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Top ten list of airlines no longer with us

Greetings, readers. As an airplane enthusiast and flight simulation hobbyist, I enjoy downloading different types of aircrafts from airlines that have gone out of business. A website called Simviation.com is my source for getting my downloads. Here is a top ten list of real world airlines that have come and gone. I used a couple of sources to aid me in finishing my list; they are Wikipedia.com and List after list (listafterlist.com).

#10. Air Florida. Deregulation and the horrible crash near Washington D.C. in the early 80s were two contributing factors why this airline failed to compete with the big boys.

#9. Eastern Airlines. When I was a kid, I would see ads for Eastern all the time. Their slogan was, “We earn our wings everyday.”

#8. Piedmont Airlines. They are apparently still officially in business. Rebecca and I have determined, via internet, that they are part of the commuter airline system associated with U.S. Airways. I remember seeing on the website to our own airport, called University Park, that Piedmont does still fly out of here.

#7. Continental Airlines. Very recently acquired by United Airlines. If you look closely you’ll see the word United on the plane’s fuselage and the tail logo is still that of Continental. I’ve heard that this will remain this way for another year or two.

#6. Western Airlines. This airline ceased their own operations on April 1st, 1987 according to Wikipedia.com and merged with Delta Airlines.

#5. TWA. I never thought that Trans World Airlines would ever go out of business. They were one of the big boys.

#4. Pan American Airlines, or Pan Am as they were called. In the early 60s, Pan Am went all out to make air travel elegant. They offered white glove service and fancy uniforms to make their flight crew look elegant.

#3. ValuJet. The big air disaster that doomed ValuJet was the Florida Everglades crash where it was determined that in the cargo compartment was oxygen tanks – a definite no-no.

#2. National Airlines.

#1. Midway Airlines. I’m afraid I don’t know much about National or Midway. I just remember hearing the names and vaguely seeing ads for National as a child.

Until next week, stay out of this major snow storm if you can. Be well, and happy reading.