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Oh yes, it’s Friday the 13th!….. + one day : )

Greetings, readers. Happy Friday to you. I am not certain just how many of you believe in the Friday the 13th bad luck thing, but I know that this morning one of the first things I did was stub my bare toe. Moments later I looked at the calendar and said, “Oh, yes, that’s why it happened.” Of course, that’s not why it happened, I just wasn’t watching where I was going.

Now on to some news of the day. Here in State College, Pennsylvania, it is a gorgeous but cool day. Shortly, I will begin editing Camp Book 2, fresh off the good news that I had a local sale from Appalachian Outdoors here in town. Receiving that news made yesterday a gold star day.

I was so pleased to be able to tell my Godmother the news of the book sale because I knew it would cheer her up. I found her to be in good spirits.

Kitty cat Keekee is sitting on the arm of my chair, taking a cat nap and looking cute as always. Quite recently, she has learned a new word. Not only does she completely understand the word treat, but she jumps down with excitement when the dinner is mentioned.

As far as the Friday the 13th thing goes, I’ve never been too superstitious. But I can just imagine that all of the Friday the 13th movies have been rented at Netflix, Blockbuster.com, and places of the like. Were those good films? The first two perhaps, but how many times can you keep killing Jason? Time to invent another boogeyman.

Speaking of time to invent, I am now off for an editing session and also to create the final new story for Camp Book 2. As far as my new personal project goes, that’s not been put under wraps or killed by any means. It’s just in the hanger and any moment I could step into the cockpit, taxi down the runway and take off with it. Until soon, have a great day

This entry is a day late due to tech probs. Sorry about that.


We get a gold star today : )

Greetings, readers. Oh, yes, today Rebecca, my writing assistant, and I have earned our gold star. After looking at what we call our Done/Done folder, I see that I have 11 stories for my new book edited and ready to go. This puts us ahead of schedule. Whoo-hoot!

I actually had been worrying quite a bit about the sales of my first book as well as how well book 2 would sell. I’ve decided to not worry about it any longer. Worrying does not sell more books. All it does is keep me up at night and turns my hair gray.

Today we edited two pieces, a longer story which did not get finished, and a shorter one which did go into the Done/Done folder. Call it a sense of urgency to get finished, or perhaps our stars aligned, we have had an exceptional two weeks of work.

So please, everyone, keep you fingers crossed and throw good thoughts our way as we strive to maintain our pace to get this book out before the end of camp season. See you all Friday with Pop’s blog entry.

5 Star, gold banner day!!!

Greetings readers. Today is an exceptional day for me. My first book, Picking Up Where We Left Off: My Bear Spring Camps Stories, which my writing assistant Rebecca and I worked so hard on for almost a year, is now officially in a local store here in State College, Pennsylvania. They are going to be sold on consignment at Appalachian Outdoors. We took ten copies with us expecting them to take perhaps one or two, but OMG, they took all ten!

This makes it a 5 star, gold banner day for Rebecca and me. We worked so very hard on that book and we are both proud of it. To now have it in a store is awesome.

The book is a print-on-demand product at CreateSpace.com and this is the link to my CreateSpace e-store page for those who want to see the book cover and read a description of it.

So, if you are in downtown State College, check out Appalachian Outdoors and ask to peruse my book. For my out-of-town readers, the link is in the previous paragraph. As always, comments are welcome. Until next time, take care.