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From Rebecca: Exciting Sunday afternoon

On Sunday afternoons I go over to my Dad’s house and see my sister and my nephew. This last Sunday my nephew was following the progress by Felix Baumgartner to jump from a high spot in the atmosphere and break the sound barrier without a plane or a rocket. My nephew kept tabs on his progress up. Us grown-up told him to do a few things before leaving the house, so he missed watching the jump when it happened. He did announce that the jump had taken place, and enjoyed watching it afterwards. When we got to my other sister’s house, he told his aunt and two cousins about the jump, so they could share the event. He kept track the rest of the day to see when the record was declared and when it was confirmed that Mr. Baumgartner had indeed broken the speed of sound. Yay to Felix Baumgartner!!!

Apparently thousands, if not millions, of others were also watching, because my nephew announced that YouTube had crashed from all the people wanting to see the footage. I was surprised by how fast the site was back up that same afternoon.

I immediately texted Joe when I heard that YouTube had crashed, knowing that he would especially need to know. Joe had been frustrated at the end of last week by troubles using YouTube on Mozilla Firefox, because he has an air guitar/air drum show featuring songs from the Beatles coming up in December. He switched to Opera to use YouTube and it was working. I wanted to make sure he knew that any trouble with YouTube that Sunday was because of this event, and not because a second internet browser was incompatible with the music site. He needs the music to practice with!

I’m not used to being aware and plugged in when history is made, and I enjoyed the feeling. Joe and I salute the explorer, Felix Baumgartner. Thank you.