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Self hypnosis, anybody?

Greetings, readers. I’ve been very busy on YouTube the last couple of days, checking out different people’s self-hypnosis videos. I like what I see. Obviously, I’m not trying to make myself act like a chicken. I’m trying to use it for relaxation, memory enhancement, and relief of closed chakras. A year or so ago, my massage therapist had to retire and by now my chakras are as closed as they are going to get. It makes me feel lethargic, cranky, and depressed. When they open, I feel much more energetic, happier, and I’ll bet you my work productivity will greatly increase.

I even found a video that supposedly can turn you into a magnet for the opposite gender. This one I will have to watch and stay awake for to believe. There might be something to it, so as with most things, I will view it with an open mind.

In the last two or three weeks, my state of mind has been either depression or something I can not put a label to. I seem happy enough, but I just don’t have the energy to do anything. Not only is my writing suffering but my early to bed early to rise routine has shifted about an hour later each way. That is partly because the weather is so frigid here in Pennsylvania that I just don’t feel like going out to Panera at 7 in the morning. I do miss the usual morning crowd. I always enjoy greeting them as I would the folks at Bear Spring Camps.

I think this afternoon, after work hours, I’ll spend some time seeing what videos various YouTube channels have to offer. I’m a little bit leery of it because I’ve never hypnotized myself before. So readers, keep your fingers crossed. If you don’t hear from me on Friday, you will know I have turned myself into Keekee’s cat.

On a side note, our local library here in State College, Schlow Centre Region Library, had major damage due to the severe cold. Flooding was the result of one sprinkler pipe bursting, leading to several hundred thousand dollars in destroyed books, clean up of water damage and mold prevention. Schlow will be closed until at least this Sunday. I don’t want to sound selfish, but my books were in the section that got it the worst. We just found out via their website that two of my three books were destroyed. I have other copies here to give them if they want; no big deal.

Until Friday, take care, please be careful, happy reading, and stay warm; a major cold front is dropping down from Canada.

Has my mother become the grim reaper?

Greetings, readers. Monday morning, right before I woke up, I was having an unusually vivid dream. It was one of the nicer dreams I have had in quite a while. I had a girlfriend, and as we were spending the day together, I remember us being happy in one another’s company, as well as some intimate time. Then it went horribly wrong. The next scene in the dream, if you will, was my late mother standing in our driveway at the old house, telling me that she was going to Pittsburgh (where she and I were born) and that I had to go with her because she was coming to take me home. I remember in the dream not liking the phrase – taking me home – because I have lived in State College, PA since the age of three. I consider this place my home and Pittsburgh where I was born. The creepiest part of the dream, however, was looking at my mother’s old Cadillac, which was black including the interior. My mom’s Cadillac in real life was white.

When I awoke from this dream, it took me quite a while to get my day started. Even though I was awake earlier than usual, I sat in my chair and tried to make sense of it all. Yes, I do tend to interpret my own dreams. The two points that stuck out at me the most was that of my dead mother coming to take me home in a black Cadillac, which reminded me of a hearse. The second point was the phrase about taking me home. She had no smile on her face, in fact hardly any expression at all. My first reaction was, is this a death premonition dream?

After several hours I pretty much shook it off and went about my day. But my mind kept coming back to that eerie dream. Was my mom trying to warn me about my new dream girlfriend? Or was my time on earth about to run out, and I was looking at the grim reaper taking the form of my mother? Welcome to the world of how my brain works. Have I wished for death before, being depressed? Yes. Do I really mean it? No. I hope to live to a ripe old age of a hundred and something. I really do love life.

So, what would bring my mother and a black car into a lovely erotic dream? My best answer? She’s trying to look out for me so that I don’t make a wrong choice. Well, Mom, I have news for you. I didn’t and I won’t. I’m not currently in a relationship, but I am sure with lessons learned, and with me being older, if a lady comes into my life and a romantic relationship presents itself, I will be happy to go down that road.

Lastly, on a different topic, Central PA is having another blustery day, and I hope that warm weather reappears soon and stays until October. If you have good weather, enjoy it. And as always, take care and happy reading.