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Can’t believe it’s almost time to go to Maine again

Greetings, readers. This will be a short one folks, because time got away from us. One week from tomorrow, I will be leaving for my annual trek to Bear Spring Camps in central Maine. It seems like it was just Christmas and now it is summer vacation. Am I ready to go? Mentally yes. Do I have all things packed away and ready? No. Far from it. I have laundry to do, supplies to purchase, a rental car to get; the list goes on and on. My mother was always so good at making the last-minute trip preparations; I am still a work in progress. Each summer I seem to do one thing better than the year before.

I’ve begun a list of things to take and number one on that list is Mom’s beloved binoculars. Will camp be ruined if I forget them? No. But sometimes they do come in handy. Other things that are going to go on that list: a flashlight with batteries, my radio, a box of CDs to play in the rental car, and at least one hoodie for those cooler evenings.

Kitty-cat Keekee has already begun to mope. Somehow, I think she knows that I am leaving. Her yearly shedding has begun early. But I know that she will be in good hands as Rebecca will take care of her. I’ll be at camp from August 2nd until the 9th, returning home on the 10th. Then it is back to work for us that coming Wednesday. It is such a short break but for me it is needed; I just get this craving to get out of town at least once a year. This coming May I will also be away for a week as my best friend David’s younger daughter graduates college.

On Friday, the already-written 300th blog post will go up. Rebecca and I think it is a good one. Until then, stay cool – we’re having a heat wave – take care, and happy reading.