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From Rebecca: Blog schedule for July and August

Greetings, Joe’s readers. You are seeing a lot of From Rebecca entries lately, and while I hope that all of you enjoy reading my pieces, I know that you are partaking of Joe’s blog to see what is on his mind. Last week, Joe’s friend Dave came to visit on Thursday, and two weeks before that Joe had something personal came up. Please bear with us, both entries this week will be from me, and this will continue off and on just another month. There are reasons for that.

This week doctor appointments have knocked out the working together time for Joe and me. Today Joe is at a check-up with his primary physician, and tomorrow I will be helping my husband Darren and his mom at an urgent doctor’s appointment for her; with her mobility issues and bringing the car around to the front of buildings, it is so much easier to get my mom-in-law to her appointments if there are two of us. To make up for the lost work time tomorrow, I am writing the blog entry for Thursday too.

Next week will be normal for us, working Wednesday and Thursday together. As usual, Joe will dictate the blog posts while I type, then we will edit. Joe will be busy getting ready for Bear Spring Camps, so I imagine that his other writing will be halted for the time being, but he will do the blog.

The following two weeks, the first two in August, Joe will go to Bear Spring Camps in Maine, and I will do those four blog posts from home. I will be spending time with his cat Keekee during regular work hours, so those entries will be a little later in the day than usual, but I will get them up on those Wednesdays and Thursdays.

After that, Joe will be back and we will go back to normal with two blog entries a week from Joe on various topics. I expect him to come back with lots of motivation and ideas for the rest of the year, as he does after every vacation at Bear Spring Camps. He will be raring to go with ideas for writing, cleaning, organizing, and improving his life in general. It is always an exciting time to be working with him.

So hang it there with us for the next month. I hope you will like my posts, and Joe will be back before you know it with more of his thoughts and wisdom, plus he will be here both days next week.

Until tomorrow, have a great day, take care, and happy reading.


A hectic week is upcoming

Greeting, readers. Hello once again from still cold Pennsylvania. Rebecca and I just finished our weekly meeting with my accountant and are now getting down to work. Seems like the weekend was just a few minutes ago. I’ll be packing for camp before I know it.

I’ve got family coming in on Friday, Cousin Ed and his daughter Maria, from New York state. I can’t wait to see them. With three work days, including a session with Darren tomorrow, culminating with a family dinner Friday evening, plus gaming day on Saturday, it’s going to be a hectic week. I always enjoy the aspects of my life, some days more than others.

Battling bouts of depression, sometimes I feel like my life is worse than it really is. Let’s review. I have a roof over my head, a pet to keep me company, Netflix streaming, three days a week to be creative, and a gaming day for a fun outlet. I think I’m doing okay. I’ve always been the type of person who over-reacts, or quickly looks for the worst in any given situation. I try not to let that happen, but with having a low self-esteem problem since childhood, it is a battle I’ve not yet won.

To conclude, on Friday, another fun top ten list will be put up – topic yet unknown – and next week on Wednesday Rebecca will be putting up the entry on a topic of her choosing.

Well folks, let’s pray for warmer weather, stay safe and be well, and happy reading.

A quick post for today, 10/19/12

Greetings, readers. As I returned home last evening from supper at Godmother’s, I had time to reflect ¬†on things that have been going in on my life recently. I was sitting at home listening to music, I recalled my earlier post, Life doesn’t have a reset button. This morning I re-read that entry and I have just a couple of quick things to say about it.

First off, I might have been a little bit too rigid in my thinking. Life is not always black and white. Sometimes it is indeed grey. For instance, when it comes to my ex-wife, Georgia (last name omitted for privacy reasons), feelings can be quite mixed. After everything that went on, I still feel myself caring for her very much. She was my first and right now I am not looking for another.

I also read over my post from yesterday, Depression helped by air guitar. I thought about how much fun I have when I partake of my hobby and that actually alleviated some of those dark thoughts. What I need is a good case of let’s get down to work. Before Rebecca and I move on to our creation day, let me add a personal note to my ex-wife. I have told her many times how I feel and that sometimes even two people who care still can’t play house anymore. She knows I’ve got her back.

Until next week, have a great weekend, take care, and happy reading.

P.S. Go Penn State Nittany Lions vs. Iowa