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Getting back to my daily routine after being sick

Greetings, readers. I was going to do a top ten list today, but because I was under the weather since the end of last week, I did not have time to prepare one. I always like to think about my top ten lists, to get them just so. From New Year’s Eve until literally this morning, all I wanted to do was sleep. I had to force myself to check my Facebook page and keep up my correspondences.

Although some white puffy clouds are rolling in now, it’s been a bright sunny day. The wonderful 62 degree weather was replaced with temperatures in the mid-thirties, and night-time lows in the single digits. It took awhile, but winter has finally arrived. Yuk.

Now, for something funny. I woke up at 5:15 this morning trying to force myself to get into my morning routine for Wednesdays. My get-up-and-go got up and went, and after feeding Keekee, I quickly went back to bed. When the alarm went off two hours later, she went and sat by her plate, looked at me as if to say, aren’t you forgetting something? I had to explain to the poor darling that she had already had her breakfast. I did give a little extra milk and that made her happy. Yes, Daddy is wrapped around Keekee’s little paw, and she knows it.

Tomorrow I am definitely getting back to my early morning routine and it shall consist of reading over three possible writing ideas and getting to work on one of them. The time for the wheels to be stuck in the mud is over. I know, I know, I’ve said that before, but I feel like a worthless lump and something has to give soon. More topics to discuss with my therapist, I’d say.

Tomorrow Rebecca will be coming in and I might just have that top ten list ready for editing. If not, you will definitely see it Friday.

Take care, enjoy the sunshine if you have it, and even though it is a few days late, R.I.P to actor Wayne Rogers. We will miss you, Trapper John from M*A*S*H.

And on the 14th day, God gave us sunshine

Greetings, readers. Yes, it has been a full two weeks since that glowing orange ball and blue sky has appeared. Two weeks of clouds and rain. OMG. I was fighting depression every way I knew how. But even though a few clouds are beginning to make their way back, this morning was beautiful and it was a most welcome sight.

I hope all my readers had a wonderful Christmas. I know I did. I enjoyed probably the best Christmas Eve light ride outing since my parents passed away. Christmas day was restful, filled with Christmas tunes and a wonderful dinner at a local church. I really couldn’t have asked for more. Keekee got extra treats and somehow I think she knew that it was a special day. I think she can sense when I’m emotional, happy or angry. I know that when I’m upset she stays closer to me.

The weekend will be slightly different. Rebecca and Darren have family visiting, so our usual Dungeons and Dragons gaming day will be postponed a week. Even though I love the game, the postponement is fine with me. The Penn State football team is playing in the Pinstripe Bowl on Saturday afternoon and I am excited about seeing them play in Yankee Stadium.

I am taking a rare road trip on Monday and Tuesday to Pittsburgh with my cousin Ed. The Penn State men’s basketball team is playing a couple of games in a tournament there. Cousin Ed is treating me to it. I’m sure Keekee will be fine overnight, since she has done well in the past with just a few checkups from Rebecca when I go to Maine for a week.

When I get back on Tuesday, I’m going to take down my Christmas lights and put all the decorations back in the closet where they go. I could wait until after New Year’s, but I’m noticing already that light bulbs are beginning to burn out. I’ve had these strands a number of years now, and if our drug store is still there next year, I may need to purchase two new boxes. Time will tell.

Here’s wishing everyone a great weekend, and safe and happy plans for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Rebecca and I will be working Wednesday and Friday next week, taking New Year’s Day off. After that, our work schedule should get back to normal. Until Wednesday, enjoy, take care, and happy reading.

Whoo-hoot we got a book sale

Greetings, readers. I stopped over at Webster’s Bookstore and Cafe and talked to the owner about any recent sales of my books. I was happily surprised to learn that we did indeed have one sale of Greetings, Readers: A Year in the Life of a New Blogger, my first blog book. I say first blog book, because a second one is in the planning stages.┬áThis news has my weekend off to a great start.

After ten straight days of cloudy weather, we are finally seeing slits of blue sky and the reflection of sunshine off some buildings. I was beginning to forget what that big, orange, glowing ball looked like. And yes, my depression was taking a hit. On the way up to work from Webster’s, I chatted with a lady in the building, and at the end of the conversation she told me what a wonderful attitude I had. So, I suppose, even if I’m a bit depressed on the outside, I must be projecting being happy on the outside.

As far as today and the weekend plans go, after our blog entry is posted, I’m going to try to dictate to Rebecca a short story for the final camp book. Either from scratch, or we will work from one that is already in a folder. Tomorrow is our usual Dungeons and Dragons day, and on Sunday I have been invited to a pre-holiday dinner. How wonderful it will be to get a complete and delicious meal. Being a depressed bachelor, my diet is not what it should be.

The holidays are coming up, as we all know, and my place is as decorated as it is going to be. I will be taking my Christmas Eve light ride, watching parades, ball games, and the Christmas Mass from Rome, and doing other traditional holiday things that I have done since childhood. For the past year or so, I’ve felt an overwhelming urge to get back to my roots and be who I was, not who I am now. I almost feel like I want to start over again – now there’s something to talk to my psychologist about.

Here’s wishing everybody a good last week of holiday preparations and shopping. I don’t bake cookies but I’m sure that there will be some delicious dessert at the holiday meal. I am getting my fill of eggnog; I love it but sometimes the spices in it don’t like me too much. Thank goodness for Prilosec.

Until Wednesday, have a great weekend, stay warm, and happy reading.

Such a pretty day…. & more

Greetings, readers. Happy Wednesday to you all. I find myself in a very good mood today because, as I look out my window, I am not seeing any clouds in the sky. Recently it seems to me as though central Pennsylvania has been experiencing more than its share of sunny days. I read once in an online article that the State College/Bellefonte area has the third most cloudy days per year, behind Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon. I say I’ll gladly accept every sunny day I can get.

Being subject to depression, I enjoy walking to the bus stop or to where ever I am going downtown in sunny weather. Also a natural source of vitamin D is said to come from the sun, and with my horrendous diet I need all the help I can get. Now I’ve not studied the factors contributing to the wonderful weather; nor am I going to. I am simply going to enjoy it.

On my computer’s calendar I see that it is October 30th and I should not expect any real warmth from the sun anymore until next April. However, I can look out my window and just imagine how warm it would be if this was a late June or early July day.

On to a couple of other topics, Rebecca and my workday has been thrown into reverse because the Wednesday meeting with my account is not at its usual time of 12:30. Rebecca and I have a pretty standard Wednesday routine of having the meeting and then coming up to work around 1PM. We must now get all work finished by our meeting time of 2:30. No problems.

Lastly, I am training … or should I say retraining, Keekee into accepting a new dinner time. Months ago I made a quite horrible mistake in training her to have her meal time right smack dab in the middle of our work hours. Little did I know that she could tell time and would start meowing like a hyena until fed. All that training did was to get daddy securely wrapped around Keekee’s little paw. LOL. Now it is time to edit this piece, publish, and then get onto other writing exercises for the day.

Until very soon, take care, have a great day, and happy reading.