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I am looking forward to spring and summer

Greetings, readers. Although here in central Pennsylvania this winter has not been severe by any means, I am looking forward to spring and summer. I am a warm weather person and always will be. Here are just a few of the things that I am looking forward to in the next five months.

First, baseball season begins in April. Although the 162 game season can get a little tedious to watch every day, I love opening day, the first few weeks of the season, and the playoffs. I will be glad to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates and Philadelphia Phillies once again.

At the end of May is the start of the summer season. The swimming pools open, and my favorite race to watch, the Indianapolis 500, takes place Memorial Day weekend.

In June, is Father’s Day, and that holds a bittersweet memory for me, for my mother passed away on Father’s Day 2003. I always mark the occasion by going to the gravesite to put flowers down and spend time with both of my parents – my father passed in 2008. As a child, June also meant the end of school. I would savor every minute between June 10th and early September. Can you tell I didn’t like school very much?

July is my birthday month, and even today I will treat myself to something special, like going for an ice cream or by going to a restaurant that I rarely go to. One year it was Meyer Dairy, which reminded me a lot of those wonderful evenings at Rummel’s Ice Cream Shop in Maine.

Speaking of Maine, in August is my usual trek up north for a week of fishing, boating, and sometimes swimming. It has to be a really hot day for me to jump in the lake.

Also in mid-July is the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. I have fun walking through the cool mist fern display which really feels good on a hot humid July day.

Before you know it, it is mid-August again and summer is winding down. I wait all year for these five months and boy they sure do go quickly.

This entry is the 488th one I’ve written and published on this blog. As we approach it, I guarantee you, my readers, that #500 will be a spectacular entry. The topic has not been chosen yet, but I can promise you that I will not just be talking about the weather. Until next Wednesday, have a great weekend, take care, and happy reading.


My computer’s woes are temporarily fixed

Greetings, readers. This past Tuesday, I took the five-year-old laptop to Best Buy, here in State College, for what I’d hoped would be a quick fix of my internet issue, for not that much money. I was pleasantly surprised. After about fifteen minutes, and within my budget, I left the store with a working computer. Thumbs up to the Geek Squad! 🙂

My plan, as I’ve told Rebecca, is to keep this current laptop running until at least Christmastime. This past week’s technology grr put that hope in grave doubt. But again, the Geek Squad came through with flying colors. The gentleman took my computer behind the curtain to their back office, where of course I couldn’t see what he was doing to it. So I’m not sure whether it was a toggle fix, a re-download of a command, or just what it was. I would feel silly if I found out that the fix was something I could have done myself. In my defense, I tried everything I knew to try. I hope this doesn’t happen again, because as stated, it is very important to both of us to keep this computer going for another few months.

We’re going to wrap up this Thursday blog entry now, as Rebecca and I have a couple of errands to do outside the office. We will be dodging the crowds of this years Arts Festival, and smelling the aromas of the delicious food. I love summer and this mid-July event.

Until tomorrow, when we will have a usual blog entry up, take care and happy reading.

I can’t believe it’s only a month and a half until vacation

Greetings, readers. Yes, the first week of August is quickly approaching. Before I know it, it will be the 4th of July, and that won’t leave me much time to prepare to leave at end of the month. This year I cannot wait; more so than in years past. Lots of plans are going to be made for this summer. Some plans for here in State College, including preparing for a performance in September, while other plans are for camp.

While at camp, my friend Dave and I are going to sit down and have one of our usual evening chats. Usually we just shoot the bull and it’s laughs galore. This time, however, I will have a serious topic for him. During the year, something has happened that I want to get his view on and we always have our best heart to heart talks face to face. The other evenings I am sure will be filled with story time for the kids and campfires. I’m not sure how many years I’ll still be going to Bear Spring Camps, so I am going to make a point to enjoy each second as much as possible. I remember when I returned to camp in 2009 after a hiatus, that I paid extra special attention to how beautiful the trees and lake looked and how soothing the birds and crickets sounded. I plan to have that same appreciation this year just in case it’s my last.

But getting back to this summer. I waited all winter for it, and here we are approaching late June already. As Norman Thayer, Jr. from On Golden Pond would say, “Good God.” Now some of you might correct me that summer hasn’t even officially started yet. For me, once the Indianapolis 500 has taken place, it’s the summer season. I go by my own calendar.

The biggest thing I’m going to do at camp this year will be the taking of detailed notes, because this is the final year that I will let pass without working on a book. Whether that is camp book 3, blog book 2 or other, that remains to be seen. When Rebecca and I begin work again on August 13th, we’re going to cook and book, no pun intended.

Enjoy the pretty weather if you have it, stay safe if you don’t, have a great weekend and happy reading.

Top ten things I like about spring and summer

Greetings, readers. I have always been a warm weather person. Even as a child, I hated the winter time; except for the Christmas season, when outdoor lights in people’s yards made it look festive. I will admit that I didn’t mind too much playing ball in the front yard with some friends in the cold and snow. But when the games were over, I usually made a beeline for my house. So here is my top ten list for today, not in any particular order.

#10. Going to the beach. [My family and I used to go many years ago to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire, on the way to Maine.]

#9. The scent of Sea and Ski suntan lotion. [No longer in production I’m afraid.]

#8. Fairs and carnivals. [Up until just recently, here in State College, we had a carnival that came in late May, around the time of Memorial Day. I have heard that it stopped because of insurance reasons.]

#7. Riding in a convertible. [My mom had a 1969 Chrysler convertible. It was such fun.]

#6. Backyard BBQs.

#5. Watermelon. [Dessert for said BBQ.]

#4. Going to a baseball game.

#3. Enjoying trees in bloom and lots of flowers.

#2. The smell of fresh-cut grass.

#1. Having a picnic in the park. [I did not do that much, but I am certain that it is most enjoyable.]

Ok, readers. That is the top ten list for this time around. We always like to hear from you with your lists, so feel free. Until next week, enjoy the weather, take care, and happy reading.