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Feeling better about myself and my new Keurig came

Greetings, readers. The other week I was horribly depressed as a lot of my regular readers could probably tell. Today, with a slightly better diet and a few sunny days, my mood is much better. Granted, my comfy blue recliner broke in half, and I spilled half a bottle of Coke on the carpet, but other than that, this week has unfolded nicely.

I had been fiddling with X-Plane 11 and I’ve actually found a way that I can make it run satisfactorily. I don’t think I am piloting the plane the way I am supposed to, for instance I don’t file a flight plan because I don’t know how to do that anyway, but at least I am not crashing it anymore. Yay, team. This morning, I got to my cruise altitude of 28,000 feet in a Boeing 737-800 and had blue skies ahead of me. This made me feel wonderful. I had the settings set to an early morning flight and the sun, which was behind the aircraft, was casting a shadow on the control panel. This was my first opportunity to use what they call sunglasses mode. From the view menu, you can select such things as sunglasses, which simply dims the picture, or night vision goggles, if you are flying one of the fighter aircrafts with weapons. By the way, that one I have not tried yet. Who knows, one day I might take one of the fighters, armed with a bomb, and blow up an empty field just to see how it works. It will be nice to see an explosion where I haven’t crashed first.

On to other news, as mentioned in the title, I got my new Keurig today. My old one went kablooey because of the hard water coming out of my faucet. I’m going to use bottled water for this one or pick up a faucet filter attachment. This should keep the new Keurig running much longer than the old one did. I am very pleased that it looks and functions exactly like the old one. This means I know how to use it already, though I will still keep the instruction booklet. I have a special drawer in my kitchen for such pamphlets. I have half a box of K-Cups, which should still be usable, and it is going to be so nice to enjoy making something other than instant coffee. I remember back in the 1970s, when I had to make instant coffee I didn’t like it because the taste was horrible. Today, it is actually pretty good, especially Maxwell House or Folgers.

Next Wednesday I will have a therapy session and I am happy to note that I have been in a much better mood and I am sure she will notice the change. I did take her advice on a couple of things, though I did not talk to my doctor about upping my anti-depression meds. If my depression declines again, I will call the doctor and take that avenue.

There’s today’s entry. We hope you all enjoy. Rebecca and I will be here tomorrow with another blog entry, that I will call The top ten list of things I loath about construction sites. The new building going in next door already has their foundation fairly set, but I’m going to have to endure two years of listening to all sorts of loud, abrasive noises.

We’ll see you tomorrow. I bid you a good day, stay warm if you are in the frigid air, take care and happy reading.

Rebecca and I are back at it.

Greetings, readers. After a week of rest and recuperation, the writing team is hard at it again. It certainly feels good to have Rebecca back with me, because, I must say, I don’t think that my two blog entries were edited quite as well without her. But I didn’t want to go a week and a half without a new entry.

Viewing numbers are up. This pleases both of us. So far it seems like we’ve had a gazillion hits on the Air Crash Investigation episodes entries. Certainly that is a hot topic around the world these days. As I might have mentioned before, another biggie is my top ten list of modern conveniences. It is good for a chuckle every time we see it in the stats, because we both figure it has to be part of a school assignment, unless other people are simply fascinated by what I consider modern conveniences to be.

My performance is coming up this Friday afternoon at my apartment building, so Rebecca and I will write another blog entry tomorrow. That way we will keep our two per week average. Writing the blog is always fun but sometimes I will admit I make it up on the fly. Very rarely do I have a topic in mind before Rebecca arrives for work.

I’m in the process of trying out the new video game MLB15 The Show. I must admit for the first time ever I’m slightly disappointed. This is the final version for the PS3 and the game did not come with all the goodies I was expecting it to. It finally might be time for me to trade in and upgrade to the PS4. Other big expenditures, such as Keekee’s vet bill, might put that back a month or two. I give the game an 8 out of 10 just for the increased amount of dialog in the play-by-play alone. It was much needed in previous versions to keep the game from being repetitive. The one thing that is driving me nuts about the new game is the small font size on the screen. I have to go up to the television screen to read it. Soon I will give my final review on the game as I always do.

Lastly – and fear not regular readers – I had a very bad day last Monday and that night was a complete wash-out emotionally. I had just come from my therapist and was feeling wonderful, then I had an incident where someone said something that insulted me. She had the best of intentions and didn’t mean to hurt my feelings, but it struck a sour chord. I will certainly have plenty to talk about next Monday. But as usual, I didn’t stay down for long.

Until tomorrow, enjoy the warmer weather, take care and happy reading.

Blog entry #300!

Greetings, readers. It has been almost a year since my 200th blog post. On these milestones, I usually share about how the blog is doing, but I recently wrote about the most popular entries in a different post. After much thought, I’ve decided to share with my readers how this past year has gone for me from camp last August to camp this August. I did plenty of writing for the blog and that work is shaping up wonderfully. Other writing projects, however, not so much. This was the worst year I’ve suffered through in a long time when it came to writing a book. No one is to blame, it just happened that way. When I returned home from camp last August, Rebecca and I agreed that I should broaden my horizons and write a mystery novel or some other bigger work. At the time I was all for that; it never happened. Fiction is not my forte yet.

Also last fall, I was battling through depression and really not feeling all that great about myself. Recently I’ve taken appropriate steps, i.e. finding a psychologist and I’ve made strides toward having a much better mental outlook.

Yes, this old worry wort continued to get grey hair this past year, sulking over many things, but I recently have come to understand that I should only worry about things I can change, not about what I can’t. After much reflection, I have had quite a wonderful life, including a fabulous childhood. Sometimes I think kids don’t know exactly what they have at the time. I can remember not liking junior high or high school, and now wish that I can go back to those carefree days. One thing’s for sure, at least in my opinion, music and TV shows were more to my liking then.

This past year I did all the things that I told myself I would do while I was at camp; including watched the Thanksgiving parade, took my traditional Christmas lights ride, watched the Christmas Yule Log with lovely Christmas music, watched the New Year’s Day bowl games, continued to perform my shows, visited Godmother while she was still alive, as I tried to keep up with my writing.

I can’t believe that it’s this late in the summer already and it’s time to go to camp once again. Even though it is only for one week a year, I really do live for it. Recently I told myself that perhaps this will be my final year there. Time will tell, but the biggest factor will be my monetary situation. Money permitting, I will probably always do something every August.

To close this 300th entry, I would like to thank each and every one of my readers for your loyalty, and both Rebecca and I hope that you have enjoyed the entries since our 200th post. So far this is the only entry that is going to be saved to a draft until it is time to be published. I wanted to be sure to do this before I went away to camp. Again, many thanks, and look forward to another 100 blog entries and more.

While I am away at camp, Rebecca will be keeping up the blog. She will post at least two entries.  Have a great day, take care, and happy reading.