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Massive technology grrr

Greetings, readers. What a wasted morning this morning. I’m not going to mention the name of the coffee shop I was in because I still wish to be a customer there. However, they do need to revamp their wireless internet. Before I said, “Oh, the hell with this,” I tried to log on for 36 minutes. Oh, the patience I showed. With music playing under earphones, I was cursing a little bit louder than just under my breath and it got to the point where people were looking at me.

Well, I quickly changed plans, began a flight simulation program, took out pen and paper, and began to jot down some goals for myself. It took ten minutes for the flight simulator to respond. Now, granted, same old computer, but I had switched my internal WI-FI off. By this time it was quarter after eleven, and with Rebecca due to join me at noon, time was wasting away quickly. Finally I got the Russian three engine Antk Tupolev jet airborne and could concentrate on the task on hand.

As of this moment, it is only 2:15 in the afternoon. There’s still plenty of time for more technological crap to happen to me today. I don’t even want to think about my cell phone today. Knowing my luck, I’ll push a series of wrong buttons and call Hawaii. I know it sounds like I am ranting and raving. No, it’s not the sudden outburst of warm temperature. I am thrilled with the warmer weather. I must admit it takes some getting used to. But to me it is better than freezing my badoingies off.

Now that I’ve vented enough, news of the day. As I just mentioned, we went from cold to minor heat wave in the span of 72 hours. Boy I love it.

R.I.P.s go out to Annette Funicello, Roger Ebert, and Margaret Thatcher. My condolences to their families.

Well, before this computer freezes or blows up, we are going to edit this entry and post it. Until Friday, take care, stay cool, and happy reading.

I hate technology! :-( Just kidding

Greetings, readers. Earlier today Rebecca and I were almost finished with our original blog entry. It was titled “My thoughts on Facebook.” Just as we were trying to do an edit and spell check, something went awry with our internet connection and we lost seven-tenths of what I had written, even though I saved a draft before reconnecting to the internet. Very discouraging! We moved to a different location, where the internet connection is stronger and more secure.

Well, it’s going to take me a day or two to reconstruct that entry but we will put it up soon enough. Right now we are just trying to get through today, hoping that the snow storm does not interrupt power or the internet connection. In State College, the snow started about 11 o’clock this morning and is still falling heavily.

The rest of this post will be me blowing off steam about the loss of work time (which was my fault because I only had a certain amount of time for the internet connection I was using and I forgot to check the time) and how much I tend to dislike technology at times. Oh, it is wonderful when things work but when I tell my phone to call someone and it asks which message type, I want to throw the phone across the room. The latest innovations now are the smart phones and smart TVs. I certainly hope something is smarter than this phone I have now.

On to some other news, just to finish up, I had a spectacular Christmas Eve, a wonderful time at Christmas dinner at Godmother’s, and I am looking forward to polishing off the holiday season by going out to celebrate the New Year. I’m not really a bar-goer, but I might make an exception this time around.

I shall begin to reconstruct the Facebook blog later on today and either I will put it up myself, or Rebecca and I will post the blog on Friday. Tomorrow is a creation workday, weather permitting.

If you are in the bad weather, stay safe. Take care, and happy reading.

From Rebecca: Technology Grrrr!!!

This won’t be a long post, I don’t have much time. Joe and I tried to fix something on his computer and it looks like it didn’t work. Ugh!

I love technology. I love typing on a computer versus a typewriter, and I enjoy CDs and DVDs more than tapes. Just to name a few things. But I hate not being able to fix a problem.

I love the internet and the sites I visit. And Joe and I use it a lot for looking stuff up while we work.

Though I do love some old-fashioned things more than the modern tech version. I will take a physical book over an e-version any day.

Gotta go.

Technology … Grrr 3

Greetings, readers. OMG! It took Rebecca and I about an hour to download one photo from my cell phone to my computer so that it could be sent via email to my dear Godmother. This technological task probably would have taken a ten year-old two minutes. After several trials and errors, we were able to successfully complete the task.

For my dear Godmother’s birthday

This prompted today’s blog entry. Today, technology did not win but it came damn close. I was literally five seconds away from throwing phone and computer against the office wall. Do I need anger management??? Perhaps just a deep breath.

After the photo was sent and the cord was unplugged from the computer, my phone began talking to me as it does so often when I hit a button by accident. This slim-line Verizon has buttons on three sides which makes it difficult for someone with bad dexterity to avoid hitting a button at the wrong time. My contract, I do believe, will be over either this August or next for this particular phone. When it is time for an upgrade, I will definitely get a more Joe-friendly model.

On a lighter note, but also dealing with today’s topic, last week I went to take a cute picture of Keekee the kitty cat, but hit the button too early and took a picture of my shoe. Ok, ok, that actually gave me a chuckle. Now that I have vented a few paragraphs, I feel better.

As a p.s., not relating to this topic, I do hope that more readers will chime in from time to time with comments and questions about past blog posts. Rebecca and I will do our best to reply. Until next time, take care and happy reading.

Technology … Grrr 2

Greetings readers. Today it happened again. Technology bit me somewhere where I don’t like to be bitten. Allow me to elaborate. After a night of insomnia, I decided to turn on the lights, fire up the computer, and type a story for my new book project. No sooner did I have my soft music playing, my diet Coke on the coaster, and the word processor page on the screen, then I made my mistake. I opened up what my writing assistant and I call a formatted blank page. I got it ready to use and went to save it to my project’s folder. I was then going to save that to my thumb drive. Well, I hit Copy instead of Send To and then thought I was sending the original to the recycle bin, but instead the copy didn’t work and the original folder with notes included went off into oblivion. I wonder where things go when that happens. Do they go off to cyberspace?

While sitting here dictating this blog entry, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t say, Joseph Kockelmans … Grr. Because it most likely was due to my own fatigue and lack of computer experience – of not knowing what command does what. In any event, no work got done this morning. Luckily, however, this afternoon, Rebecca and I were able to quite effectively reconstruct our outline of notes.

I’m not saying that this caused my concentration gaffe, but I have been preoccupied with a personal issue and sleep has not come easy the last few nights. Things are much better now, and hopefully the sandman will return soon.

Lastly, a mild technological dilemma. My trusty refurbished PS3 is showing signs of wearing out. So far it has frozen three times during use, and the customer service rep at our local GameStop store said that it is beginning to die. According to him, it has no more than two months of life left. Time to start scrimping and saving. Yes, readers, I am a gaming and movie geek, and cannot do without my PS3 for very long. I shall have another blog post for you either tomorrow or next week on Wednesday when Rebecca and I return to work. Until then, happy reading and happy weekend.

Good news about Keekee and other stuff

Greetings everyone. So sorry I’ve not blogged in a few days but I’ve just now recovered from the weekend, though it was fun.

I got some very good news about my kitty cat Keekee. Very soon she will have to go in for some dental work which shall be quite expensive, but the vet’s office has agreed to a payment plan rather than one lump sum. My budget says thank you.

Keekee is doing very well, despite having bad gums and needing six teeth removed. My vet told me that it happens to this particular breed of cat. Other than that, she is a quite healthy 5-year-old. I hope to very soon put a picture of her up on my blog for all of you to see. I have to learn how to do this first, however.

When my friend was here this weekend, I believe that Keekee smelled his cat, because she hissed at him a number of times. It was either that or he made a sudden move which she did not like; she hates sudden movements.

Briefly onto something else, I have another dentist appointment for myself today and I don’t wish to go. Though I like my dentist very much, I hate all the instruments wedged in my mouth – such as the saliva sucker. I suppose it’s better than drooling on myself.

Last week I mentioned writing about the late Joe Paterno. I did not forget. I shall attempt to do it tomorrow. I think I would like to jot down some notes first.

Lastly today, I must rant and rave for a few moments about my 12 round fight with technology. I won … but not until the twelfth round. Sometimes I hate computers. Machines are supposed to assist man, not defeat him. Not to go into too much detail, but let’s just say this blog post should have been up an hour ago. Until next time readers, take care and have a good day.

Technology … Grrr

Today at quarter to one in the afternoon I had my gazillionth fight with my state-of-the-art cell phone. It hung up twice on me when I was having an important conversation. Don’t get me wrong – I actually do like it and it works just fine. However, the infernal thing has buttons on three sides, where my hand holds it. Every time I bump one of these buttons with my finger, the phone starts doing something that I don’t want it to do. I keep expecting this phone to someday call China or take a picture of my knee.

I’ve had the phone since August and the two features I like the most are the voice activated calling and the touch screen texting capability. My phone is 3G, not 4. I’m not the kind of person who wants to watch a full length feature film on my phone. At first when I was learning to text, my finger would hit the wrong letter, causing beaucoup aggravation. Now I’ve learned to hit the screen precisely to get what I want. On rare occasion, I’ve actually sent someone a blank text because when I wanted to start typing, my finger hit send. With my mild case of Cerebral Palsy, it makes things with little buttons and knobs difficult for me. Probably the phone works just fine, but I’ve wanted to throw it a few times.

On other fronts, last night I was doing PS3, Madden Football 12, and later watched a movie on Netflix. Finally, technology that works for me. On rare occasions, however, Netflix has been “down for maintenance.” Obviously I understand that they have to update once in a while, but a few months ago it seemed that it was happening every time I wanted to watch something.

Now, I’m just me, I’m no one special. I just want it to work when I turn it on, that’s all. And I want the phone to stop calling people when I’m trying to set my alarm. It probably doesn’t help me either that I have a low threshold for frustration.

Now that I’ve gotten this off my chest, I shall clue you in just a little bit on my next post. It’s going to be about a character trait that has bothered me about myself. Last night I watched several episodes of a show called Air Crash Investigation. I’ve always loved jets and flying. I’ve also, however, been fascinated with the investigation of accidents, as can be see in my Air Florida post. I shall go into that in more detail within a day or two.