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Why I intend to play the Pennsylvania lottery

Greetings, readers. I have finally talked myself into, after much thought and some discussion, playing the Pennsylvania lottery. I know the chances of winning the big one are as high as getting struck by lightning, however I am the eternal optimist. I’m going to begin with the $1 or $2 scratch cards and perhaps play the Cash 5 once a week. Will I ever play the million dollar Powerball game? Once or twice a month for that one will do. I must remember I am on a budget.

Yes, my budget. I only have so much money a month for everything. I am trying desperately to get through each month on or under budget. So far it is a learning experience. I love to spend. What would I do if I won the lottery? Oh, boy, the options I would have. First, I would pay off all debts. I would buy a small house for my fiancé and me to live in, and whatever was left I would put in a certificate of deposit, some stocks and bonds, and maybe a savings account. If I won very big, I would fulfill my wish list mention in this linked blog entry from November 28, 2012.

Again, being on a budget, no I am not going to go hog-wild. I’ve read reports of people who literally buy hundreds of scratch cards a week. Sometimes they might break even, other weeks not so much. I’m desperate but not that desperate.

Where is this sudden lust for money coming from? For one thing, that part-time job I was going to get last September didn’t pan out. I was looking forward to that addition to my monthly income. I am wishing to purchase such items as a PS4, a smart phone, and eventually a new laptop. As a child I was always surrounded by money. We weren’t millionaires, but I wanted for nothing. I am learning to save or do without some things but it is difficult.

I’m sure that friends and family members will not think this is a good idea. I can just hear David now. But I’m going to do it anyway. With my expectations set low, I won’t be disappointed when I don’t win very much – if at all. If I do happen to win the $400 million jackpot, someone had better call an ambulance, because I can tell you now that I will go into shock and faint straight away.

I’m going to be on a slightly different work schedule tomorrow but a blog entry will be put up either by Rebecca or me at some point in the day. Until then, take care, have a great day, and happy reading.

The top 10 things I would do if I won the Powerball jackpot

Greetings, readers. As this title implies, this shall be a straightforward entry. The top ten things that I would do if I won or shared a huge lottery jackpot, in no particular order (although #1 and #2 are my top two).

#10. Pay off my debt.

#9. Treat all my friends to one big dinner party.

#8. On a more serious note … I would give a substantial amount to local charities. Specifically, money to help people who need low-income housing, to feed the hungry, and to help give less fortunate kids things like Christmas presents.

#7. Buy a house. A big house. (With a maid, butler, and chauffeur.)

#6. Buy a car.

#5. Again, on a more serious note. I would use some of the money to pay for my completed education. I would finally get my degree at Penn State University.

#4. Speaking of Penn State, I would donate some money to the University.

#3. I would travel to a couple of places that I always wanted see. One is Walnut Grove, Minnesota, and the other would be a return trip to the Caribbean.

#2. I would buy another boat and call it the Galileo II and pay for Bear Spring Camps for, oh, at least the next ten or fifteen years.

#1. Take a world cruise on one of the Cunard ships. Yes, I want to be treated like royalty for a change.

Until Friday, take care, stay warm, and happy reading.