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T – 1 day

Greetings, readers. Here’s a quick blog entry just to let you know that Rebecca and I are still breathing. I am leaving for my annual trek to Bear Spring Camps tomorrow morning. I don’t know if she will post a new entry while I am gone or not, I shall leave that up to her.

Yesterday was my kitty cat Princess Josie’s second birthday. That post got many likes on Facebook. I have a rather cute picture of me and Josie when she was a small kitten, approximately a week after I got her. I can’t believe she is two already. How time flies.

Joe and his new cat Princess Josie

I’ve been running around like a chicken with a head cut off trying to get ready for camp. I hope to be out of here and on the road between 7:30 and 8:00 tomorrow morning. I had been leaving at 10am, but that got me to the Danbury, Connecticut rush hour on interstate 84, and I do not wish to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic again. I will be stopping at Southington, CT, slightly past Hartford, for the fifth straight year. It’s a nice Motel 6 with a Denny’s right next door and a gas station. How’s that for convenience.

Already I’ve been in a blind panic trying to figure out how much money I need to save in the bank account to cover the final expense of the rental car. As most of you know, rental agencies put a ‘hold’ on the car, but don’t charge you the amount until you bring it back. God forbid you get into a horrible accident and have to pay for the car. I am knocking on wood as we speak. Lol.

Again, I’ll leave a From Rebecca option up to her and we will resume regular Wednesday entries on August 21st ā€¦ which just happens to be my mother’s birthday.

Until soonest, take care, have a great day, and happy reading.

P.S. Construction update. I have already lost half my gorgeous view. šŸ˜¦


I am further ahead on packing at this point than I was last year

Greetings, readers. I am still here today, and to my surprise I have time to dictate a short blog entry. I am going down a list of activities to get ready to leave for camp. I have a lot of items checked off already, like laundry done, packing things like my GPS, and double checking on my rental car so there will be no surprises when I pick it up. I want so much to be organized and on top of details like my mom was, and Rebecca thinks I am doing a great job.

Last year, as I recall, I was frantically doing a load of laundry the morning I was to leave. To some people, that might sound perfectly fine, but I like to have the car packed and ready to go early in the morning. That way, I can grab a quick breakfast and get on my way whenever I am ready. Most people, when they travel, don’t have a specific departure time, but my mother always tried to leave at 10:00 in the morning. Through trial and error, she found out that it put us in Connecticut – our evening stop – late in the afternoon and just before she got overly tired. This is a timetable that works for me too.

The last couple of years when I drove to Maine, I found out that I have to take more frequent breaks, but I still hope to arrive in Southington, Connecticut before dark. That is my goal, because my nighttime driving vision is not what it once was.

I have to make certain that Keekee is well taken care of in between Rebecca’s almost daily visits. That means cleaning out the litter box, making sure her water bowl is full, stocking up the dry food in her gravity feeder, etc. I think Keekee already knows that daddy is going away. She is very clingy towards me today and keeps meowing at me as I dictate this entry.

On the way up I will be stopping at Portland and visited Hadlock Field and purchasing some Sea Dogs souvenirs. Right after this blog entry is over, Rebecca will have the pleasure of watching me plow through the clutter on Dead Red to find the last year’s purchased Sea Dogs hoodies. I don’t want to have to purchase them again.

Rebecca will be doing the next three entries and then I will be back. That will wrap this short entry up for today. Please wish me a safe journey and a happy vacation. As a lot of you know, I look forward to Bear Spring Camps every year.

Until soonest, take care, have a great two weeks, and happy reading.

From Rebecca: Words were coming slow today

I thought of a few different topics for this blog entry, but none are really panning out. I am on the public computers at Schlow library and I am running out of my allotted time. So, this will be a short post to basically say hello to you all.

I just saw that Joe posted on his Facebook page that he was at Southington CT last night and is doing well. He plans to be in New Hampshire sometime today. Yay Joe!

I don’t know how many of you know a role-playing game called Dungeons and Dragons, (D&D) or its companion game Pathfinder. Joe has been playing D&D with my husband Darren and me for two years now. We have a lot of fun on our Saturdays around the table with our character sheets and dice. My husband Darren has played the game since he was a teenager. He is the Dungeon Master, (DM) which means that he takes the players (Joe and I) through the adventures and play all the characters that the players don’t play – like the monster we battle or the tradespeople that we get goods from. I have been playing D&D with Darren for about 10 years, since Darren introduced me to it a year or so after we started dating. Darren is a great DM, but he has wanted to be a player. So I agreed to DM if he did all the prep work and all I would have to do is run the game. I didn’t feel like I could do a good job of getting the adventure ready myself – there is a lot of work to it. Unfortunately for me, I still have to do some studying to learn things that I will use when running the game. And I also need to read through the adventure to be prepared for my players (Darren and Joe) when they get to each section. I will be playing the monsters that are defeated for treasure and experience points. Exciting; once I have done my homework! We will start the adventure when Joe gets back from Maine.

I am off now to feed Keekee, give her some petting if she feels like it, and organize a few files. Until next week, have good days and great weather.

Maine vacation is vastly approaching

Greetings, readers. (Keekee says, “Meow.”) The meow Keekee just gave us, I am sure, is for: Feed Me, Daddy. You see, readers, Keekee has us well-trained that as soon as we get down to work it is d-i-n-n-e-r time. Sometimes I think Keekee can spell too. {Keekee just won. Joe is off to feed her. He will be right back.}

On to the topic of the day. This coming Wednesday or Thursday morning will mark the beginning of my annual Maine trek. I’m planning on making a little side trip on the way up to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. This was a stop Mom, Dad, Grandma and I made when I was a little boy. I wanted to do it last year, but went right past the exits both on the way up and coming home. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. This year I am going to program it directly into the GPS. I also might go to our library and print out the directions just in case from Google maps.

Now the big question is: am I ready? The answer is: not by a long shot. Supplies were purchased for Keekee and some laundry will be done tomorrow. The rental car, however, will not be obtained until early Wednesday, so I really can’t pack the car until Wednesday afternoon. Rebecca is coming early that day just in case I want to get an early start on the road. I will probably pack my suitcase Tuesday night.

I can’t wait to see all my family and friends at Bear Spring. We always have such a good time getting caught up; at bonfires in the evenings, at mealtimes, and on the pontoon boat while fishing. The week always seems like three days. Much too fast.

At this very moment 15 copies of my new book are being produced and made ready to ship directly to Bear Spring Camps, so that anyone who wants one can purchase one. My last two books were about Bear Spring and I want to show my loved ones that I can actually write something other than camp stories. I am proud of all three of my books.

When my week is over, I will stop in a hotel in SouthingtonĀ which I have stopped at twice before and found comfortable. It has three things that I love about a road-trip stop. One, easy to get to from the interstate exit. Number two, equally easy to get back on the interstate. And number three, a Dunkin’ Donuts within a block for breakfast.

Gee, in a little over 350 words, I’ve just gone to Maine and come home already. Haha. Seriously though, as someone who was used to going to Maine for two weeks and now can only stay for one, I actually live out of my suitcase. I only really unpack my toiletries and my medication. The person who cleans and makes fresh the cabin each day, known as the cabin girl, doesn’t seem to mind the suitcase on the extra bed. And in my 40-some years of going I have not had one article stolen from any of the staff. That is one of the reasons I consider Bear Spring Camps my second home. It feels just as safe as my home here does.

While I’m gone, Rebecca will chime in a few times. So until I get back, take care, enjoy the summer, and happy reading. P.S. I’ll catch a fish for you.