed in a week. I feed her … I swear it! LOL. Yes, Keekee does have me wrapped around her little paw.

On a personal level and on a work-related level, the past nine days or so have been rewarding but grueling. Luckily, everything seems to be coming back to an even keel, and starting next Wednesday, we should be able to put up two new blog posts up a week.

With the A-Z read-through now completed, what is next for the current book project is to create and edit some new material. Once that is finished, we’ll toss it into the formatted blank, fiddle with the formatting to make it look just so, and hopefully by July, my third book will be out on

My screenplay project, sadly, is off to a slower start than I hoped for. It is still early in the ballgame, however, and I am in no way giving up hope.

Until next week, have a great weekend, take care, and happy reading.

Keekee’s ordeal

Hi everyone. I just thought I’d write a post to you today about Keekee’s ordeal from Monday the 6th. My poor little kitten had four teeth that needed removed, so on the public bus system we went bright and early at 8:30. We arrived at the vet’s office by 9 as scheduled, Keekee was weighed in at a little over 13 pounds in her carrier, and then it was time for us to sit and wait for our turn.

It has always been my habit to put a towel over her carrier when I take her there just in case there is a big dog that might scare her. After about ten minutes, the vet tech came out and took us to the examination room.

Keekee obviously didn’t want to come out of her carrier but she was tempted with a treat. After a quick once-over, the technician explained what was going to happen and when I could expect to get a call from them. She said if you don’t hear from us by 3:00, call us.

Well folks, 3:00 came and went without a call. So I got on the horn at 3:30 and was told that she was just about to go in. Dental surgeries are scheduled last in the day. I thought to myself after I hung up, why did we have to be there at 9 in the morning? Oh, well. I was asked to call back around 5 or 5:30, which I did.  I was told that she was just coming out of surgery but might need some extra time to wake up fully. A friend drove me out to the vet to pick up Keekee. Unfortunately, the poor girl took longer to come out of her anesthesia than expected. So we had to wait. Luckily a Denny’s restaurant was just across the street. My friend and I took the opportunity for a coffee and a snack.

When I finally got my cat home, she stumbled out of the cat carrier woozy from the anesthesia and plopped herself down on the floor, not really wanting to move. After only a couple of hours though, she seemed to snap out of it and regain her balance. Much to my surprise, she was actually hungry for some soft food.

It has been well-documented that some people, especially those without children, think of their pets as their kids. I, a 46-year-old single man, am one of those people. For those of you that like the stories about my kitty-cat, I invite you to leave comments or questions, to which I will respond. As always, have a great day and watch for more blog posts very soon.