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From Rebecca: Sunrise memory

Greetings, Joe’s readers. I just heard from Joe and he is currently driving to a beach for a short while, and then he will finish the trek up to Maine. He sounded good.

I wrote a blog entry yesterday in longhand, but today I just don’t feel like typing it in. I think I will share it with you next week. For today, I have to come up with something off the top of my head, and in a hurry because I am short of time on Schlow library’s public computer. Entirely my fault; before my work shift started, I looked at a bunch of other things on the internet before buckling down to do this.

With Joe traveling today, I am thinking about times when I was on the road, usually for family vacations to the mid-west to see my extended family when I was growing up. My father, mother, and two sisters would get in the car and drive two days each way to visit relatives.

I remember one early morning we were parked somewhere off the road. I woke up at dawn. I think one of my parents had been driving all night and had to stop for a bit. I have a vague memory of my dad being up and moving around, but I’m not sure. My mom and sisters were asleep, I know that. I got out of the car, and it was like we were alone in the world. I haven’t seen a lot of sunrises in my time, but they all feel like that one morning. Slightly chilly, even in the summer, and sleepy. The day was new and full of possibilities. The colors in the sky were breathtaking.

I know that Joe’s schedule in Bear Spring Camps sometimes includes getting up early to fish. I hope he enjoys his sunrises next week as much as I enjoyed that one so long ago.

As Joe would say, until next time, take care and happy reading.