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Getting used to my new thermal travel mug

Greetings, readers. My very good friend, Smith from down the hall, swears by her thermal travel mug. She said that she’s had it for years, and has never had a problem with it. I just happened to be doing a little grocery shopping at the corner market, and saw these travel mugs sitting on the shelf. Although Smith’s is still working perfectly, it was looking a bit worn. I said, “Merry Christmas to you and to me.” That’s right folks, I bought one, too.

I happen to be using mine as I’m dictating this blog entry. It is a Contigo™ brand, and when it claims that it keeps liquids hot for seven hours, it means it! I just got back from Panera not that long ago, popped the open and close tab to the open position, and almost burned my mouth. This coffee was poured about an hour ago; roughly 6:45 PM. Wowzers!

Smith was so happy that I got her a new one because this morning she realized that her old one was gone. After having it many years, it either fell out of her backpack on wheels, or she left it on the counter in a store. 😦 She told me that it was the perfect design, and that the newer ones weren’t as good. When I saw a few still of the old design at the corner market, I pounced. Now, after I gave Christmas presents to two others, three of my closest friends and I have new thermal travel mugs.

This is what it says on the sticker of the travel mug: It keeps liquids hot for seven hours, cold for 18 hours, and is leakproof… If you put the lid on correctly. If you don’t, it’s a human dribble cup. Since I’ve only had the mug since Christmas, I have not had adequate time to test if it really does keep things hot and cold as long as it is supposed to. If tonight is any indication, I would say I’ll have hot coffee as long as I want it. It’s a 20-ounce mug – that’s 591 mL for those of you in Europe, which is more than enough coffee for me. If I finish this whole mug, I probably won’t blink tonight, not to mention sleep at all.

I just took a look on the Contigo™ website, and found that there are many designs to choose from. I saw the one my friend wanted, and grabbed it. Isn’t it funny how ‘perfect’ designs always seem to get replaced by something ‘better’? It is in this bloggers experience that newest hardly ever means better.

If any of my readers own one of these thermal travel mugs, and would like to chime in on what they think of them, leave a comment here or on my Facebook page.

Rebecca will be back with us on Wednesday, and we’ll have a brand-new entry ready for you. Until then, have a great Sunday evening, take care, prayers all around for those who need it and as always, happy reading.