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From Rebecca: Technology grrr 6

Greetings, Joe’s readers. I am doing today’s blog entry, from my home, because Joe’s computer started acting up during our work session. He couldn’t open a browser window at all and everything else he did was much slower than usual. He had to run a full security scan, which usually takes a couple of hours. It was still at 27% when I left. Hopefully his virus scanner will find the problem and fix it, so Joe can use his computer again.

Joe told me he had another great shift at work yesterday. He even had a happy customer tell Joe’s boss about his good service! His feet are adjusting to all the standing, though I did recommend that he spend part of his first full paycheck on new work shoes. Joe said today that he wants to buy his own GPS unit, probably a Garmin, for the trip to Maine, so he won’t have to borrow someone else’s.

I have watched Joe experience his first job of this type for the past month, and I have been delighted. He has been so excited about learning new things, interacting with new people, and achieving new skills. I am so used to people grinding through their jobs, especially grimy hard work like at a fast food restaurant, that it has been a lift to my spirits to see him do so well and like it so much.

Another thing happened yesterday with Joe. He and Traci broke up and are no longer engaged, though they are still friends. He does not want to write a blog entry about it, so I told him I would let his regular readers know for him.

Next week, assuming that his computer is working again, Joe will write an entry on Wednesday about his mother and the anniversary of her passing, then on Thursday I will write another From Rebecca post.

As Joe would write, take care, have a great weekend, and happy reading.

I was such a naïve kid

Greetings, readers. I was just telling Rebecca a story from my early childhood and it sparked this blog entry topic. It is going to be about the rather goofy things I did when I was a boy. I took everything literally.

The story I told Rebecca was one from the mid-1970s before cable channels came in, and television reception wasn’t always that great. I was watching a Pittsburgh Steelers game with my mom and there were some difficulties with the signal. A message flashed on the screen, ‘We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by.’ So the naive, goofy kid that I was, I got off the floor, went to the side of the television, and stood next to it, causing my mom to laugh hysterically. I was five, I did what I was told.

Around that same age, maybe a little younger, I always wondered why people had yard sales. Didn’t they want their grass anymore? Another goody was the garage sale. Where were people going to park their car if they sold their garage? Just call me Mr. Literal.

Of course, like everybody else, I got wise and learned that not all phrases mean exactly what they sound like. For instance, lots for sale. Up until the age of eight, when we were driving on that particular road, I would turn to my mom and ask, “Lots of what?”

Although this last example isn’t quite the same, there is a road in Maine which I travel on every time I’m there, which goes from camp into town. It says, ‘Please watch for blind child.’ That in itself is fine, but the sign has been there for over forty years. That child is now probably fifty. Unless there is some special place that I don’t know about such as a blind school in that area, it is not necessary. I have always wondered why they didn’t take it down.

Well there you have today’s blog entry. If you have any examples from your life dealing with this topic that you would like to share, please do so in the comments here or on my Facebook page. We promise not to giggle.

Until tomorrow, have a great day, take care, and, as always, happy reading.