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Technology grrr 7

Greetings, readers. This morning I was up at 5am as part of my new daily routine. I had the computer running by 5:15 and all was well. It had had some problems with running slowly yesterday, just like my old ASUS had before I got the Hewlett-Packard this past spring. Then this morning in the middle of doing something, the HP decided to have a mind of its own. With my Facebook page frozen and the control-alt-delete function not working, I had to do a hard shut-down; holding the on/off button in until it shut off. My new HP didn’t like it.

The first time it restarted normally but was running slower. Something was beginning to be amiss. When it froze a second time and I had to restart it, all it showed was the cursor twirling with the HP logo in the background and didn’t do anything else. I let it sit while I made coffee and got dressed. Still twirling. I went to the bathroom to wash up, came out, still twirling. After what seemed like forever, I did another hard shut down. I got out the old ASUS computer, and to show you what kind of morning this was, I couldn’t remember the old computer’s password. Grrr!

When I went to get my laundry, I was literally talking to myself in the hallway when Rebecca showed up. I think she got an internal chuckle. I told her what was wrong and asked her if she remembered the password. Luckily, she did. We were all set to do the blog entry on the old computer, when she noticed that the battery compartment was becoming extremely hot. I had her immediately shut it down and I unplugged it before taking the battery out. The fan is probably not working in it anymore. At that point I was beginning to think that the blog entry was going to have to be from Rebecca at her place.

I decided to give the new HP one last try. This time the screen said something like Automatic Repair in Progress. That looked promising. We waited to see what happened. It then gave a prompt to restart the computer, which we did. And to our delight, the new laptop is once again working normally. No delays, slowness, or freezing. I still don’t know what is causing the issues, however.

I did not get to listen to my music, I did not get to check Facebook and Twitter, and all the other websites I usually check before work hours. So frustrating. I’ve decided I am going to take the computer into Best Buy’s Geek Squad and say, “This computer is only roughly three months old, it should not be having these problems. What is going on?” The technician will probably say, “You have two programs fighting one another,” or “Hey look, we found a virus.” This issue is not life-threating to my computer, it is just damned annoying. When the computer is shut down the correct way, all programs are supposed to shut off. I don’t think that is always happening with my machine. There goes $60 for the service charge, even before they do anything to it.

Before I close, I wanted to take a minute to send out prayers and good wishes to the flood victims in Texas, Barbados (where a new storm is forming) and also the victims of flooding in Asia during a rather bad monsoon season. Best wishes go out to those victims and families.

Next week, we will be working Wednesday and I plan to take a personal day on Thursday. I might use that entire day to begin a writing project. I have some good ideas cooking in my brain. So until next week, have a great day, take care, and as always, happy reading.

Screaming at the top of my lungs Thursday

Greetings, readers. This will have to be a short blog entry today, because due to computer technical issues and other crap we don’t have time for much else.

The trouble began this morning before Rebecca arrived when I noticed that my Twitter account was restricted to the mobile app and said I needed a browser update. I figured how hard could that be? I found out. Apparently with a five and a half-year old computer it is exceedingly difficult.

Tonight or in the morning I’m going to uninstall the new browser version or f-10 the computer and try to reset it back to yesterday’s settings. At the current moment we have a brand new unwanted tool bar, and what is worse is that the new browser did not fix the Twitter problem.

Yes, there will still be a blog tomorrow, I just needed to get this off my chest and vent. We all have our bad days, it could be spilled milk, the car not starting, or, in this case, technology winning over humans. Well, okay computer, you may have your victory today, I’m going to win tomorrow. One figurative scream at the top of my lungs and this blog entry today is done.

Until tomorrow, take care, have a good day, and happy reading.

Technology … Grrr 2

Greetings readers. Today it happened again. Technology bit me somewhere where I don’t like to be bitten. Allow me to elaborate. After a night of insomnia, I decided to turn on the lights, fire up the computer, and type a story for my new book project. No sooner did I have my soft music playing, my diet Coke on the coaster, and the word processor page on the screen, then I made my mistake. I opened up what my writing assistant and I call a formatted blank page. I got it ready to use and went to save it to my project’s folder. I was then going to save that to my thumb drive. Well, I hit Copy instead of Send To and then thought I was sending the original to the recycle bin, but instead the copy didn’t work and the original folder with notes included went off into oblivion. I wonder where things go when that happens. Do they go off to cyberspace?

While sitting here dictating this blog entry, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t say, Joseph Kockelmans … Grr. Because it most likely was due to my own fatigue and lack of computer experience – of not knowing what command does what. In any event, no work got done this morning. Luckily, however, this afternoon, Rebecca and I were able to quite effectively reconstruct our outline of notes.

I’m not saying that this caused my concentration gaffe, but I have been preoccupied with a personal issue and sleep has not come easy the last few nights. Things are much better now, and hopefully the sandman will return soon.

Lastly, a mild technological dilemma. My trusty refurbished PS3 is showing signs of wearing out. So far it has frozen three times during use, and the customer service rep at our local GameStop store said that it is beginning to die. According to him, it has no more than two months of life left. Time to start scrimping and saving. Yes, readers, I am a gaming and movie geek, and cannot do without my PS3 for very long. I shall have another blog post for you either tomorrow or next week on Wednesday when Rebecca and I return to work. Until then, happy reading and happy weekend.