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Futurama rocks!

Greetings readers, everyone! Oh…, sorry. As the title implies, this is one of my new favorite shows. I will admit that I never got into this series when it was on in prime time. Thank goodness for Netflix. This series was part the Sunday night Fox animation block of shows. Because I never got into the Simpsons at all, I must have figured I wouldn’t get into Futurama. How wrong I was.

My favorite character is Philip J. Fry. He’s my favorite because in many aspects he reminds me of myself; the nice guy who never quite gets the girl. His best friend, Bender, the girder-bending robot, I would have to say is my second favorite character. Even though he can be a complete jerk, he can turn into the caring character that we can all admire and look up to. Then there is Leela, the beautiful cyclops spaceship captain. This character is voiced by perhaps the most well known actress on this show, played by Katey Sagal. Once or twice a season, they’ll have episodes with musical numbers. She has an astounding singing voice. Other characters include Amy, Hermes, the Professor, and Dr. Zoidberg, the doctor lobster. One of his big things is to imitate the Three Stooges.

It didn’t take me more than a few episodes to realize that this series can have some episodes with extremely touching endings. Every story has a moral behind it some more blatantly obvious than others. Every once in a while I will catch myself tearing up or at least smiling and giving a thumb’s up.

About mid-way through the second season, the writers decided to give the Professor a catch phrase. “Good news, everyone.” Even if the news was horrible. It got to be the running gag. I would have to say my least favorite character, who was of course written on purpose to be an ass, was Captain Zapp Brannigan who thinks he is the universe’s gift to women, but is insecure and a total jerk.

My favorite episode starred Bea Arthur as a planet’s female computer in charge of a tribal race of all women. After crash landing on the planet, Zapp, Fry, and male alien Kiff, were sentenced to death by snu-snu, which is sex. I’m sure that Bea Arthur had a lot of fun doing that voice role.

Thanks to the technology of Netflix streaming, I was able to watch the entire series in just a few weeks. Now I am re-watching my favorite episodes, and probably before too long I shall move on to another series. I have started to watch How I Met Your Mother and Rebecca has suggested Modern Family as well. I shall keep you up to date on my TV watching antics.

To close, it’s only 12 degrees here, though sunny, so if you are in the polar vortex zone, bundle up, stay warm, don’t go out unless you have to. Rebecca and I will see you next week, take care and happy reading.

On the NFL, writing, and watching television

Greetings, readers. I am flat on my back with another one of my lovely back spasms. Thank goodness for Rebecca and her ten typing fingers. Today I am going to get you up to date on what was going on with me since Friday. This past weekend I watched most of all of the post-season playoff games on Wild Card weekend of the National Football League. None of my four teams won. First, the Chiefs blew a 28 point lead over the Colts. I was throwing things. Then the Pennsylvania representative, the Philadelphia Eagles, lost to New Orleans in the final seconds. On Sunday, I watched the Chargers win over Cincinnati, and the 49ers defeat Green Bay at Lambeau field. I don’t think there has been a weekend in quite a while when at least one of my teams didn’t win. So now I can officially say I no longer care about the NFL until next September.

On to writing news, on Sunday evening I began a short story which could possibly be an entry for a third camp book. I at least wanted to have something for Rebecca to edit today. It was frustrating after hours of thinking, and typing as best I could, I only completed one page. But I most admit it felt good to give it the effort. As far as me making a career of this … let’s just say when I get back from camp this August, I will probably have to get a job and truly have writing be my hobby. We’ll see.

I thought I would have to find another place to get my nails done. Due to my cerebral palsy, my left hand does not work well enough to control scissors or clippers and I can’t take care of my nails myself; thus they get long and jagged if I don’t have them professionally done. I have a place near where I live that is convenient and in my budget. I thought they might be closing up shop and was looking for a replacement place, but now it seems the shop is in different hands, getting a new paint job, and still doing nails. That solves that problem.

Lastly, in my Futurama marathon watching, I finally got to the season which was picked up originally by Comedy Central channel. I know that for certain because the writers went so far as to make a joke about it in the opening scene. I will admit after having now watched at least half of the series, I am no longer laughing out loud at the show’s humor. I suppose I’ve learned how the writing team writes and, although it is still well-done, I can kind of see what is coming next. Liking Futurama as much as I do is almost enough to make me want to give The Simpsons another try. I watched a few episodes of The Family Guy and one episode of The Cleveland Show. The Family Guy might be my next show to invest my time in, but I must say I just didn’t find The Cleveland Show funny at all. With the ultra cold weather that we have been experiencing, staying inside and watching TV is certainly a good past-time.

Until next time, take care, stay warm, and happy reading.

Top ten long running television shows

Shows that have endured the test of time with at least seven or more seasons, not necessarily in my least-to-favorite order.

10. Full House [ From Danny’s obsession with cleaning to Jessie’s perfect hair to Michelle’s “Auscream” and “You got it, dude!”, this show had the right mixture of family love and comedy. Great job, Warner Brothers, Miller/Boyett Productions, and a host of others.]

  9. Star Trek: The Next Generation [ The gamble to redo a classic paid off. TNG ran for seven seasons]

  8. The Love Boat [ My love of cruising, plus a great theme song, made this highly enjoyable for me.]

  7. Little House on the Prairie [ This show plus my # 6 selection centered on good old-fashioned family values.]

  6. The Waltons

  5. Happy Days [ Another family values sit-com from the 1970s… set in the 1950s.  😉  ]

  4. Bonanza [ As a child, I only have a few memories of watching episodes with my grandmother. She loved it.]

  3. The original series of Hawaii Five-O [ Book ‘em, Danno]

  2. Gunsmoke [Until the Simpsons, this show was #1 in longevity]

  1. M*A*S*H [Top notch series. I own all the DVDs.]

Honorable mention: Charlie’s Angels [1076 – 1981. This is my all time favorite show and it gets the HM only because it ran five seasons. Sorry ladies.]

There are a few shows that I did not put in, such as the Simpsons and Saturday Night Live. They are still on the air, and I don’t know how many seasons they will continue to run.

Well, there you have it. Let the debates begin and chime in with a comment if you wish to. Until next week, have a great weekend, and take care.