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From Joe and Rebecca: Corrections on the blog

Greetings, readers. As those of you who are regular readers know, my next book will be blog posts from my first year of doing this blog. As we started going through the entries on our A-Z document, we noticed some typos and other errors that we corrected, and that we want to correct in the blog as well. This led to a discussion between Rebecca and I.

{From Rebecca: I have a perspective on changing things in blog entries after they are published, that comes from reading other blogs and seeing how they handle changes. I also read a blog post – a long time ago – on why changing or just deleting posts and/or comments on blogs is wrong. It takes something off that blog, after some people have read it and some people have not, and that is not playing fair. I am paraphrasing and I don’t think I am clearly stating the author’s point, but that is the gist of what I read as far as I can remember. The changes I see on other blogs are handled with a strike through of the part being changed and the correction next to it: example, The broon brown dog jumped. So that is where I was coming from on making changes in the blog.

{However, the changes we have found so far in the first few posts in the book are simple typos, and Joe would like to just change those in the blog without calling attention to the mistakes. It is his blog so he will do it the way he wants to, of course, but he values my opinion. I thought it over, and realized that the spirit of the issue is that typos and inserting a word in to clarify a sentence does not change the meaning of an entry. But changing someone’s name or spelling of a name, or adding a sentence/paragraph to a piece, etc., is different. That would change the meaning of the post enough that we would then want to let people know that a change was made after the post was published on the blog.  The best way to do that is with the ‘strike through the old version next to the change’ approach.}

From Joe: I agree with Rebecca and this is going to be our new adopted policy for changes. Hopefully there won’t be many to change, but we wanted to have a stated policy in place. And this entry today is to let you know what we have come up with. A small change will just be edited in, and a large change will have a strike through next to it.

From both of us, have a good weekend, take care, and happy reading.

Current Official Comments Guidelines

Greetings, readers. Checking my spam-mail number for the past 30 hours, I was horrified to see 141 spam comments and two pending. And those two turned out to be spam as well. Oh, my! Either I’m not getting something here, or I have a whole lot of bots going on. One of the recent spam messages that looked like it might have been from a real person was hiding a trojan virus. Thank goodness for my top-notch anti-virus program; it did catch it and computer is safe. : )  I have a lot of comments with a general, “great post,” or “very helpful.” These don’t tell me a whole lot.

I recently wrote a blog post about this, titled I’m new here so please … where I made some suggestions. I now have an official comments policy for you to follow, when you want to leave a comment, so that I know it is from a real person.

Please write my first name, Joe, somewhere in the post. “Hi, Joe,” will be fine. Also, mention a specific detail from the post you are responding to, so that I get some feedback and so that I have context for your comment. You can ask me a question, to which I will reply in the comments. I will also be making my own comments regularly, once I get more of them from readers.

Take care, readers. Blog post about my father is coming soon.