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From Rebecca: A new date book for a new year

‘Tis the time of year for me to start a new date book, officially called an engagement planner. I prefer the one called Cat Naps, with pictures of various breeds of cats resting with various props and materials. They are so cute. Each page has a picture on the left side and a week of days, Monday to Sunday, on the right side. At the beginning of each month is a page with the whole month on one side and a page for notes on the other. I really like this format and look for it every year.

I use the date book to keep track of appointments, both mine and Joe’s, what days I work, events, birthdays, various anniversaries, and other things I might need to know, like when the public bus system goes to reduced service.

Cat Naps actually holds the last few months of one year as well as all of the next year, so I can start using it as soon as I like when I buy it in October or November. This year I chose to start using it in the first week of December. So during the Thanksgiving holiday, I sat down with the book from 2015 and the book for 2016, and transferred information from one to the other.

It was interesting to see when some annual dates will fall, and a reminder that there are a couple of January birthdays to get ready for soon after the holidays. I make note of how long it has been since family members have died, or how long I have been working for Joe, and family wedding anniversaries. I noticed this next year it will be 8 years since my father-in-law died, and time is passing fast because it doesn’t seem like he has been gone that long. 2016 is a leap year, with February 29th being on a Monday (I see that I have a doctor’s appointment that day, also). It is a quirk of life that my two nephews and my niece all celebrate their birthdays on the same day of the week, and I was pleased to see in the new book that the day will be Sunday, the day I visit family every week and will be able to be with them in person. Joe’s birthday will be on a Wednesday, so I will be able to see him too. My dad’s birthday will be on Monday, as will mine. I saw that my late mother’s birthday will be on Thanksgiving day in 2016, something she really got a kick out of when she was alive. The new book also tells me that it will be 14 years since my first date with Darren, and 12 years since we got married.

I look through the pages, and see a new year spread out for me, ready to fill with more events and milestones.

I hope 2016 will be good to you, filled with people and events that matter to you as much as mine matter to me.