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I plan to read and edit Four’s a Crowd today

Greetings, readers. The other day I was inspired by Rebecca’s husband Darren. As a lot of you may know, Darren is turning my play Kimberly into a novel. The third draft of Four’s a Crowd is finished. We were looking for readers, with what we call fresh eyes. That way they can pick up on any flaws in logic. So far no luck with readers.

I have decided to take on this section of the project to critique and edit it. Admittedly, I probably know the story too well, but I will try my darndest to stay objective and keep a close eye out for anything that needs correcting.

I don’t have goals very often but I have one now. The goal is to have the thirteen-chapter book read and critiqued twice by August 5th. I leave for Maine a day or two after that. While I’m gone, the project will be turned back over to Darren to make corrections and we will call that the final draft.

The step after that will be to communicate with lawyers, draw up contracts, and then find an agent. I’ve decided that this book is too good to be self-published and sit on shelves because we don’t know how to market it. Between now and August, Rebecca and I will look at a possible list of agents. We will have to have a query letter and also a sample of the finished work ready to send to the agents.

If this book is as good as I think it is, we may be sitting on the launching pad. I don’t think it is going to hit Oprah’s top ten list, but I see it selling much better than my first three books did, which were self-published. Darren’s worked hard on this project, as I did years ago. I’m hoping that Four’s a Crowd will at least get us on the map.

On to other things, my kitty-cat Keekee is looking me right in the face meowing for her dinner. Before editing, I’ll probably give in and give her what she wants. I am pleased to say she got a clean bill of health yesterday at the vet’s office.

Tonight I have very simple plans; reading, reading and more reading. Even though my eyes become strained quickly, I want to finish at least through chapter five tonight. I began using a color coded system in my editing process but that slowed me down tremendously. I think I will grab a tablet, have that next to me, and make my notes there rather than constantly changing font colors. To me the use of that time was counterproductive and I could have gotten more done.

On a whoo-hoot note, I signed my letter of intent to stay here at Arnold Addison Court apartments for another year. Yes, it is small and yes the Penn State crowd can get loud sometimes, but in the end I really like my place. I have no immediate plans to leave. If I’ve counted correctly, I’ll be starting my tenth year here come October. How time flies.

It’s time to get onto other work so I will wrap up with my usual ending, bidding you a good day, do take care, and as always, happy reading.


So close I can taste it

Greetings, readers. By tomorrow at 3pm my second book, Tales from North Bay & Beyond: More Bear Spring Camps Stories, should be for sale. My writing assistant, Rebecca, and I found only one minor mistake in the second proof. Unfortunately we did have to correct it. However, with CreateSpace.com’s new feature to review your proof on-line, once they approve the submitted file again, I will be able to quickly check it tomorrow with the feature and then approve the proof. Then it will be officially for sale!

This morning I sat my alarm for 8:00, forcing myself to get up early. Throughout the rest of this summer I am going to make some major changes in my life. For instance, last night I wanted to stay up and watch television as is my habit, but I made myself go to sleep at a quarter to eleven. It was nice that I had a long morning to get a few things done in the apartment before work time began. I know, I know … Most everybody sleeps during the night. I, as an insomniac, am usually quite awake in the wee hours of the morning. I think once I have made the complete adjustment, my insomnia will go away.

Later on this afternoon, getting back to my books, I intent to walk across the street to Webster’s Bookstore and Cafe to verify how many copies of both books the owner wants to have. Since it is extremely warm today, I dread the walk. Yet we must market and distribute the books ourselves.

That is the big problem in my eyes with self-publishing. Yet so far it has not been too big of a problem. The two local stores carrying my book have been more than cooperative and quite nice about the process.

Lastly, during July, I’m going to fine tune my writing skills and begin a children’s book project, which I thought up last night. It has promise and I think it will be fun to do. Also, in August I am going away for a week. I believe that wordpress.com has a feature to republish posts. Perhaps I will put up one or two of the most popular reads from my blog since I began blogging in December.

Until quite soon, stay cool and healthy, and have a great day.