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Happy Friday and camp time approacheth

Greetings, readers. I cannot believe that a week from this evening I will be sitting in a Waterville, Maine motel room, getting ready to move into camp the next morning. I made my reservations for the motels and the rental car. That’s done. Even with my camp list made, I must remain alert so as to not forget something that I want to take. My memory issues have caused problems for me in the past. A few years ago, I forgot Mom’s beloved binoculars.

I have an updated list on my computer and will begin to check things off this afternoon. Since I’m sleeping on my recliner these days, I’ve decided to use my bed for the holding place for the things I will take. Clean clothes, of course, will be packed in the suitcase straight away. I don’t want kitty cat Keekee to sleep on my clean T-shirts; which she would do, if given the opportunity. I know for a fact Keekee will mope the second she sees the suitcase come out. Poor baby always does.

Quickly, here is a review of what I have achieved this past year, personally. I am most proud of two things. I promised myself last September that I would go to bed early and get up early. Rebecca kept it to herself, but I know that I have said that to her the previous years after camp and not followed through. This year I actually achieved that goal and feel healthier for it. Secondly, I promised myself that I was going to clean my apartment and keep it that way. Though I still have a little bit of work to do in a corner of the bedroom, I am no longer calling myself a hoarder. The living room is fairly neat, and the kitchen and bathroom are perfect, thanks to the help of Cathy from my building who helps me every other Sunday.

As for this coming year, I vow to do a lot more writing and reading. I plan to take a library book with me to camp to read in the evenings. That is something I’ve never done before. My biggest project is to have my bedroom perfect by next camp. I know I can do it.

While I’m gone, Rebecca will be doing blog entries from the library and taking care of Keekee. Her health and love to kitty cat is greatly appreciated. Also, Rebecca will handle the Wednesday meeting to give my mail to my accountant in case any important bills come in.

So, until after I return from Bear Spring Camps, enjoy Rebecca’s entries, take care and happy reading.

It is a hodgepodge day

Greetings, readers. I have a few things to talk about today. First up is the government shutdown. I know I don’t go for political opinions much, but I just have to put my two cents in on this topic. As far as I know, things like banks and the post office are still up and running. Hopefully they are deemed too important to be without. When I stop to think that we actually have a government that thinks it is perfectly okay to come to a screeching halt, leaving millions of people temporarily unemployed, not to mention leaving the Americans they serve high and dry, I wonder how these people slept at night. Do they have any sense of obligation and morals? Rebecca just told me that the FDA is all but shut down and I can only hope that there is some measure in place which will prevent dangerous drugs and unsafe food from being purchased.

On to another topic. I am still completely hung up on Madden25 football. I’m still tinkering with what they call sliders. When my running back gains nearly 3,200 yards in a season, I know it is way too easy. Somehow I will need to made an adjustment. But so far it is without a doubt the best sports simulation I’ve ever played. I know I said that about MLB13 baseball last March, but of course that’s the point, isn’t it? That every year these games and sports simulations just get better and more realistic. After I was done with Madden football last night, I turned on my Netflix streaming and to my happy amazement one of my favorite shows is back. It is Masterpiece Theater Classic’s Upstairs, Downstairs. I think I shall start at the beginning and watch one a night until I’ve seen them all.

On a personal note, the writer who doesn’t read very much actually found an author he loves. His name is Garry Disher, from Australia. I’m currently reading book one in the Hal Challis series, called The Dragon Man. I often found it ironic that I was a non-reader who wanted other people to read his writing. Well, if I can find a few more authors like Mr. Disher, I might become a reader after all.

Lastly, tomorrow is a big ouchy day for me. I’m having dental surgery, which is going to include the cutting of some gum tissue, to expose more of a damaged tooth so it can be worked on by another dentist. I was given a prescription for a rather powerful pain-killer and I’m not too happy about that. As I have told many of my friends, I am, “quite allergic to pain.” That is what is on my agenda tomorrow. I might ask Rebecca to come into the office at least for a little while, and if she wanted to put up a From Rebecca blog post, she will be more than welcome to do so.

So until soonest, hopefully I can speak normally on Friday without pain to dictate to Rebecca, take care, have a good couple of days, and happy reading.

The non-reader who wrote

Greetings, readers. Well, I finally did it. This past Sunday evening I confessed to my dear Godmother that I am a non-reader. I can read, but I’ll chose almost any form of entertainment over reading. This poses a question. Do I, a writer, have the right to expect other people to read my work?

I suppose I do, but as I told my Godmother, “I’m probably not going to write the 300 page novel, and I’m sure as hell not going to write the 900 page doorstop.” If a 150 page novella is in me, I’ll have to flex the writing muscles … as Rebecca likes to say.

I’ve often asked myself, why don’t I like to read? The answer is that my attention span is short. After 20 or 30 minutes I begin to read the same line 4 or 5 times. This is extremely frustrating. When I would have to read textbooks for college, I would have to fight my way through them and I retained very little, making test day a bitch.

Have I always been a non-reader? According to my dear departed mother, the answer is no. She explained to me one time that I used to have a small bag to carry my books with me everywhere I went, and would throw a crying hissy fit if I couldn’t bring my books with me. I wonder what happened to that avid child reader?

Back in my mid-twenties or so, I tried my hand at my first play. It didn’t work, but it did show me that I liked writing dialog much better than prose. I guess I’ve never been a good describer of things. A good writer has to paint the picture for his or her reader.

I would like to think, as I close today’s blog entry, that I’ve got several more books in me; not only to write but to read. War and Peace will not be my first choice, but neither will be See Jane Run. As “Norman Thayer, Jr” from On Golden Pond said fondly, “Maybe I’ll start with something from Reader’s Digest Abridged.” Until next time, take care, have a good day, and happy reading.

An unusual Saturday entry

Greetings, readers. Here in State College it is a rare, mostly sunny day, yet it is cold. The wind has been blowing on and off in varying intensities, having an effect on my comfort level. Some people love the winter time. I am not one of those people. I love sunny and warmer. I know, I know, skiing enthusiasts would tell me to move to Florida. Rebecca and I switched our Friday workday to today, making today a rare Saturday at work.

I am in the process of reading a romance novel as research to get ready to begin my own. I was only ten pages into it and already it was getting a little bit racy. The book is called Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas. Even though I am not a huge reader, I must admit the book had no trouble holding my interest. I even got through the prologue – ha ha. One of the reasons I am doing research is that early in my writing career I wrote things such as a play and a first draft of a movie script. Obviously, these two projects were strictly dialog. I must become more proficient at writing prose. I must make readers see what I am seeing in my head. I’ve never had any trouble watching that movie in my head. During some of my insomnia nights I’ve “watched” scene after scene. My big problem is getting it down on paper or the computer.

On to another mini-topic, readers. Over the last two years, I have formed a friendship with someone living here in State College (name omitted). Tomorrow, at approximately three in the afternoon, I get to find out whether or not that friendship is still intact. In the small community where I live, nestled deep in State College, privacy is at a premium, and the words of others has sparked difficulty between my friend and me. If the friendship does go kerflery, I will take full responsibility. I was looking to go to the next level and I doubt very seriously whether my friend was. I have put undue and unwanted pressure on her and if that is what will cause the friendship to fail, rather than other people’s gossip, I will truly feel upset with myself. I jumped the gun. To end on a happy note, on Wednesday a blog post from Rebecca will be put up.

Take care, have a great rest of your weekend, and happy reading.