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We must be true to who we are

Greetings, readers. I have always been an overly outgoing person. This opens me up to one potential problem. When I am walking down the street, or having my morning coffee at Panera cafe, and say good morning to someone, every once in a while I’ll get a look that just screams, Oh, look at the mentally challenged person. I’ve always been self-conscience of this. When I was in eighth grade, I befriended a person who was mildly mentally challenged, and as where I saw the opportunity to make someone happy, others jumped to the conclusion that I had the same challenges. My junior high social life never recovered.

The way I conduct myself is what I call the Bear Spring Camper way. For those of you not familiar with my books, let me briefly explain what I mean by that. At camp, everybody knows everybody else. Greetings, smiles, hugs, and laughter are commonplace. Plans of the day’s activities are openly shared and fun stories abound. I’ve come to realize it might not be the smartest idea to use that approach with people in my town here in Pennsylvania. Many times I’ve told myself just sit down, drink your coffee and shut up. But before I know it, I’m saying hello to one of the nice folks who works at Panera. The bottom line is I just have to be me, and overly nice guy is who I am.

For those of you who are reading this and wondering if I am about to turn into someone who is unfriendly, the answer is no. One time I had a discussion with a friend of mine about this topic and she said she found it refreshing that I could open myself up to ridicule. She also agreed that people must be who they really are deep down inside. I’m a firm believer that the Lord made me just the way He wanted me to be; outgoing, compassionate, trusting to a fault, and lovable. I will always be in Bear Spring Camper mode and do so proudly.

On a quick side topic, Rebecca and I are back at it this week, now that all doctor’s appointments are behind us, and there will be another blog entry up on Friday. Until then, take care, dodge those rain drops, have a good day, and happy reading.