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Update for 6/20/12

Greetings, readers. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the second proof of my latest book. If my editor and I don’t find any major boo-boos, it could be for sale as early as Friday. This would certainly make my weekend.

To bring you all up to speed, sales of my first book at local stores, Appalachian Outdoors and Webster’s Bookstore Cafe, have been slow but I think they are about to pick up. As well, the owner of Bear Spring Camps is indeed interested in stocking the latest book. This was a big shot in the arm for me. With my vacation to Maine mere weeks away, I am very excited that the work is over, the proof process is all but done, and it will be time to sit back and reap the rewards.

On to a slightly different topic now. Today or tomorrow is the first official day of summer and here in central Pennsylvania it is definitely feeling like it with temperatures in the upper 80s into the low 90s. Thank goodness for the light breeze we have. Here in the office, the air conditioner is working overtime. It sounds like it could blow up any minute.

Yesterday I walked around town briefly trying to promote the books without much success. People I was looking for were either on break or not in. In that realm it was just one of those days. I have to learn how to promote myself better if I truly wish to make money at being a writer. Sure the gratification of knowing that someone has enjoyed my work is wonderful but a small amount of sales won’t pay the bills. I need to go out there and market myself. I need to be that salesperson. There are a couple of other small businesses here in town that have a small book area. Both are within walking distance and on a cooler day I think I shall go there and see if they are interested. The worst thing they can do is say no.

Next, my dreaded insomnia continues. I went to bed around midnight, woke up at ten minutes until four and that was it. I am so hoping that when I get to camp I will ease in to what I call my camp routine. Which includes sleeping from approximately eleven p.m. to seven a.m.

Not too long ago I switched my long time favorite beverage, my beverage of choice, due to health reasons. Coffee was beginning to upset my stomach and so now when I go to Panera Bread, or Panera as I call it, I partake of their delicious British Breakfast tea with a little bit of honey. It serves two useful purposes. It is tummy-friendly and it has caffeine. Which on most mornings I desperately need.

During the rest of this summer, with Rebecca’s help, I am going to work on my characterization skills so that when the new project(s) begin in late August, they will have more depth and more meat on their bones. As much as I like my two books about my experiences at camp, I’ll be the first to admit that description is not my strong point. One only gets better with time and practice. Until very soon, take care and have a great day.