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A short blog entry today before I call bingo

Greetings, readers. I am still under the weather, but feeling well enough to call bingo tonight until our regular bingo caller gets back from work. Around 5pm, I’m going to Panera and get some turkey chili and coffee. That will not only clear my sinuses, but it should give me all the energy I need to get me through until 9:00.

It’s been a long time since I’ve called bingo and I hope it goes okay. Every once in a great while there is drama in the community room. When I call though, it’s my game and I let people know that I won’t take any shenanigans. As Katharine Hepburn said in On Golden Pond, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just get along?”

I canceled my afternoon appointment because I wanted to sleep. I need to kick this cold in the butt and be ready to go to work tomorrow morning. Unless I am hacking up a storm, I’m going. I love my customers and I can’t miss any more money. I wonder if any of my customers asked where I was on Tuesday? It’s not like me not to be there. Because I handle money though, I decided it was best not to go to work.

This blog entry is being created with me using my speech recognition program and I must say, it’s amazing. So far, I’ve ‘typed’ 239 words. For me and my writing career, this is the best thing since ice cream … and we all know how much I love ice cream. After my cold goes away and I’ve read and edited Four’s a Crowd, it will be time for me to begin the first of two projects I have in mind. Oh boy, I can’t wait.

Well, that’s it for this short blog entry. Very soon I am going to go outside and breathe some good air. Dinner should perk me up as well. When I get back from bingo calling, it will be lights out.

Until next Wednesday, I bid you a great weekend, take care, and as always, happy reading.

When I’m writing I hate the red squiggles

Greetings, readers. Yesterday was a slower day on my writing project than I hoped for but I was working on my character sheets. Two days ago when I was typing I made a number of typos and as usual the spell checker put red squiggles under them. Some people can ignore that; I am not one of those people.

Every time a word is misspelled I must go back and correct it. It’s just a thing with me. What I should do is press on, ignore it, and fix the mistake later. In time when my writing flow is better I am sure I will do this. To aid me as I am trying to get into my flow, I’m going to look for the option to turn the spell checker completely off. I know that option exists. Even though I am only on page 11, I still feel like I am in second gear, where I write everyday, I can see the action in my head, and the words come easily. With yesterday being a not so great writing day, today must be better. I cannot lose my momentum.

Here’s how today is going to go. Rebecca and I will work until 12:45, then it is off to the pharmacy to get a few items, after that I will meet Traci for a quick snack, and then I will begin my work. I’ll need to stop around 6pm, because I am calling bingo tonight at 7:00. I’ll probably get back from bingo about 9:00 and then I’ll read and watch TV to relax and wind down. I find that if I’ve worked hard on my book I enjoy my off time that much more.

Our area is once again in the national news. Though I will not go into that much detail, I was very angry to see that the son of Jerry Sandusky was charged with a sex crime similar to what the Penn State’s former defensive coordinator was convicted of. Here we go again. More accusations, more trials, and another black eye for Penn State. I’m just tired of it now.

Finally, as I approach my 600th blog entry, which will be posted sometime in mid-March, I wish to ask if you, my readers, have any topic you would like me to cover. If I get a good list from folks, I will choose one and blog about it for the 600th entry.

That’s all the news for today. Until next Wednesday, have a fantastic weekend, take care, and, as always, happy reading.

Every time I see a writer

Greetings, readers. Many times when I go to Panera café I see a gentleman who is a hard-core writer. His name is Steve, last name unknown. He has a ritual kind of like mine. He selects his favorite table, purchases his food, gets out his paper and pen, and starts to write. Whether he is taking notes, working on a story, or just doing a writing exercise, I have no idea. My point is that he writes. That’s the difference between Steve and I.

Here’s what I do. I select my favorite table, get my food, open my computer, check my emails, listen to music, chat on the phone, you get the idea. I do anything but write. At 51 years old, I’m almost ashamed to call myself a writer. Yes, I’ve written three books and a play, so I suppose that qualifies me as an author. I so desperately want more. The problem is at the current moment my body and brain are not quite cooperating. I’m going to look into computer software that allows me to speak into a microphone and the program will type what I say. My laptop has a speech recognition program but it has many flaws. I have difficulty getting into any flow. A trip to Best Buy will be forthcoming.

On today’s schedule is this: After the blog entry is done, Rebecca and I will fill out paperwork for an upcoming foot doctor’s visit, then it is monthly office cleaning day. After Rebecca leaves, I might even run the vacuum, ha ha. This afternoon I have a bank run to make and I must stop at the pharmacy. This has the potential to be an expensive day; I must begin to pay off my deductible for the new insurance year. Finally, tonight I will call bingo. I missed my last turn so I promised the gang that I will call the next two Thursday evenings. We all have to do our share.

What I am going to do this weekend is concentrate – perhaps even writing it down – on making a daily schedule that always includes writing, even if that means taking out such things as flight simulation, Facebook chatting, or YouTube watching. I’ve said it before but every day the feeling gets worse. I must either be a serious writer soon, or pull the plug and get a full-time job somewhere.

On a sad note, a very special RIP to the legendary actress and dancer Mary Tyler Moore, 1936-2017, who passed away yesterday. She will be greatly missed.

Next week Rebecca and I will be back with you with two more exciting blog entries. So take care, have a great weekend, and as always, happy reading.

A low-key day, plus a movie

Greetings, readers. I just woke up from a nap and my eyes are killing me. Sometimes when I sleep my sinuses back up and put pressure on my eyeballs, causing pressure and blurriness. After a while, my vision goes back to normal. This phenomenon makes typing a problem to say the least, but I shall push on.

Yesterday’s entry about taking a favorite old TV show and writing an updated version of it got comments on Facebook, letting me know that two ideas I had are already in the works by other people. It figures. I told Rebecca yesterday that I will find a TV show or movie idea and reboot it and this news does not change my mind. Oh! But don’t worry, if an original idea also bonks me over my noggin’, I’ll most certainly add that to the list.

On to another topic. Today I’m finally going to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I’m really looking forward to seeing a Star Wars film without most of the characters I know, such as Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. I’m sure I’ll love it.

After I get home I shall call bingo, then I’ll watch a little bit of TV before going to sleep. Next Wednesday I plan on posting that top ten list I’ve been promising. 😉 So until then, take care, have a great weekend and happy reading.

I took Traci to the doctors today and a busy rest of the week

Greetings, readers. Rebecca and I took the day off so that I could help my girlfriend get to her doctor’s appointment. We rented a Zipcar and I was glad it wasn’t cold and snowy; cool and raining was bad enough. Traci and I left at 1PM and got home at 4.

Regular work hours resume tomorrow. One thing on the agenda is to make a list of all the topics I want or need to tell my accountant on March 2nd. One topic of conversation is the deposit for Bear Spring Camps, which must be sent in post-haste. Another is the payment of the yearly Zipcar insurance.

Also, my therapy appointment and bingo are tomorrow. I will be glad for both. Dr. JoAnn helps me get through the week, while a relaxing game of bingo ends the day on a pleasant note. On Friday, my easy day, Rebecca and I will write a blog entry and tidy up loose ends to get ready for next week.

Until Friday, take care, have a great couple of days and happy reading.


I’m not ‘single and looking’ anymore :-)

Greetings, readers. First off, sorry for no blog entry on Friday. I was hoping to get it up yesterday, but too many good football games were on tv. Anyway, yes, I have a new girlfriend [last name withheld until I get her permission to divulge it].

Traci is a very nice woman I met about a year ago. We met at social functions in the apartment building, and during the year, our friendship grew little by little. After a long while being on my own, it is a slight adjustment getting used to having to be there for my girlfriend. It’s an adjustment I don’t mind making. 🙂

What do we like to do together? I’m glad you asked. 😉 We love to watch Reba, listen to music, go to Panera and have long chats. I’ve got bad knees and she has a bad back, so those long, moonlight walks will have to wait. She’s not into bingo like I am, but we discover new mutual interests all the time.

Where will this relationship go? Time will tell, but I have a great feeling about it.

Until Wednesday, take care, have a great rest of your weekend and happy reading.

Must I always respect my elders?

Greetings, readers. For the past several weeks this question has been weighing on my mind. I live in an apartment building that is primarily for the handicapped and the elderly. I believe I am the fourth youngest person who lives here. This puts me in a precarious situation.

My mom and dad, God rest their souls, raised me correctly. They taught me to respect my elders. I try very hard each day to do just that. However it is becoming increasingly difficult.

In our building’s community room, there are certain people (names withheld for privacy reasons) who like to gossip and, in my opinion, like to cause trouble. My situation is this: when I am around these folks at a community gathering and I see an injustice being done, I have to bite my lip and not speak my mind. The certain person who usually is taking the brunt of all this trouble is my close, personal friend.

Now for my dilemma equation: being raised to respect my elders + a boatload of older folks who act like children sometimes = Joe goes insane and doesn’t know what to do.

I feel like getting them all in a room and speaking my mind. That, however, could cause major problems. I could lose friends in the building. I could be deemed one of the trouble makers and brought to the attention of the building’s management, which might threaten my lease renewals. And at the very least I would be thought of as someone who was not raised properly.

After our Thursday evening bingo game last night, a number of us stayed afterwards and I voiced my support to my friend. Other people were around and agreed with me. Will I actually voice my concerns to my elders? I don’t know if I have the guts. And if I don’t, does that make me any less of a friend to the person getting harassed? Something to ponder, readers.

There will be an update to this blog entry within a few weeks. I will keep you posted. Until next time, have a great holiday weekend, take care, and happy reading.


Greetings, readers. Last evening, as I usually do on a Thursday, I participated in our weekly game of Bingo here in the apartment building where I live. I am one of three callers and this week it was my turn to play. Two bucks gets each player three cards. I consider myself a seasoned veteran player with a couple of years under my belt. Thursday evening Bingo is actually what brought me out of my shell here.

Let’s go back a couple of years or so, when a neighbor on my floor and his wife suggested I come down and play Bingo with them. At that point I had always associated Bingo with carnivals, nursing homes and retirement villages old folks homes. But I said okie dokie, I’ll give it a try, figuring I’ll go once, maybe twice. Now I always attend, unless I have another pressing engagement. I am one of three callers and we all take turns.

Besides the regular Bingo, as it is called, we all enjoy various games. The small picture frame, where we need all the numbers right around the FREE SPOT; the large picture frame, for all the numbers around the border of the card – down the b’s, across the bottom, up the o’s, and across the top; and a fan favorite, the layer cake game where you win by getting the numbers covered on the top, middle, and bottom rows. My personal favorite is the letter T, which is rather self-explanatory. I didn’t know that there are that many games of bingo.

When it is my turn to call, I choose to call a more deliberate game, one of a slightly slower pace. One of our three callers I think has a favorite show on at a certain time and tends to rush through the games. Our newest caller, who has only a couple of nights of calling under his belt, has done remarkably well. I still remember how scared I was my first night.

Most everyone will agree that we don’t play for the money, we play for the fun and the comradery. We play every Thursday promptly at 7 … well, not always so promptly. Usually if one of our regulars is running late we will give them an extra five minutes or so. : ) My one friend, Tom, is always enthused to see me for he knows I will usually have a joke waiting for him. I just love to make him laugh.

Just to finish up, after Thursday night Bingo is over, comes the preparation for the Friday workday. Today, we wrote part of a short story and our usual Friday blog post. I am so glad that the weekend is right around the corner. Yay, Saturday gaming day!

Until next week, have a safe, happy weekend, take care, and happy reading.