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My brain fart from last night

Greetings, readers. Last night something happened to me which has only happened once before. I went to a place of business without my wallet. Here’s how it happened.

On my mother’s credenza, sits a wooden duck. It’s sort of a bowl for storing things. I use it specifically to put my wallet and keys in; that way I know exactly where they are at all times. Last night my keys were on the dining room table. So after putting on my hoodie and loading my pockets with cell phone, keys and bus tokens, I thought, okay, I have everything, let’s go. After getting on the bus at the downtown stop, I plopped my bus token into the payment slot and took my seat. Off I went on the forty minute ride.

When I got to Denny’s restaurant, my friend Jim had not arrived yet. I meet him there every week to catch up on the week’s happenings. I ordered a Coke with light amount of ice, looked at the menu, and then ordered. My food arrived while I was waiting for Jim. I emptied my hoodie pockets to be more comfortable and to my horror, my wallet was not with the things in my pocket. Jim arrived and we started talking. unfortunately, the conversation dealt a lot with my missing wallet. When I am upset about something, I tend to not be able to let it go.

Did I lose it on the bus? Or did I forget to take it with me? From that moment until I got home, I did experience a junior nervous breakdown. It is a hopeless feeling knowing this money, debit card, and driver’s license could all be lost forever, and would then have to be replaced. What is worse, my security pass card to let me back into the apartment building was also in the wallet. That meant that at 10:00 at night I had to call a friend inside the building, have him walk down, and let me in. A wee bit on the embarrassing side. But I suppose these things happen.

To my relief, when I got home, there was my wallet sitting safely in the duck. I actually remember saying out loud, “Oh goodie, I’ll be able to sleep tonight.” If the wallet had really been gone, I would have been too angry and frustrated to doze off. Danger was averted, as well as a lot of paperwork.

What was so funny was, I went to a psychological testing that day to see what is wrong with my memory. It was the first of three testing dates. Rachel, the technician, is a sweet person and the testing is not too tedious. Hopefully they will be able to find out why I am beginning to forget things and not retain information. As I told my accountant this afternoon, I think it is a combination of age, slight brain damage from seizures, and my seizure medication. In four to six weeks, I’ll have my evaluation and hopefully there will be an answer to what is wrong with me. Please keep your fingers crossed for good news.

Until Friday, take care, enjoy good weather if you have it and happy reading.

Renewed enthusiasm and ‘oatmeal brain’

Greetings, readers. As the title of today’s entry implies, I’ve two topics on my mind. First, I’ll fill you in on some good news about my writing career. And secondly, I will share with you one of the pitfalls of my medication regimen.

Starting off with writing, I had been a bit depressed since the new book came out. Work had wound down, sales were lackluster, and no new ideas were taking shape for the new year (after Bear Spring Camps; mid-August to next August). Then suddenly last week I got an idea to re-vamp my children’s book series. It was like a light switch had turned on. Things suddenly began to fall into place. We now have at least 15 good ideas for children’s books. I hope to be able to develop ten or more of them into actual books and publish them on CreateSpace.com. I’ve talked to writing assistant, Rebecca, and she agrees that we will work on one or two of them at a time, bring them to completion, and then release them for sale. So thumbs up to that point.

Now for oatmeal brain. Let me explain. Because of my cerebral palsy, I am forced to take medication. Most of my drugs are downers to help a mild seizure disorder. Folks, not fifteen minutes ago I went to look up something on the internet and by the time the search box came up I had completely forgotten what I was going to search for. I asked my doctor about this issue the last time I saw him, and he said that symptom can absolutely happen. I just have to keep telling myself that this is normal for me once in a while and do the best I can with my disability. I suppose not getting too upset is the key. My mother, who granted didn’t have the health problem that I do, did crossword puzzles and her brain remained sharp as a tack until the day she died. Perhaps I should take up that hobby … or at least word searches.

For next week, I shall try to post at least one new entry and I will give the go ahead for Rebecca to post a new one as well. Have a great weekend. Take care and happy reading.