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I leave for Bear Spring Camps a week from tomorrow

Greetings, readers. A week from tomorrow I shall be on my way to Maine. How this year flew. In my mind I already have the list of things to take, which is going to include the Yahtzee game and other small items such a the binoculars and a camera. Obviously I can’t take everything in my apartment, the rental car’s trunk is only so big.

I’ll be taking my computer and music, as always, as well as headphones. It seems that no matter where I go, I need to have my tunes with me. It has been a hot humid summer in Maine, as well as here in Pennsylvania, so I’ll be sure to pack my swim trunks; it looks very much like I am going to be literally jumping in the lake. It is very refreshing when it is 85 or 90 degrees. Now that I am older, it has to be that hot for me to go into the water. I remember David and I as teenagers would be out there frolicking in the water trying to clobber each other with rafts in temperatures in the upper 60s. We were young, wet and having fun. We didn’t care about feeling cold.

I’m definitely going to miss Traci while I’m gone, and she is going to miss me. She has already informed me that she wants to go next year. I’ll have to try to get us a different cabin with a ramp for smoother entry in to the front door.

I expect to catch big fish this year, as well net many for David. We have a pontoon boat for the week, so it will be easier for me to get on and off, and will have plenty of places to sit. The older I get the more I can’t handle the small fishing boats. Another added bonus is that the 50 horse-power engine can get us where we are going twice as fast.

Camp evenings are blocked off for three very important things. My alone time for taking notes for possible new book stories, or just meditating. Yahtzee nights with friends and family. And there will be at least one evening with singing and storytelling with the younger kids.

As for the rest of this week and next, I’ll be filling out a job application on-line tomorrow, we will have a blog post on Friday, and as for next Wednesday I will probably be packing. We will see if I can squeeze one more blog entry in from me before I leave. Fear not though, for while I am gone Rebecca will put new material up every few days. Oh, yes, another year of blogging is not only upcoming but highly anticipated.

Until Friday, I bid you a good couple of days, watch yourselves in this heat wave, take care, and happy reading.

Another Bear Spring Camps season is almost over

Greetings, readers. It is hard to believe that another Bear Spring Camps season will be over in just a few weeks. The last day of September is when the final group of campers go home. The next three or four weeks Ron, Peg, and the cabin boys do such tasks as take the docks out of the water, and winterize the cabins. If they have time, I suppose they may make a few minor repair to cabins that need it.

It seems like just yesterday that I told Rebecca that Bear Spring was open for the season. That was way back in mid-April. Never having worked there, I really can’t tell you if time to seems to drag or go quickly for the staff, but for the observer who only spends one week up there a year, this summer whizzed right by.

As I’ve said before, I will continue to go to Bear Spring for as many years as I possibly can. When my financial situation no longer permits it, I’m going to be quite sad. A treasure chest of wonderful memories are stored up in my mind for me to remember the rest of my life.

Thanks to social media, I’m now Facebook friends with a number of other campers who go at different times than I do. I like to see their pictures of the lake and of the different people that they hold so dear. It’s been said that in September when you come to supper bring a flashlight, it gets dark quite early. I only experienced that once, in 2000, when Dave and I went back for an extra week.

There’s a slight chance that I’ll bring someone with me next year. I know I’m getting way ahead of myself as usual, but as always, I over-analyze and over-plan. If it happens, I’ll think she’ll like it.

In two weeks, my favorite place of all time shuts down for its fall and winter nap. A month or two later, before the winter hits, Ron and Peg will head to sunny Florida. I cannot thank Ron, Peg, and their family enough for their hospitality over the years; as well as all my friends and family who have loved me. I can’t wait for opening day 2016.

Until Friday, take care, have a great couple of days, and happy reading.

From Rebecca: Joe getting ready for camp

Greetings, Joe’s readers. Joe is very busy today getting ready to leave and go to camp this week. He has lists of things to do and he is checking off items at a fast pace.

It is a beautiful day to do errands in State College. The weather is cooler and the sun is out; perfect for driving or walking around.

I will be doing a few blog entries while Joe is gone, though I am not sure of the exact days yet. I will be writing to you from the local library, as Joe will have with him the laptop we usually use. I love our library, so this will not be a hardship.

As Joe would say, have a great week, take care, and happy reading.

A bittersweet final visit to Godmother’s

Greetings, readers. This past Friday evening I drove over to my Godmother’s house one final time. Two of her three children were there in the midst of cleaning out the house, and I had asked if I could pick up a few things that I had given Godmother over the years; mostly pictures of my dad. We agreed that I should come over around 7:00 and that is exactly what I did. On the drive over though, a melancholy feeling came over me, because I knew it would be the last time in that house.

For years, I would be invited over for Sunday supper and holiday meals, and those memories would always be dear. In her final few years, however, Sunday visits became shorter and holiday meals were sometimes cancelled due to her illness. We of course understood. Even though she wasn’t always able to say it, you could tell that she appreciated any visit.

After parking in the driveway and closing the car door I stopped and took a deep breath. I then proceeded in through the garage and knocked on the kitchen door. Her son, Stanton, invited me in, and he, her daughter Rosalie, and I talked briefly about how all the packing and last minute chores were coming along. Even though there was still a lot of belongings in the house, it looked empty. That was weird. The first thing I noticed was the kitchen table was gone. One of the caregivers got that, for which I am happy.

After a few minutes of pleasantries and hugs, Stanton showed me a small box that they had put together for me, which I thought was a nice gesture. It contained all the pictures of my dad that I had given Godmother over the years, including two passports with pictures of him when he was very young, photographs used for the back covers of his books, and copies of his obituary. I was also told that a picture of me when I was a very small boy was being held for me by one of the caregivers. I’ll get that at a later date. I couldn’t have been more than four years old in that shot. It was one of a set of black and white pictures, that you used to get at a photo booth. Godmother loved that picture. She knew that both Mom and Dad loved me to pieces; so over the years I had given her snapshots of not only Dad but of me as well.

As the visit continued, I asked if I could take a walk around the place one more time, and of course the answer was yes. I slowly moved through every room of the downstairs and it reminded me of the time I left my parents house for the last time. I began to get a little bit emotional but I kept myself in control. While peeking in every bedroom, little memories of Godmother seemed to be in every corner. Old photos, a painting on the wall, the scent of the house which I had come to know so well.

The hardest room to go into was her back bedroom. Not only was the bed taken apart, but everything that the kids wanted to take was being stored there. For some strange reason that’s when it hit me. Godmother’s truly gone and I’m never coming back into this house. This is it.

I saw a radio that belonged to my father packed into one of the boxes. It crossed my mind to claim it, but it was already packed and I don’t have room in my apartment for it anyway, so I decided to let one of them enjoy it. I did take a photograph of my dad and his family when he was child that I had framed and had given Godmother. Soon it was time for me to leave. As I pulled out of the driveway, I said a little goodbye.

Goodbye dear Godmother. You will always be alive in my heart.

Until Friday, take care, enjoy life, and happy reading.