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Brand new business cards were just ordered and other topics

Greetings, readers. I’m very happy to announce that for a really reasonable price I have designed and ordered brand new business cards exclusively for the novel Four’s a Crowd. I think they look really sharp and will be here by the 24th. I will be able to do some scouting around to see who wants one. We have the pertinent information on the front and a little blurb about the book on the back. I think it is just enough to get people interested. The book is for sale right now at Amazon.com for $14.99.

This is one of my first attempts to try to stir the pot for this new book. I’m sure I’ll come up with other ideas as well. Darren is doing his part in spreading the word as he can when he and Rebecca are shopping or doing other errands. My motto is, every person you tell, could tell another person and the ball could get rolling that way. It is said that word of mouth is the best way to advertise.

There is a book fair at our local arts festival this weekend. Depending on hot it is outside, I might get to the book fair. I’m not one to stand out in the heat too long. I do plan on offering the library a copy or two for their collection. I forget whether they have a local author’s section, but if so that is where it would go. I cannot say enough about this book and how pleased I am on how it turned out. Darren’s work enhanced my story and made the novel complete, while retaining the true essence of my play, Kimberly.

On to something different, I found out yesterday, after the blog entry was posted, that the TV show LA to Vegas has been cancelled. Boo-hoo. Granted it was not the best show in the world, but if you wanted 22 minutes of a good laugh, it did nicely. I guess I’m going to have to find another show to watch, for I don’t think that On Demand keeps cancelled shows on for very long.

Speaking of TV shows, I’ve also been watching Gotham and the reincarnation of the The X-Files. Until the end of September, all seasons are On Demand. I used to watch The X-Files re-runs years ago and was really into it, and then as usual other shows came along. I ended my viewing evening with a couple of episodes of 9-1-1. I found out something extremely interesting during one of the episodes. A dumb-butt guy pilot dude thought it would be romantic to propose to his girl-friend by faking an on-plane emergency while having her read the handbook. Half-way through she got to the proposal part and went into what looked like a heart attack. When they got on the ground and paramedics arrived, it just so happened that said character was taking a medication that I am on, that causes heart palpitations, which I had. How cool is that? I am going to re-watch that episode, write down the name of that drug, and if I am still on it, get off it if at all possible.

Okay, there is my all over the place blog entry today. I enjoy writing these multi-topic blog entries now and then. I’m still trying to come up with a good idea for a top ten list, which I promise will be before I go to camp. Until next Wednesday, have a great day, take care, and happy reading.

Tales from North Bay & Beyond published today!

Greetings, readers. Please indulge me a big self-promotion post.

Tales from North Bay & Beyond: More Bear Spring Camps Stories is available for sale at my CreateSpace.com e-store as of today. My writing assistant and I reviewed a digital proof one last time and then approved the proof. And the book was instantly available. The wonder of self-publishing  : )

For those who are interested in my first camp book, Picking Up Where We Left Off: My Bear Spring Camps Stories is available in the e-store link for that title, or Amazon.com, or Kindle.

Until next week, have a great weekend and take care.

So close I can taste it

Greetings, readers. By tomorrow at 3pm my second book, Tales from North Bay & Beyond: More Bear Spring Camps Stories, should be for sale. My writing assistant, Rebecca, and I found only one minor mistake in the second proof. Unfortunately we did have to correct it. However, with CreateSpace.com’s new feature to review your proof on-line, once they approve the submitted file again, I will be able to quickly check it tomorrow with the feature and then approve the proof. Then it will be officially for sale!

This morning I sat my alarm for 8:00, forcing myself to get up early. Throughout the rest of this summer I am going to make some major changes in my life. For instance, last night I wanted to stay up and watch television as is my habit, but I made myself go to sleep at a quarter to eleven. It was nice that I had a long morning to get a few things done in the apartment before work time began. I know, I know … Most everybody sleeps during the night. I, as an insomniac, am usually quite awake in the wee hours of the morning. I think once I have made the complete adjustment, my insomnia will go away.

Later on this afternoon, getting back to my books, I intent to walk across the street to Webster’s Bookstore and Cafe to verify how many copies of both books the owner wants to have. Since it is extremely warm today, I dread the walk. Yet we must market and distribute the books ourselves.

That is the big problem in my eyes with self-publishing. Yet so far it has not been too big of a problem. The two local stores carrying my book have been more than cooperative and quite nice about the process.

Lastly, during July, I’m going to fine tune my writing skills and begin a children’s book project, which I thought up last night. It has promise and I think it will be fun to do. Also, in August I am going away for a week. I believe that wordpress.com has a feature to republish posts. Perhaps I will put up one or two of the most popular reads from my blog since I began blogging in December.

Until quite soon, stay cool and healthy, and have a great day.

Update for 6/20/12

Greetings, readers. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the second proof of my latest book. If my editor and I don’t find any major boo-boos, it could be for sale as early as Friday. This would certainly make my weekend.

To bring you all up to speed, sales of my first book at local stores, Appalachian Outdoors and Webster’s Bookstore Cafe, have been slow but I think they are about to pick up. As well, the owner of Bear Spring Camps is indeed interested in stocking the latest book. This was a big shot in the arm for me. With my vacation to Maine mere weeks away, I am very excited that the work is over, the proof process is all but done, and it will be time to sit back and reap the rewards.

On to a slightly different topic now. Today or tomorrow is the first official day of summer and here in central Pennsylvania it is definitely feeling like it with temperatures in the upper 80s into the low 90s. Thank goodness for the light breeze we have. Here in the office, the air conditioner is working overtime. It sounds like it could blow up any minute.

Yesterday I walked around town briefly trying to promote the books without much success. People I was looking for were either on break or not in. In that realm it was just one of those days. I have to learn how to promote myself better if I truly wish to make money at being a writer. Sure the gratification of knowing that someone has enjoyed my work is wonderful but a small amount of sales won’t pay the bills. I need to go out there and market myself. I need to be that salesperson. There are a couple of other small businesses here in town that have a small book area. Both are within walking distance and on a cooler day I think I shall go there and see if they are interested. The worst thing they can do is say no.

Next, my dreaded insomnia continues. I went to bed around midnight, woke up at ten minutes until four and that was it. I am so hoping that when I get to camp I will ease in to what I call my camp routine. Which includes sleeping from approximately eleven p.m. to seven a.m.

Not too long ago I switched my long time favorite beverage, my beverage of choice, due to health reasons. Coffee was beginning to upset my stomach and so now when I go to Panera Bread, or Panera as I call it, I partake of their delicious British Breakfast tea with a little bit of honey. It serves two useful purposes. It is tummy-friendly and it has caffeine. Which on most mornings I desperately need.

During the rest of this summer, with Rebecca’s help, I am going to work on my characterization skills so that when the new project(s) begin in late August, they will have more depth and more meat on their bones. As much as I like my two books about my experiences at camp, I’ll be the first to admit that description is not my strong point. One only gets better with time and practice. Until very soon, take care and have a great day.

Warmth is here! : )

Greetings, readers. Yes, late spring has finally arrived here in State College, PA. The last two days, those of us who enjoy warm weather have been treated to mid-70s temperatures with moderate humidity – not low by any means, but not stifling either. I have been waiting for this weather for several months. As much as I like snow for Christmas, I live for spring and summer.

Now on to news. My first book, Picking Up Where We Left Off: My Bear Spring Camps Stories, went on sale on Kindle yesterday afternoon. I’m trying yet another way to generate some sales and get the book in more readers’ hands. After this blog post entry is finished, I shall begin editing the final story left to be worked on for book 2, Tales From North Bay and Beyond: More Bear Spring Camps Stories. I am most pleased with the progress that Rebecca and I have made over the last two months. This project is way ahead of schedule. : )

I saw on the Yahoo! sports page today that the great Yankees closer, Mariano Rivera, suffered an injury that could end his career – torn right knee ACL. He is one of my favorite Yankees, and I do hope that he can at least attempt a come back next year.

Now, readers, for any of you who play or know anything about MLB 12 The Show, what is the cloud? One of the options on one of the menus reads that I can save something to the cloud. I’m still trying to determine what that is. Any ideas would be appreciated.

On to news about Keekee. She is learning more English words. The other day I was talking on my phone and just happened to mention the words, chicken and giblets. Keekee, when she heard me say the name of her din-din, dashed from her bed and proceeded to the kitchen. That is where her food bowl is. OMG. This cat is learning more words by the day. Such a nice companion to come home to and take care of. She also knows when I am low and does her best to cheer me up by cuddling close, purring, and acting cute.

Finally, as of 3:00 this afternoon, Rebecca and I will have finished our first week of reduced hours. So far so good. I made a schedule to keep to and that seems to be working very well. I shall keep you updated as to when camp book 2 gets to the next stage. I wish you all a great weekend and happy reading.

Here is another excerpt from my first book

Greetings, readers. As I did once before, here is a second story for you all to enjoy from my first book, Picking Up Where We Left Off: My Bear Spring Camps Stories. As mentioned, Bear Spring Camps book 2 is well on the way. And since it’s going to be an easy day here at the office, I thought it might be fun to give you all another small taste of the first book. This is from a chapter I titled “A Basketful of Stories.” One of the smaller ones which wasn’t quite long enough to be its own chapter.

The above title is linked up to the book’s order page on CreateSpace.com. If you are interested, I have a sale going on until the end of May. Two dollars off the $9.99 list price. Hope you all enjoy and a new blog entry will be posted Friday or Saturday. Until then, take care and happy reading.

            Falling Asleep at the Pole – Another humorous story was about the time that I very nearly lost my fishing pole due to my unplanned late morning nap. As in the previous vignette, the weather was quite warm and without a breeze, and the fish weren’t biting, setting the right conditions for me to nod off to sleep. Dave and I were sitting at the stern of the boat in our usual spots, Dave in the left hand seat and me in the right. As time went by without action, I felt myself becoming drowsy, and decided to put my pole in a side compartment next to my seat. I nodded off. I can’t say for certain rather I was completely asleep or not but I was close enough. At a certain point, I was quickly awakened by Dave’s words, which I shall always remember. “Joseph, I highly suggest you pull back on your rod, now!”

            Grabbing my pole with my right hand, still half asleep, I pulled back and by some miracle did manage to set the hook. So here I was trying to fight a fish while fending off the sandman. Dave netted the fish, as he always did. I thanked him for the assist, for had he not spoken when he did, the fish would not only have taken my bait, but my rod and reel as well. From that moment on I vowed never to fall asleep in the boat again.


Sharing a story from my first book with you

As many of you may know, last year I published a book with CreateSpace.com, called Picking Up Where We Left Off: My Bear Spring Camps Stories. Now that I have been blogging for a few weeks, I have decided to share one of the stories from the book. This is my favorite story of all of them.

Bear Spring Camps is a vacation spot located in Central Maine. I’ve been going there every year since 1970 and have accumulated many, many fun and intriguing stories. I shall share the link with you to this book and also let you know that Camp Book 2 is in the works. Just follow the link from the book title above for a better look.

Bear Spring Camps Tribute to My Mother

My mother, Dorothy Kockelmans, passed away on June 15, 2003. We were due to go to Bear Spring Camps in August – just two months away. I had never undertaken the arrangements for the Maine vacation before in my life. I was scared and very nearly called it off. But I said no, Mother would have wanted me to go. Not thinking that I could drive the 612 mile journey myself, I got on the computer and booked a cheap round trip airline ticket and a rental car.

When the time came, I flew into Bangor, Maine, picked up the car at the airport, drove an hour southbound on I-95, and arrived in Waterville at the same time my mother and I normally would have when we drove the whole way up from Pennsylvania. Next stop, Bear Spring Camps.

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