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A short blog entry today before I call bingo

Greetings, readers. I am still under the weather, but feeling well enough to call bingo tonight until our regular bingo caller gets back from work. Around 5pm, I’m going to Panera and get some turkey chili and coffee. That will not only clear my sinuses, but it should give me all the energy I need to get me through until 9:00.

It’s been a long time since I’ve called bingo and I hope it goes okay. Every once in a great while there is drama in the community room. When I call though, it’s my game and I let people know that I won’t take any shenanigans. As Katharine Hepburn said in On Golden Pond, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just get along?”

I canceled my afternoon appointment because I wanted to sleep. I need to kick this cold in the butt and be ready to go to work tomorrow morning. Unless I am hacking up a storm, I’m going. I love my customers and I can’t miss any more money. I wonder if any of my customers asked where I was on Tuesday? It’s not like me not to be there. Because I handle money though, I decided it was best not to go to work.

This blog entry is being created with me using my speech recognition program and I must say, it’s amazing. So far, I’ve ‘typed’ 239 words. For me and my writing career, this is the best thing since ice cream … and we all know how much I love ice cream. After my cold goes away and I’ve read and edited Four’s a Crowd, it will be time for me to begin the first of two projects I have in mind. Oh boy, I can’t wait.

Well, that’s it for this short blog entry. Very soon I am going to go outside and breathe some good air. Dinner should perk me up as well. When I get back from bingo calling, it will be lights out.

Until next Wednesday, I bid you a great weekend, take care, and as always, happy reading.

From Rebecca: Is the weather cold where you are?

As Joe wrote yesterday, he is taking a personal day to get things done and I am doing the blog post today. He might do an entry himself in the next few days, depending on his energy level.

We are in a cold weather pattern in central Pennsylvania this week, and probably next week, too, with below freezing temperatures. It feels like January and February out there, so I guess our new year started early. People are going to have to bundle up for the First Night State College series of events this weekend. At least the ice sculptures  won’t melt this year, like they do in years when we have weather in the 40s on New Year’s Eve. I love seeing the ice sculptures in the following days, matching the designs to the organizations that commissioned them. For example, Centre Area Transportation Authority usually has a small ice replica of one of their buses outside their downtown office.

It was very cold yesterday, and for waiting at the bus stops and walking to and from working with Joe, I had all my winter weather clothes on. I had on two pairs of socks, sweatpants over my slacks, a hoodie, my coat, and gloves. I have a new coat, a bulky unwieldy heavy annoyance that I call blanket-coat. I like the length, but the pockets are an inch too low for me to really use. The best part of this garment is that it keeps me warm. I was standing at the bus stop for ten minutes on the way home with the temperature of 11 degrees F and I didn’t feel at all cold in blanket-coat. That was awesome.

For all of you who are also struggling with cold weather and snow, I hope you end each day safe, warm, and comfortable this winter. Happy New Year.

Until next Wednesday, or until Joe puts up another entry this week, have a good week, take care, and happy reading.

New chair has arrived

Greetings, readers. I will dictate this blog entry while my voice holds out. I’m still getting over whatever this cold/infection thing is. Although my sinuses are clearer today, my throat is scratchy and half an octave lower. Oh dear, oh dear. We are writers, so we carry on and write.

The big news of the day is that my new recliner arrived. Well, new for me. I got it at a used furniture store and it is in extremely good condition. To my surprise and joy, Keekee also seems to like it. It is very soft cloth material, blue in color, and is wider and longer than my other chair. It was a very good purchase, especially since I got it on sale. When the old chair was removed, I quickly had to run the vacuum and get all the little bits and pieces of the last eight years of snacking and tissues out from the space. It was a chore, especially at 8:15 in the morning, but I got it done.

The delivery men placed the chair down and plugged it in, and didn’t really wait for a tip. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to do that or not. Perhaps it is factored in to the delivery charge. Even with that extra charge, I still think I got a great bargain.

On a side note, it is a foggy morning here in State College, PA. It was quite cool last night, when I had to step outside at 3:30 in the morning to get fresh air for my ailing sinuses. As with most people, I don’t sleep well when I am sick; I keep waking up and that is extremely annoying.

Both Penn State University and State College Area High School have their homecoming games this week, which means two parades and plenty of people here for the weekend. I thought my cousin Eddie and his family might come in from New York, but I just spoke to him and he is going to choose another weekend. Eddie graduated from Penn State and loved every minute of it. He always attends at least one game a year.

Lastly, on the bus the other evening, there was a report of two people dressed in sinister clown outfits wielding weapons. The bus drivers, via telephone, were kept up to date on the whereabouts of these two clowns. They were hoping they would not board one of the buses. I asked my bus driver what the protocol was in case something like that happens. She said that if they weren’t carrying weapons in their hands, then they could get on the bus. They couldn’t if they were brandishing weapons. When I got off at my stop, there was no update, so I never did find out exactly what happened. I assume that all these clown sightings across this area and across the country are due to next year’s release of the remake of the movie It, which was based on Stephen King’s original novel. I think these people are sick to willingly want to scare people. Sure, on Halloween kids and teenagers dress up in costumes. Folks around the country expect it then; not now. All I know is, if I see one, I’m going to duck into the nearest establishment.

Well with my voice almost totally gone, I will end this blog entry here, and tell you that next Wednesday I will have a top ten list for you. Take care, have a good weekend, and happy reading.

UPDATE: 10/19/16 I have a photo of the new chair now to share with you.

My new [used] recliner. Arrived at my place on October 6, 2016.
My new [used] recliner. Arrived at my place on October 6, 2016.

Getting back to my daily routine after being sick

Greetings, readers. I was going to do a top ten list today, but because I was under the weather since the end of last week, I did not have time to prepare one. I always like to think about my top ten lists, to get them just so. From New Year’s Eve until literally this morning, all I wanted to do was sleep. I had to force myself to check my Facebook page and keep up my correspondences.

Although some white puffy clouds are rolling in now, it’s been a bright sunny day. The wonderful 62 degree weather was replaced with temperatures in the mid-thirties, and night-time lows in the single digits. It took awhile, but winter has finally arrived. Yuk.

Now, for something funny. I woke up at 5:15 this morning trying to force myself to get into my morning routine for Wednesdays. My get-up-and-go got up and went, and after feeding Keekee, I quickly went back to bed. When the alarm went off two hours later, she went and sat by her plate, looked at me as if to say, aren’t you forgetting something? I had to explain to the poor darling that she had already had her breakfast. I did give a little extra milk and that made her happy. Yes, Daddy is wrapped around Keekee’s little paw, and she knows it.

Tomorrow I am definitely getting back to my early morning routine and it shall consist of reading over three possible writing ideas and getting to work on one of them. The time for the wheels to be stuck in the mud is over. I know, I know, I’ve said that before, but I feel like a worthless lump and something has to give soon. More topics to discuss with my therapist, I’d say.

Tomorrow Rebecca will be coming in and I might just have that top ten list ready for editing. If not, you will definitely see it Friday.

Take care, enjoy the sunshine if you have it, and even though it is a few days late, R.I.P to actor Wayne Rogers. We will miss you, Trapper John from M*A*S*H.

From Rebecca: Joe performed a good show last Friday, and has a cold this week

Yes, Joe has a cold now, after having many busy days last week, so this will be a quick entry. Joe is probably over the contagious part, though I am still using my hand sanitizer while using his computer.

Joe performed his show of 70s and 80s music last Friday to a full room. There was disco, and singing along, and a good mix of different styles. Joe has eclectic tastes in music! To name just a few of the artists Joe sang along with during the three-hour experience: The Beatles, Tony Orlando and Dawn, and Van McCoy.

There was video taken that Joe plans to put in YouTube if he can get a couple of glitches figured out. A lot of people took pictures, and I took some with both my cell phone camera and Joe’s. With Joe still a little under the weather right now, we will wait until another day to move the pictures from his phone to the computer. When we do, we will do a blog entry with pictures from the show.

As Joe would write, until next time have a great day, take care, and happy reading.