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From Rebecca: Progress on the next book

Joe is having some back spasm problems at this moment, and asked me to write today’s blog entry. He is usually able to work from a reclining position when this happens, but today it is a little bit worse and he needs to completely rest for a short while. I expect that by the time I finish writing this, he will be ready to continue our work on our current book project. I thought I’d take this time to talk more about this project.

It is tentatively titled Greetings, Readers because of the greeting that Joe has on each blog entry. We both like this title, so it will probably be the one you see on the cover when the book is published. As regular readers know, it is a collection of blog posts from the first year of this blog.

Joe chose the entries he wanted in the book, I copied and pasted each one into a MS Word document, and we are now reading through from beginning to end {I like to call it the A-Z version}. We are looking at things like flow from one to the next, continuity issues, and errors. We have changed something in almost every entry, mostly adding a comma somewhere or correcting a typo. It is a little discouraging how many we found, since those errors were in the blog unnoticed! As we correct stuff in the A-Z document, we are also making the same changes to the entry itself in this blog. As we wrote in a previous entry, From Joe and Rebecca: Corrections on the blog, we are making the corrections by doing a strike-through the old item next to the correction for anything that would change the sentence, and just making the correction for typos.

Joe decided to make the entries be in chronological order in the book, and so far that is working very well. It has produced a nice variety of topics and length of pieces, and shows Joe’s progression as a blog writer through that first year. Joe was surprised to see how long it took him to start each entry with, “Greetings, readers.” He thought he had established it in the first month or so, but it was actually longer than that.

We do not tend to read the blog entries much once they go up, unless we need information on a title or content for something else. It has been nice to read over past posts, especially some special ones. There is some nice work going into this book.

We will let you know when we are closer to publishing and when we have concrete information about the book.

Joe will try to have another blog post up this weekend.

From Joe and Rebecca: Corrections on the blog

Greetings, readers. As those of you who are regular readers know, my next book will be blog posts from my first year of doing this blog. As we started going through the entries on our A-Z document, we noticed some typos and other errors that we corrected, and that we want to correct in the blog as well. This led to a discussion between Rebecca and I.

{From Rebecca: I have a perspective on changing things in blog entries after they are published, that comes from reading other blogs and seeing how they handle changes. I also read a blog post – a long time ago – on why changing or just deleting posts and/or comments on blogs is wrong. It takes something off that blog, after some people have read it and some people have not, and that is not playing fair. I am paraphrasing and I don’t think I am clearly stating the author’s point, but that is the gist of what I read as far as I can remember. The changes I see on other blogs are handled with a strike through of the part being changed and the correction next to it: example, The broon brown dog jumped. So that is where I was coming from on making changes in the blog.

{However, the changes we have found so far in the first few posts in the book are simple typos, and Joe would like to just change those in the blog without calling attention to the mistakes. It is his blog so he will do it the way he wants to, of course, but he values my opinion. I thought it over, and realized that the spirit of the issue is that typos and inserting a word in to clarify a sentence does not change the meaning of an entry. But changing someone’s name or spelling of a name, or adding a sentence/paragraph to a piece, etc., is different. That would change the meaning of the post enough that we would then want to let people know that a change was made after the post was published on the blog.  The best way to do that is with the ‘strike through the old version next to the change’ approach.}

From Joe: I agree with Rebecca and this is going to be our new adopted policy for changes. Hopefully there won’t be many to change, but we wanted to have a stated policy in place. And this entry today is to let you know what we have come up with. A small change will just be edited in, and a large change will have a strike through next to it.

From both of us, have a good weekend, take care, and happy reading.

Progress report on upcoming book

Greetings, readers. On this Thursday afternoon, the 24th of May 2012, I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out if I have missed steps in my book process. The whole writing experience has seemed to go much faster and much more smoothly. This is not necessarily a bad thing, unless I have forgotten a step.

I estimate the release of my second book, Tales from North Bay & Beyond: More Bear Spring Camps Stories in thirty to forty-five days. I am holding slight hope that the release of the second book will rekindle enthusiasm for book number one. Both Rebecca and I are extremely excited and proud that we have accomplished this task in approximately nine months; a shorter time than the first book.

As for my summer plans, Rebecca and I shall work on a personal writing project not related to camp. My big news, however, is that starting in late August or early September, the third and final Bear Spring Camps book shall begin. It is tentatively titled, A Captain’s Remembrances: The Last of My Bear Spring Camps Stories. My buddy David Trost says I have a million camp anecdotes, but if I’m truly going to succeed as an author, I have to branch out and find a wider audience. Though writing about my camp experiences has been enjoyable, they are not going to make the New York Times bestsellers list. Perhaps some kind of mystery or romance novel is next for me. Time will tell.

I’m not certain if I will post a new blog entry tomorrow or not, so if I don’t get around to it, take care, have a great weekend, and happy reading.