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Exploring the latest version of MLB12 TheShow

Greetings readers. Tonight, just a short entry about my evening, seeing just what all the newest version of MLB12 The Show can do. What has intrigued me the most is the ability to change, upload and download rosters. So far I’ve successfully traded players, created players, downloaded other people’s rosters, but I just can’t seem to learn how to upload my own roster that others can use.

That’s why this post is up a few hours later than I wanted it to be. I’m going back to the game shortly to see if there’s anything in the online instructions or the website; Theshownation.com

By the way, this is one of my few posts without my writing assistant, Rebecca. I shall do my best in editing. : )

My next entry will be up on Wednesday or Thursday. Besides that, plenty of editing on my second camp story book, as well as creation on my brand new project. Details on that to come soon. Until then.

Update The original title of this entry was: Putzing around with MBL12 TheShow. Today, April 3, 2013, I discovered that the word putz is a yiddish slang word referring to a male sexual organ. I am not comfortable using this word, especially in the title of a blog entry. I changed the title for this reason.


MLB 12 The Show … I’m drooling

Greetings baseball fans and blog readers. In early March, Christmas day #2 comes for me. It is the release date of my favorite video game for the PlayStation 3 console, MLB12 The Show.

I have been playing this game for at least five years, if not longer. I began on my PS2 system, where the graphics were good but not exceptional. Since switching to the PS3 system, I have been blown away by the game’s realism. From the players’ faces and body movements to their swings and throws, every aspect of the players have been designed as realistically as possible.

Also, every stadium is impeccably rendered with details, such as working clocks that keep accurate time, and ivy at Chicago’s Wrigley Field that does not start growing until a month after the season starts. But now back to the game play itself.

This year, the added highlights are going to be enhanced play-by-play (mimicking more accurately the game’s situation), more realistic game play (the balls might hit a base and take a strange hop, for instance), and finally more realistic throwing and hitting motions. For someone like me who enjoys the subtle details, like the added realism of the New York and Boston crowds with their specific accents, it’s just an added bonus to an already perfect game.

The MLB The Show franchise is a Sony exclusive and in a couple of years the PS4 is due to come out. OMG. I have no reason to believe that this game will not survive into the PS4 era and I can only imagine that Sony will achieve even more realism. What I would like to see are subtleties such as rain-outs in franchise mode, where a player would somehow have to play two games to make up for it, the occasional snow flurry for early season games in Boston, Chicago, and Toronto, and perhaps an easier method of taking your very own photo and incorporating it into a created player. I would also like to be able to play games in such recently closed stadiums as Three Rivers in Pittsburgh, Riverfront in Cincinnati, and Tiger Stadium in Detroit, as well as any others they may wish to incorporate – hint, hint.

The truth will now be told. I only purchase two games per year. John Madden football and MLB baseball. Though the Madden game is excellent, MLB baseball is my personal favorite and I have no doubt that I will be thrilled with this latest installment. Yes, sometimes games do get ruined by their developers trying to improve them, but so far MLB The Show has been extremely careful not to do this. They just keep adding to the realism.

Many, many years from now, when the PS15 comes out, I would love to have the chance to hear… somehow… announcers of years gone by. To be able to hear Vin Scully say, “It’s time for Dodger baseball!”, or Phil Rizzuto utter, “You got that right, White,” or his classic, “Holy cow!” would complete my ultimate baseball experience.

Until next time… : )

P.S. Forgot to spellcheck before publishing last week. Oops. Sorry, folks. I just went back and fixed the mistakes.

Virtual Sports Reality

Hi there, readers. As I continue to do research for the blog entry about my father, I’d like to share something with you, which to me is a personal revelation. I was thinking about this Monday night as I was having one of my frequent insomnia bouts. It finally dawned on me why I love Madden football and MLB baseball for the PS3 gaming system so much.

As a youth, I was completely uncoordinated, clumsy, and awkward. A star athlete, I would never be. All the highlights that school age young men get to do, I never did. For instance, I never tried out for the high school football team. Heck, I could barely run, much less tackle anybody. The only football I could throw any distance was a Nerf, and my balance was such that being a running back or a wide receiver was out of the question. I would have had my own personal stretcher.

I didn’t try out for the baseball team, or softball, or basketball. Same rules apply there, I just didn’t feel myself a strong enough person to compete, mentally or physically. So when school was over, I got in my mom’s car and we drove home. I entertained myself with records, TV, and the occasional touch football game with kids from my neighborhood who knew my physical limitations and took it easy on me.

The video games in the early days were laughable as compared to what they are today. As of the last three years, sports games for the PS3 system are ultra-realistic. I watched a video on YouTube yesterday for MLB12 The Show. It was their official trailer. I didn’t think the game could get anymore realistic. I was wrong. Can’t wait ’til March 4th! Well, getting back to the topic of this blog post, the reason I love these games so much is simply this: It allows me to pretend that I am the coach, the manager, or even one of the players on these great professional sports teams. When I hit the X button on the controller, it’s me hitting the home run or striking out the powerful batter.

The other night I actually said to myself out loud, why don’t you quit being a writer and go work for either EA Sports or Sony? Well the answer is simple. I like being a writer too much. Sure I’ve got some ideas for improvements for their games; that is what email and phone numbers are for.

Well, I’m off to email my Dutch cousin to hopefully get the final few puzzle pieces that I’ll need for the blog post about my father. Until very soon, take care and have a great day.

Time for spring cleaning is almost here

Here in State College, Pennsylvania, it is mid February and the winter is half over. I have always been a spring and summer person, but along with the warmer temperatures comes an annual event; spring cleaning. I live in an apartment and everything I own is crammed into two small rooms and a walk-in closet. This means that it usually doesn’t take much to make the place look like a cyclone has hit it.

In about two weeks I am going to undertake this late winter chore. This means that quite a bit of stuff is going to be thrown away. I do not part with my treasured belongings easily, but it is necessary for me to weed out all unused items and clothes. The dining room/living room area is not that bad, and has already been partially worked on. It’s the bedroom that is the disaster area. Most of my time will be spent in there trying to determine which clothes still fit, which boxes can have their contents combined and what records can be given away.

My apartment building has a community room where tenants can put their unwanted items on a table for swap. Already I have parted with my cherished baritone horn, also known as a mini-tuba. My mother got that for me when I was in grade school and I had kept it all these years. Simply, it was taking up too much space; it just didn’t make the cut this year. Also, an old record player was taken down there and was snatched up within an hour.

I think most people here in the apartment building do this spring cleaning chore because the rooms are so small. One has to keep up with the amount of crap brought in throughout the year. For me, it is a whole different set of circumstances. Since 2003, I have lived in four different dwellings, including my current apartment. I have accumulated possessions not only from my two previous apartments, but also from my parents’ big house.

What will not make the cut? Old Playstation games. If I’ve not used them in more than a year, they will be put on the swap table. Also, old record albums I’ve not listened to in 20 years will be placed there for others to enjoy. Blankets, old coats, and my toaster I’ve never used can probably be parted with as well. The biggest thing is garbage, such as old medicine bottles that somehow I think I just have to keep around. Heck, I have the phone number for the pharmacy in my speed dial. I don’t have to read it off the label.

Now, what will make the cut? Mostly treasured items from my parents’ house. Paintings, lamps, an old TV, my mother’s credenza. Also, some of my father’s classical music albums I will never part with; they have sentimental meaning to me.

When all is said and done and everything is spic and span, I can have maintenance come in and make some small repairs that have been waiting for a few months, such as the bedroom closet door not being on its hinge. Also, Keekee, my kitty cat, thinks that the door frame is her personal scratch post. That shall have to be repaired and/or painted.

About my writing, fear not, for even though I will be engrossed in this laborious task of apartment cleaning, writing shall continue. Blog posts will be upcoming and my writing assistant and I shall also be editing my second book, which I hope to have published no later than this coming September. Please feel free to drop a comment or a question and if it is something I can reply to, I shall make every effort to do so.

My next blog entry will be about my father, Professor Joseph John Kockelmans. It should be up on my blog page within a few days. I’m going to need some time to write a first draft because I want it to be just so. Until then, my readers, take care and have a good day.