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One video led to another

Greetings, readers. Last night I had a little bit of a set back in my routine. I was watching fun YouTube videos, mostly baseball bloopers and people giving foul balls to other folks. My favorite was from Fenway Park in Boston, where a 12-year-old boy handed his souvenir baseball to the little girl behind him. She looked at him and smiled with a facial expression that said if I was older I would mary you. The TV announcers were so impressed that they made sure the boy received one baseball from each of them.

The way my TV/PS3 set up works is that when a video is finished, it says on the screen ‘you may also like this’ with a selection of several video choices, and it is up to me to choose one. As the videos went on, I watched a military dad surprise his daughter during a baseball game, a military mom surprise her daughter at a football game and, after ten minutes, the suggestions turned into just war veterans returning home.

After fifteen minutes of watching kids cry as their mommies and daddies surprised them, I found myself getting into a melancholy mood and the tears started flowing. I took my psychologist’s advice and stopped. It was time to find classic NFL games and watch them instead. One problem, I got lost in the game and when I looked up at the clock it was quarter to one in the morning. Way past my bedtime.

I am very proud of the fact that I have kept my promise not to sleep in this year. I will get up no later than 8:00. Needless to say I was a little bit cranky when the alarm went off this morning, but that is my own fault.

As far as YouTube videos go, the other night I typed in the word Reba and watched several episodes of Reba McEntire’s wonderful show. From there it was on to some of her concert footage where the actress who plays Barbara Jean joins her in singing the show’s theme song, called “I’m a Survivor”. But as happens with me quite a lot, that song struck a sad chord, and I became emotional.

When I get back from camp this year, I think I will have a new routine in place, for evenings will be spent either reading or writing. It just seems to me that once I get onto YouTube, I either depress myself, lose all track of time, or both. Something to talk to my therapist about. Ha ha.

Next Wednesday, I’m expecting to have a top ten list for you, so look forward to that. I wish you a great weekend, take care, and as always, happy reading.

Inspiration comes when you least expect it

Greetings, readers. As my memorial show for my late friend Erin draws closer, I needed one more song to add to the playlist. Which KISS song would it be? There are many to choose from. Too many to name here. But I had one in mind. It is called “The Oath”, from the album Music from the Elder. I purchased this song from itunes and dropped it into the playlist slot where I wanted it. I hit play and came to a startling conclusion. I couldn’t figure out what they were saying.

The way the band recorded that song it had an echo effect. My next step then was to go to Yahoo! and try to cut and paste the lyrics to the song on a word document. With that in front of my eyes, I began to make sense of the song. This morning I practiced for the show from 8 until noon, concentrating heavily on the newly added song. Now, here is where the inspiration comes in.

Every time I saw my friend Erin, who battled cancer every day, I rarely saw her without a smile on her face. She never quit fighting, not even at the end. I was a gnat’s eyelash away from deleting the difficult song and asked myself, would Erin want me to quit? Would she want me to take an easy way out? The answer was obvious.

With renewed enthusiasm and inspiration, I said to myself, this song is not going to get the better of me. And, by the end of practice, I can honestly say I have confidence that this song shall remain in the playlist. Whether I shall lip-sync or vocalize the song has yet to be determined.

Readers, inspiration comes in many forms and most times it comes when you least expect it. This performance of mine for Erin, I already know in my heart, is going to be a success. I feel her spirit will be with me.

Until Friday, enjoy the nice weather if you have it. Take care and happy reading.

Top ten list of ways to get inspired

Greetings, readers. Today’s top ten list popped into my brain about an hour ago. Rebecca and I are calling it the top ten places where inspiration can come from. I define inspiration as a feeling of upliftment and a source of ideas.

#10. Animals (They lift us up when we’re low, just by their unconditional love)

#9. Daily life (For example, we might overhear someone at the grocery store that sparks a story idea or project idea)

#8. Your kids (Kids are smarter than we sometimes give them credit for)

#7. Songs and music

#6. TV (Entertainment gives us inspirational true stories, and can also give us story or project ideas)

#5. Books (Same as TV)

#4. Teachers (A great teacher who holds their student’s attention or goes out of their way to help someone, often inspires that person to want to teach or be like their favorite teacher)

#3. Friends

#2. Family (Larger families especially inspire the other family members and support them no matter what)

#1. Church sermons and faith

Until next week, take care and happy reading.