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It’s a hodgepodge day #5

Greetings, readers. I had today’s blog topic all ready to go, and then calamity struck. For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, you know I had problems with Zipcar and I almost dumped them for lack of quality service. They got a reprieve. I was also going to talk about the baseball rule changes. More about that in paragraph two. And I will also talk a little bit about my recent health scares. All of this and more in today’s blog entry.

On April 1st, my friend Smith celebrated her birthday. Traci and I wanted to do something special for her by taking her to the local dairy for a chocolate malt … her favorite. I rented the Zipcar days in advance. Everything was perfectly set up until I tried to start the car. Click, click, click and then nothing; a dead battery. Really?! I tried to call the Zipcar hotline but they were experiencing, “more calls than usual.” Knowing that Smith had to be somewhere else at noon, I didn’t waste anymore time, I called a cab, and we were quickly on our way. I was so upset that our perfect day was almost ruined, that I decided in haste to drop Zipcar. I’ve spoken to them twice on the phone since, and they have resolved this situation to my satisfaction by returned the money I paid for the car I didn’t use. I told them that I would stay with them until November when my dues came out again. At that point I would re-evaluate. I shall keep you updated on their progress or lack thereof.

While I need to do more research on all the rule changes to Major League Baseball, I do have an opinion on one of them. Mound visits used to be an integral part of a manager’s job. It was a chess match and could be quite interesting at times. Now they are putting a limit to how many times a pitching coach or manager can visit the mound. I’m not saying that I want a hundred of them per game, but boy I just wish they would leave my favorite sport alone. It was never meant to be as fast as basketball, football or hockey. To me, it seems like the MLB or the commissioner himself is trying to speed up the game in such a way that the fans feel like they are herded into the stadiums just to see how fast they can be herded back out. I shall do more research and update on a future blog entry.

This morning my body did not want to cooperate with me. I was leaving Panera after having my morning coffee as usual when my left knee buckled twice. The last time that happened I was walking, passed out, fell into Smith and gave her a concussion. This time I was able to sit down, though I felt panicky. I did not want to pass out and have to go to the hospital. Rebecca was already on the way to set up the computer and table for work, and that would have been awkward to call off. Luckily I was able to do my errand and get back without any further issue. I contacted my neurologist to get an appointment sooner than the one I already have in July. Two attacks in three months is two too many. I shall keep on top of the situation and report any updates.

There is today’s blog entry. I bid you all a wonderful day, do take care, give someone a hug, and as always, happy reading.

My heart seems to be skipping a beat lately

Greetings, readers. I know I am no spring chicken any more, but on the other hand I am only 52 years old. Approximately ten days ago, I noticed that my heart was beating irregularly from time to time. One time it would pound hard, the next incident it would feel like it was skipping a beat, and my most distressful moment was when I got a heart grab that lasted for a few seconds and really made me stand up and take notice.

One of the classic symptoms of a heart attack is pain or numbness in the left arm. I am happy to report I do not have that symptom. Feeling all right other than that, I was waiting to see if it would correct itself. It did not, and I was urged by friends to get it checked out. Wouldn’t you know it, upon going to my general practitioner, I got hooked up to the EKG and ‘Nothing but normal.’ Don’t get me wrong, I was happy, but part of me wanted the doctor to see what was going and tell me. No such luck.

The doctor did suggest and order a stress test, which is happening this coming Monday. Oh joy, oh bliss. I get to go to work from 10am to 2pm, hop a cab, and then walk on a treadmill for an hour with hurting and tired feet. Yay, me. If the heart goes thumpity-thump-thump the right way it might be worth it. Perhaps the stress of the hurting feet might make the heart do what I want it to do so it can be measured.

One big thing that is different since all this started is the lack of ice cream in my diet. I gave that up for Lent. I doubt seriously if that has anything to do with it at all, but it is a weird coincidence that the heart irregularity is happening at the same time.

I will find out Monday during the stress test exactly what is going on and more importantly what to do about it. Oh goody, I will probably be put on another medication. Yay. There are many people in the world who take more pills than I, but I was really hoping not to add to my total any time soon. Of course, dear readers, I will keep you up to date on the outcome of my visit.

Before I close, a side note. R.I.P. to a genius … the great Stephen Hawking who passed away yesterday at age 76. He inspired millions as he used innovation and technology to be able to move around and speak to do great work despite his disability. He was a giant in the scientific world. I’m sure he will be missed by all who knew and loved him.

There you have it, today’s entry. If you know something about Stephen Hawking and wish to share, please chime in with the comment section or on my Facebook page. Until tomorrow, have a great day, take care, and happy reading.

Why I go out to eat so much

Greetings, readers. People have often asked me, including my accountant, why I go out to eat so much. Well, here are the answers. With my physical challenges, I don’t feel comfortable cooking. I have a weak left hand, and I cannot trust it to hold up a hot pan or sheet while I move it from the oven or stove to the countertop. While I can put a pot pie or Stouffer’s dinner in the microwave, there is also something enjoyable about leaving the apartment and getting out for an hour.

The pros are that I get fresh air, good food, and pleasant conversation. The cons are that it is expensive, sometimes very noisy, and, on rare occasions, the coffee is not as fresh as it could be. To me the pros outweigh the cons, except for one: the expense.

All my friends, including Rebecca and my accountant, have warned me that Panera, my favorite hangout, is one of the most expensive places I can get to in town, other than fancy restaurants. I used to go to Panera two or three times a day. Now I’ve cut it down to just once.

The true worry I have, and it already has happened, is that I will cook something and drop it on the kitchen floor because of my weak hand. A few months ago a delicious pot pie, which was all set to be put on the plate, slide onto the floor, and had to be thrown in the garbage. That was most frustrating. I also receive Meals on Wheels three times a week, which does help. They have excellent hot dinners, as well as delicious sandwiches and salads. However, if I don’t eat the hot meal right away, that becomes something I have to transfer to a plate and put in the microwave. With my strong right hand, I can handle that most of the time.

I always look for eating options, especially when I go out with Traci. Not having a car of my own, Traci and I are limited to where we can go and eat. With our health issues, we like to be close to home. A walk to McDonald’s is several blocks away and that trek would be very hard on both of us. Of course, we would use the Dollar Value menu. Across the street from Panera there is a small Chinese food restaurant which we are going to try, and I’ll scout around town for other options. Point blank, as much as I love Panera, I’m going broke each month when we just go there.

I love being out of the apartment building, especially since my work hours are here too, but here is the weird part. After an hour or so of sitting and talking, both Traci and I look at our time pieces (her watch and my computer) and we can’t wait to get back to our apartments. I guess a little coffee-hour time goes a long way.

My friend Dave is set to come for a visit in early December and he’s promised to teach me to cook light, quick, and easy meals. I think I’ll take him up on it because my nutrition could be better.

On a slight side note, it is unusually warm today in central PA. Although I don’t mind it, it is a little unusual and when the mercury rises after it has been cold, I get lethargic. I shall battle through it.

A special shout-out to the Chicago Cubs and their fans. The first World Series victory since 1908.

So sorry about yesterday’s blog post, but time really did get away from us. I bid you a great weekend, take care, and happy reading.

Friendships deserve a little extra effort

Greetings, readers. The last few days I have been quite worried about a dear friend of mine whom I have known since seventh grade. I won’t mention her last name but Lisa and I have been very good friends from tenth grade on. The last few days she has been in the hospital with what sounds like a rather serious condition. I have found myself thinking about her almost constantly.

It is true that we are not as young as we used to be, but even as I approach fifty years old, I still think of myself sometimes as a big kid. So when a friend around my age has a possible life-threatening condition, it frightens me to the core. It makes me realize we are finite. Folks my age have more years behind us than ahead of us, barring some medical breakthrough.

After work hours today, and after a quick bank run, I am off to see dear Lisa at the hospital. In my hallway closet, I have several small stuffed animals which I won at a carnival a number of years back. I think one of them will cheer her up. Occasionally friends do have to go that extra step to make others feel appreciated and loved. I’ve learned first hand not to take anything for granted. Friendships, relationships, and sometimes even life itself, can be over in a split second.

Sorry if this blog entry today sounds a bit morbid. I’m not depressed, just a bit worried. That is how I get.

On Friday, I’ll have a top ten list for you, topic still unknown.

Prayers and good thoughts out to the folks suffering from the floods in Texas.

Until Friday, take care, enjoy spring, and happy reading.

Just updated the About page

Greetings, readers. As I’m still trying to get over this blasted cold, Rebecca has been doing some research and also just now got finished updating the blog’s About page. We were looking at other blogs in WordPress, and noticed a couple from people with Cerebral Palsy, which I am now following. I decided to add to my About page that I have CP too, as well as add the titles of my three books. Two books happened since I started this blog!

Next week we will have a serious blog entry about my CP and a top ten list about old ballparks and stadiums that are no longer in existence.

Until then, enjoy your weekend, I hope your teams win, and happy reading.

Homework assignment still pending and I’m under the weather

Greetings, readers. As the title implies, there is a correlation between my homework assignment not being done and the cold that I am trying to ward off. Either I have successfully caught the cold going around State College, or I’m having one monstrous allergy attack. It did interfere with my writing, but I’m about to tell you the good news.

The short story which was my homework assignment is complete in my mind. I just have to get to feeling better to type it out. I showed Rebecca what I have so far and she thinks I’m off to a good start, which pleased me to no end. On the other hand, it was a little frustrating because I so wanted to get between three and four pages done, and just didn’t. After our blog entry is complete today, Rebecca and I are going to outline the rest of the story. I’ve had it locked in my brain for the last several days, which is unusual for me because most times I make it up as I go along.

I remember when I was writing my play Kimberly I had a vague idea of where I wanted it to go, but all the little plot twists happened on the spur of the moment. Oh yes, those were the days when I could crank out the first draft of a play in less than a year. Today I fear it would take at least twice as long.

The dream of being a writer will always be with me, but making it a career is turning out to be more of a problem that I first thought. Yes, I do get the occasional sale, but it comes far from paying the rent. At some point, I think what I might have to do is get myself a part-time job to help structure my life more, and Rebecca and I will work around our other work schedules. I don’t want that to have to be the case, I’m quite happy doing what I am doing right now, but unless we can find a way to successfully market the books better, some change might be in the offing in January or February.

The next blog entry will be a From Rebecca and then my next one will be next Wednesday. By then I hope to be fully recovered from whatever this sinus thing is. I also hope to have my homework assignment completed and even be on to the next one. Until next time, take care, enjoy your day, and happy reading.

:-) #200!!! :-)…… and more

Greetings, readers. Today is a very happy day for me for it is the 200th blog entry.  Many good entries and one book have come out of this project so far. Rebecca and I have had a lot of fun coming up with our ideas for the different posts.

At this time, I would like to offer heartfelt condolences to families and friends who lost loved ones on 9/11/01.  Basically because I forgot to look at my computer’s calendar, I failed to see that today, Wednesday – our blog day – was indeed the anniversary of the attack.

Before I go into the ‘and more’ section of today’s blog entry, I’m going to let Rebecca chime in with anything she would like to say on this milestone blog occasion.

{From Rebecca: I am so proud of Joe for writing so much on this blog so consistently. I know that most people who start blogs run out of material and commitment before the first year mark. Joe is approaching his two-year anniversary of this blog and he is still going strong. Congratulations, Joe, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with in the next hundred posts.}

It came to my attention the other night from my ex-wife that two million motorcyclists (2 Million Bikers) are coming from California to Washington D.C. today for a peaceful drive-through in support of those affected by the 9/11 attacks and to protest another group’s event set to take place in Washington. She asked me to write a specific blog entry about their cause. I agree with my ex-wife that this is a topic worthy of its own blog post. The fact that I am taking a few personal days will delay this entry. It will appear as our next entry, Wednesday or Thursday. I’m going to be researching all angles so that I can make an intelligent informed report.

Very briefly, I am going to share with you why I’m taking these two personal days. Much has been on my mind in regards to my health. That’s point #1. Point #2 is that my depression seems to have returned. Two days ago I absolutely could not leave my apartment, and yesterday I had to force myself to get my day started hours later than I wanted. I have experienced these problems before and they are temporary. I know the steps I need to take to rectify them.

So until ASAP, enjoy your week and weekend, take care, and happy reading. And again, thank you readers. #201 and beyond is coming.

Ouch, I hurt

Greetings readers. I have had a rough few days. Apparently from what the ER doctor told me, I have a few kidney stones. Though I’m feeling a little bit better today, the past 72 hours overall have not been fun. Most of the time it felt like there was a knife in my right side at my waistline.

I was at gaming night on Monday and it finally got to the point where I had to tell my friends, sorry but I need to go to the ER and get this checked out. Oh, what an experience that was. I saw a variety of people with problems ranging from a broken wrist, a terrible cold and some young college student who literally threw up on the floor several times. Eek.

Sometimes I wonder, when people have a mild health issue, if they don’t get sicker when they visit the ER, but I rolled the dice and took my chances. So far so good. After my ultrasound and CT scan, I was given some pain medicine, nausea medication, and an antibiotic. The antibiotic is one step away from a horse pill. Not fun to swallow.

As I recover, I am not certain just how many blog entries Rebecca and I shall produce this week, but we shall try for one more. Next time, I shall get you updated on how the book projects are coming. So until then, take care and happy reading.