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Summer top ten list of KISS songs – #90 through #81!

Greetings, readers. Here we are with the week two installment of the top 100 songs from KISS. Today, it’s 90 – 81. So here we go!

90. King Of The Mountain – [ The first song on the Asylum album, speaks to me about going for what you want in life, and never letting anything stand in your way of reaching the top. ]

89. Who Wants To Be Lonely – [ A Paul Stanley song, a medium tempo song talking about not wanting to be alone. Find your love and be with them. ]

88. Exciter – [ The lead-off number to the Lick It Up album, Paul is the man who knows what you desire, and he’s the one who going to give it to you. ]

87. All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose – [ The first song on the second side of Lick It Up, don’t mess with these guys because they’re confident and will succeed in anything they do. ]

86. Not For The Innocent – [ This song is sung by Gene Simmons, again on Lick It Up, mean, dirty and definitely a bunch that you, “better lock up your daughters” from. Even though this song is raunchy, sexual and blatant, I like it because it’s in my vocal range. I can sing to it easily. ]

85. Two Sides Of The Coin – [ In this song from the Unmasked album, Ace Frehley talks about the fact that there’s always two sides to everything, including which woman to choose; popular stud! ]

84. She’s So European – [ Gene sings this song, also from the Unmasked album, and speaks of a woman drinking champagne, looking to snare a man in her web. A great song from KISS’ pop/disco era. Side note, in a Gene Simmons Band show, the were in Australia and changed the title to She’s Is So Australian. 😉 ]

83. Dark Light – [ A super-cool Ace song from Music From The Elder. He treats us to, what I consider, his very best guitar solo…, EVER! ]

82. Escape From The Island – [Only the second totally instrumental song by KISS, It provides us with some fantastic Ace guitar and a drum solo by 2nd. year drummer, Eric Carr. ]

81. Dirty Livin’ – [ This is the only song on the Dynasty album which Criss was a part of. He was basically on the way out, replaced by drummer, Anton Fig. His only other new song, I Finally Found My Way, would come years later on the reunion Album, Psycho Circus. It’s one of my all-time favorite songs.

I’ve added a poll…, a first for me. We’ll see if it works or not.

Well, there they are. Next week, 80 – 71. Until next week, take care, use social distancing, check on your neighbors, love one another, and as always, happy reading.

One day late, the top 100 KISS songs begins!

Greetings, readers. Today I start my spring/summer blog project. Folks tell me to write about what I know. Well, KISS is my favorite band of all time. I’m going to share with you my top 100 favorite KISS songs, from barley passable to top notch. So…, here we go with the first 10!

100. Just A Boy – From ‘Music From The Elder‘ [ A medium tempo song sung by Paul Stanley. It makes the list at last place because of Paul’s horrible falsetto in places. I can’t even figure out some of the lyrics. However it is one of the few good songs on the disastrous  Elder Album. ]

99. A World Without Heroes – [ Another selection from the Elder album. Sung by Gene Simmons, it’s a hauntingly beautiful, slow song. KISS didn’t sing many slow songs, but this one is a winner. Listen to it once and you’ll be hooked. ]

98. The Oath – [Paul’s best effort on the Elder album, it talks about a young boy being transformed into a confident and loyal man and warrior. I think it’s the best song on the Elder. ]

97. Is That You? – [ The first song on the Unmasked album, it’s a Paul Stanley song about girls who use guys to just get what they want. On a side note; even though Peter Criss got the album cover, he was no longer part of the band. Eric Carr would soon join. ]

96. Torpedo Girl – [ The first Ace Frehley song to make our list, it’s a cool song about a guy and a girl having fun and probably have sex later on. ]

95. Naked City – [ A Gene Simmons number which talks about “older women who love younger men”, throwing their inhibitions away and going for it. ]

94. Young And Wasted – [ The title says it all, but it’s interesting that though sung by Gene Simmons on the album, Eric Carr, the drummer at the time, sung it on the video, KISS: ANIMALIZE LIVE. ]

93. Fits Like A Glove – [Okay…, this is as explicit and self-explanatory as it gets here people. Gene talks about how his, “snake’s alive”, and background vocals scream about, “wet dreams”…, it’s a cool song if you’re not easily offended. Snappy beat and good drums. ]

92. Under The Gun – [ 1st. song on the Animalize album, it’s a top-notch, fast-paced song sung by Paul Stanley. In this era, the band just loved writing songs about women, sex and their own impressive packages, and weren’t afraid to be blunt about it. ]

91. I’ve Had Enough {Into The Fire} – [The leadoff song to the Animalize album, a very upbeat Paul Stanley song about going for it, and not letting anybody stop you. It’s definitely my favorite song on this album.

Well, there are the first 10 in this long list. 90-81 will be up for next Wednesday. Until then, take care, love one another, and as always, happy reading.


One week to go before what could be my final musical performance

Greetings, readers. I can’t believe I only have one week to go until the big day, my KISS tribute show in the Addison Court apartment’s community room. I had two months, I blinked and sneezed and all that time went away. Seven days is not much time when you’ve only had two full-scale rehearsals, one of which was ruined by an argument with an outside party. I’m going to practice in my room this afternoon and I hope to have at least one more full-scale rehearsal down in the community room; possibly this weekend. With the aid of a lot of prayers, and some 5 Hour Energy shots, combined with lots of agua, I think I can pull it off.

I’ve had to be very careful in selecting my playlist. The song “Take Me” almost had to go, for its first two lines are, “Put your hand in my pocket and grab onto my rocket.”  Yes, I want to imitate my favorite band, but I also don’t want to embarrass any of my friends of the female gender. This is why I did not include songs such as, “Love Gun,” and “Rocket Ride.” I think I’ve selected a very good playlist, with most of KISS’s famous standards well represented. From “Strutter” to “Detroit Rock City”, from “Calling Dr. Love” to “Rock and Roll All Nite,” I think I have chosen the ultimate assortment.

After we publish today’s blog entry and have our weekly meeting, Rebecca and I are going to Amazon to find some stage props, in the form of posters. I think it will help the audience who don’t know KISS well to see an image of whom I am portraying. If I can find four posters or T-shirts for a decent price, I’m going to make the purchase. When we get on the site, I’ll have to hunt for a good deal. If not, I’ll dig out my old record albums and use those.

I’m 53 years old now, with an aching right shoulder, bad hips and feet. But hell, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are in their late 60s. If they can do it, so can I. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

There’s our blog entry for today. I shall post another new one on Sunday; on a brighter topic than last weekend. Rebecca and I will be back on Thursday. If my show turns out well and is recorded I intend to put it on either my Facebook page, YouTube, or both. Wouldn’t it be a gas if one of the members of KISS somehow saw this tribute? That would be awesome! 😉

Until Sunday, have a great week and early weekend, bundle up if you are in the cold, spread love around, and as always happy reading.