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Reconnecting with friends 2: massive fail

Greetings, readers. Over the years I’ve lost touch with some friends and I miss them. Some I have reconnected with, especially through Facebook, but a few I am still looking for so that I can re-establish the friendship. On two separate occasions this past weekend I came oh so close to making contact with friends from long ago. Thanks to an internet service, for a very inexpensive price, I was able to get leads on my two friends. After plugging in their correct middle initials, I was happy to see that I had indeed found the people I was looking for.

I tried to call friend number one and got the family’s answering machine. I could tell right away it was my friend’s husband, who does know me quite well. My mom and I have visited with them many times on our Maine vacation trip when we would stop overnight in Connecticut. I left a detailed message on the answering machine and either they don’t remember me – which would be disappointing – or the message was never relayed to my friend. I’m sure she would have called me. Oh, and yes, I did leave my phone number.

That same afternoon I found a friend of mine from junior and high school who still lives here locally. Yesterday afternoon with address in hand, I went to the house. I must admit I was a little nervous. But when the young gentleman answered the door, I explained who I was and why I was there. To my disappointment, I learned that the information from the website was outdated and that friend number two no longer lived there. Oh, if I had only done this a year ago. To think, every time I went to Denny’s, she was a stone’s throw away.

Maybe I’m not supposed to find my friends. Perhaps it’s not in the cards. I’ve asked for help on Facebook, hoping that perhaps friend number two’s brothers will see it and respond. Then I realized for them to see it they have to be on Facebook, and to my knowledge they are not. So, I could not ask them directly where their sister is.

I’ve decided I’m not going to push the issue and I’m going to back off for a while. If I’m meant to reconnect, it will happen. I hate losing friends, I always have. I’d give my left arm to know where my junior college girlfriend is today, but she is probably married with a wonderful family of her own. I was never very good in the romance department. That’s why I am about to become 50 years old and am still unmarried.

As far as the rest of this work week goes, yes a new blog will be up on Friday on a yet unknown topic. I’m sure that Rebecca and I will come up with a good idea. I’m struggling today to deal with the weather. It is raining, not snowing, but it is that cold damp rain. I knew it was coming because this morning my left knee was aching. As my mom used to say, I have accuknee, instead of Accuweather.

Until Friday, take care, have a great day and happy reading.

OMG! What a night I had

Greetings, readers. Last night I experienced one of the more frustrating nights of sleep that I’ve had to endure in a long time. I know that people seldom remember every dream that they have in one night, but last night I counted four of them and remembered each one with relative clarity. I woke up this morning around 9:00 more exhausted than when I went to bed.

All four dreams had one person from my past in common; my high school girlfriend named Marilee [last name withheld for privacy reasons]. The first dream began at my best friend Dave’s house, with folks who live in my building mixed in the gathering. It was some kind of large dinner party, perhaps a holiday. Rather quickly, trouble arose, I got angry, and went home. When I got home, the first thing I wanted to do was call my girlfriend, which I did. It was Marilee, but a version the same age as I am now. She wanted me to come see her and I happily obliged. Now, Marilee and I in real life were never a romantic couple. In this dream, although not hot and heavy, we were certainly more of what people would consider a romantic couple to be. How nice it was to have someone to say I love you to and have them respond positively. That dream ended at 3:25 in the morning. What happened next was remarkable.

After a brief time up, I went back to sleep, and before I knew it I was almost continuing the same dream. I honestly can’t remember that ever happening to me. The second dream involved my Goddaughter, Ashley, Dave’s older daughter, with a big tattoo on her left shoulder. And again, Marilee was there to listen to what I had to say. I can’t quite remember whether I was objecting to Ashley’s tattoo or not, but Marilee was once again someone to talk to.

The third dream involved David and I in some sort of ritualistic wrestling contest in the front yard of my parent’s old house. It was pro wrestling gone wrong. I didn’t remember this next point until just now. When Dave and I were teenagers, in hotels on the way to Maine, sometimes we two rambunctious boys who were brothers at heart would play wrestling matches before the NFL preseason game began. Yes, boys will be boys; both Dave and I loved our wrestling. I do remember Marilee being in that dream also, but she was getting younger, as I guess we all were in my dream sequences.

The final dream, which I could only recall a brief moment of, was with Marilee as a little girl maybe eight or nine years old, with her mother standing behind her adjusting the collar of Marilee’s shirt. I was never so thankful to hear an alarm clock as I was this morning.

I’ve got a ton of imagery to sort out and already two friends have given me ideas to think about as to what my dreams meant. Must they mean something? I think all dreams mean something in their own way. I believe I will be faced with hours of reflection and many chances to unravel the mysteries. I have often looked for Marilee on Facebook and Twitter, but not knowing her married name doesn’t help much. Please, Lord, no dreams tonight. I don’t think I could handle any.

If anyone wants to chime in with their dream analysis, please feel free to do so. Until Friday, take care, stay well, and happy reading.