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Strange dreams anyone???

Greetings, readers. Last night I had one of my nights of insomnia where I finally got to sleep around 4:00 in the morning. Ouch. Still wanting to do my morning routine, like a brave little trooper, I kept my alarm on set for 6:45. This meant that I had the unwanted consequence of being awakened during REM sleep. And oh, what a strange dream I was having.

The dream was a mixture of David’s family and TV characters from a multitude of shows from the 80s and 90s. The part that I remember the most was searching desperately for a young girl to tell her something. But now everyone had aged several years and, just like my memory issues in real life, I couldn’t remember this girl’s name. Here I was walking up and down some kind of outdoor area covered by white canvas, making inquires to people such as Will Smith and Lisa Bonet, as well as several members of Dave’s family. Finally someone said her name. I said, “That’s her.” I turned around and there she was, also several years older.

She didn’t look the same; I could barely tell it was her. The kicker was that she doesn’t exist in my real life, but in the dream I knew her and we were really good friends. We had either worked on a project together, or we had been in a relationship at some point. That detail was a bit fuzzy. And as chance would have it, before I could conclude this dream, my alarm awakened me.

So let’s try to analyse. I was searching for someone desperately, could be my parents, or the circumstances I had as a child. The outdoor covered area probably represents that I am still safe today, even though sometimes I still feel lost. David and family are there, as the anchoring figures, so that little Joey won’t feel afraid or alone. Who the famous actors and actresses were … well, that is where the dream gets you. There is always some part of the dream that makes absolutely no sense.

I think I did pretty well analysing my dream. Dr. Sigmund Freud would be proud. Please, readers, if you wish to tell me about you recent dreams and what you think they mean, drop a note at Facebook or in this blog’s comment section.

Rebecca will have a blog entry either Wednesday or Friday, and I’ll have one ready for the other day.

Until then, take care, have a great weekend, hope your team wins the Super Bowl, and happy reading.


Is Fuller House going to work?

Greetings, readers. A Netflix original series called Fuller House, based on ABC’s show Full House will premier in 2016. I was very excited when I heard this news and have been searching the internet to find out which cast members have signed on for the project. As of now, the only no shows I know of are the Olsen twins, though that may change by the time they start shooting episodes. I’m not sure about the character D.J.’s boyfriend, played by Scott Weinger. The series will center around D.J., still played by Candace Cameron Bure, and her children. She’ll be widowed, which I don’t like because that is a direct copy of the original series plot line. You might remember if you watched Full House, father Danny Tanner was a widowed man with three children. To mirror the plot line so closely could show a lack of creativity, in my opinion. If Steve, D.J.’s boyfriend in the series is not the deceased husband in the new show, it would be sweet to see the two of them back together at the end.

I am extremely elated that most of the cast has signed on to reprise their roles. I saw in an early report that this show will be a thirteen episode one-shot deal. Even though the Olsen twins are grown-ups now, it won’t quite be the same without the character Michelle. Obviously, they can’t have the grown-up twins mispronouncing words like ice cream and other small children mistakes like that, which were so adorable in the series. If the plot line is that Michelle is away at college, I’m still hoping that they can talk one of them into making a guest appearance on an episode.

Co-stars, John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Lori Loughlin, and Jodie Sweetin are also coming back to add their love and humor to the group. The location will still be San Francisco, which I am very happy about.

The quality of this show could go either way. Since Miller/Boyett Productions is part of it, I think it will be good. However, sometimes remakes of shows go horribly wrong. The chemistry just doesn’t come back. With the assembled talent, I don’t think that will be a problem. I’m more worried about who will be writing the scripts and who will be directing the episodes.

I wish all of them the best of luck in this endeavor. I certainly will be watching, for Full House was one of my favorite shows at the time. I’ve seen every episode at least twice. I will keep you all up to date when I find out exactly when this show will premier.

Until Friday, have a good couple of days, take care and happy reading.


Greetings, readers. Have you ever felt like your favorite TV character? The last two evenings I sure have. And what transpired in those two evenings of viewing made me quite depressed.

I was watching the original Upstairs, Downstairs and parts of my life through the eyes of James Bellamy.

I concentrated on this character, since he reminded me of myself. He is the son of a rich family who wanted for nothing and was taught to do what was expected of him. He gallantly serves his country in World War One to preserve the British Empire. Not that he agrees with it all, but it is his duty and he must do his duty. I thought to myself, that is me.¬†James is a character who apparently went to the best schools and in the eyes of his parents was going to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a successful political figure. I think my parents wanted me to finish college and perhaps go into teaching like my father did.

But for me the biggest eye-opening moment was when James, who had really botched his life more or less, struck it rich in America but lost it all in the stock market crash of ’29, along with the money of one of the servants. It happened in the next to last episode of the series, “All the KIng’s Horses”. There was a marvelous final scene between James and his father Richard, as his father tries to make a final appeal to get his son to shape up. In the next scene, you see James in his bedroom, packing, destroying letters as well as writing a mysterious note to someone. He tells Hudson, the butler, that he is going to the countryside for a while and says goodbye without batting an eyelash. By nightfall the constables are at the door with the grim news of the suicide of their son. He couldn’t take the failure anymore. If any one single episode sums up my life it is that episode.

Now, I’m not saying my life has been a total flop, mind you. I have had more than my share of fun and good fortune. Yet it seems as though, since my parents have died, I have been muddling through life, just barely making my way. I have been complimented by people on how well they think I’m doing. I smile and say thank you, but the constant reminder of who I was then and who I am now will nag at me until my dying day.

As I have told people, my friends here at Addison Court apartments, I do suffer from depression and have thought about suicide, though not seriously, on more than one occasion. There is still something in me, however, that refuses to give up. I feel that it is time, perhaps, at the beginning of the year, to seek counseling. Perhaps a professional can help me make sense of things that have happened in the last fifteen or so years.

On a lighter side of this topic, thinking back over my youth, the parallel theme seems to hold true. No matter what my favorite show was at any given time, I could find bits and pieces of any character and say, boy, that character is just like me. In the 70s I associated with Alan Alda’s character¬†Hawkeye Pierce in M*A*S*H. Just like James Bellamy, that character was a person who did what was expected of him but did not want to be there; who hated his situation.

This raises a big question. Has there every really been a me? Have I really defined myself? Or are we all just bits and pieces of TV characters, parallels of people we have seen in films or read about in books? I’m quite certain that there are folks that have known from a very early age precisely what they wanted in life and went out and got it. I am not one of those folks. Looking back on it, I have always struggled with identity, with self-esteem and self-worth. There are a few things that I can tell you for certain: I am a generous fellow, to a fault in fact, I am an old-fashioned man and proud of it, I enjoy being friendly, and have loved my animals throughout my life, especially my kitty cat KeeKee.

I’m sure that in a few days things will once again seem brighter to me. I must be thankful for what I have and who I am, and not worry about who I could have been. If I don’t, my yet to be found therapist will have even more work to do.

On Friday, a new top ten list will be added and soon a From Rebecca will be added. Until Friday, have a good day, take care, and happy reading.