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Inspiration comes when you least expect it

Greetings, readers. As my memorial show for my late friend Erin draws closer, I needed one more song to add to the playlist. Which KISS song would it be? There are many to choose from. Too many to name here. But I had one in mind. It is called “The Oath”, from the album Music from the Elder. I purchased this song from itunes and dropped it into the playlist slot where I wanted it. I hit play and came to a startling conclusion. I couldn’t figure out what they were saying.

The way the band recorded that song it had an echo effect. My next step then was to go to Yahoo! and try to cut and paste the lyrics to the song on a word document. With that in front of my eyes, I began to make sense of the song. This morning I practiced for the show from 8 until noon, concentrating heavily on the newly added song. Now, here is where the inspiration comes in.

Every time I saw my friend Erin, who battled cancer every day, I rarely saw her without a smile on her face. She never quit fighting, not even at the end. I was a gnat’s eyelash away from deleting the difficult song and asked myself, would Erin want me to quit? Would she want me to take an easy way out? The answer was obvious.

With renewed enthusiasm and inspiration, I said to myself, this song is not going to get the better of me. And, by the end of practice, I can honestly say I have confidence that this song shall remain in the playlist. Whether I shall lip-sync or vocalize the song has yet to be determined.

Readers, inspiration comes in many forms and most times it comes when you least expect it. This performance of mine for Erin, I already know in my heart, is going to be a success. I feel her spirit will be with me.

Until Friday, enjoy the nice weather if you have it. Take care and happy reading.