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Keeping active with possible job, writing, and Traci

Greetings, readers. As I continue my search for gainful employment, I’m still hoping that my first choice will pan out. As I mentioned, there are other opportunities out there, but Panera Bread is ideal. I would love to work there. It is near my apartment building, I know and like all the folks who work there, and it is, as I call it, on the flat. Meaning that I don’t have to go down any of the hilly streets of State College during the winter time.

If all else fails, I will volunteer my time at the library, which will at least get me out of the apartment. As my friends have told me, something is sure to come up. Until then, we have the writing project for the new camp book and I have a personal writing project that I just got research materials for from the library.

Also, big news, September 24th will mark the one year anniversary for my girlfriend Traci and me. I can’t believe it has been 11 months. Time has flown and our relationship is progressing slowly, yet steadily. I’m quite pleased with the situation. She has already met and loves David and family, and we hope to go for Thanksgiving again this year. Are wedding bells in the future? Time will tell and we shall see. There are a few huddles we need to get over.

A blog entry, which will be upcoming in September, will deal with my plans for our anniversary. There is a really nice restaurant downtown which we were planning to go to last Valentine’s Day. Traci wound up in the hospital and we never did make it for Valentine’s dinner. I think I will make reservations at the Tavern restaurant. More on that during that future blog entry.

Well, there you have it for today. Our new work hours begin next Wednesday with blog entries on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Wish us luck on that. Until next week, have a splendid weekend, take care, and happy reading.

Thanksgiving is a comin’

Greetings, readers. Tomorrow begins my favorite time of the year; the holiday season. Rebecca and I were talking earlier and she got a chuckle that I have my whole day planned already. I’ll be watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from 9:00 until noon, dinner at 1:00, and football after that. At exactly noon, when Santa Claus turns right at 34th street, it will be time for me to think about decorating the apartment and getting into that Christmas frame of mind.

I know it is not politically correct to say Merry Christmas, but when I was a youth in the early 70s, the generic “happy holidays” was just starting and had not caught on yet. More times than not, I will say happy holidays to people just to be safe and not offend anyone. But, being Roman Catholic, Merry Christmas was what I heard as a child; it is what I knew. As a lot of my regular blog readers know, I am a very sentimental person; I had a very wonderful childhood, and enjoy looking back on it.

On to some other news, my two writing projects are going well … finally. Yay to that. When I see Darren next on December 12th, I’m certain I shall have lots to give him to work on. I imagine that Rebecca will be happy, because she will have more to edit. Right now working feels good.

Let me get you up to date on some family members. This past Friday I saw my cousins Ed and Maria, and we had a lovely dinner at the Tavern restaurant. They came down for the day so that Maria could check out Penn State. My Godmother is doing better, thank goodness, but not quite well enough to have company. Best friend Dave and clan will be home for Thanksgiving, and will be enjoying the day at a relative’s house nearby.

Yes, I expect in a week or so, this apartment will look lively with lights, and Christmas Carols will be playing on my computer or on one of the local radio stations. And on December 24th, the Christmas light ride will be renewed, thanks to something called Zipcar. I will explain that service in my next blog entry.

So, until Friday, I hope everyone will have a wonderful Thanksgiving and stay safe if you are traveling; keep an eye out for the weather. Take care and happy reading.