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The end???

Greetings, readers. Google search defines the word end as: “a final part of something, esp. a period of time, an activity, or a story.” I have been contemplating this word overnight and I agree with the definition I found on Google. To me the word end sounds so darned blasted final, and in most cases it is. Unless there is overtime, sixty minutes is the end of a football game. My week-long vacation at Bear Spring Camps ends on that Saturday morning at check-out time. And a person’s life ends … well only the Lord knows that.

I’ve been thinking about a few personal ends lately, but with the help and guidance of friend and writing assistant, Rebecca, I am choosing not to end my writing career at this point. As of late no promising solid project ideas are coming to mind. It seems the harder I try to come up with something the worse the project ideas get. Whether it is stress or simply writer’s block, I have not determined. I must admit time got away from me this fall but I hope to make up for it with a vengeance.

There are three things which I am going to end. And these are in no particular order. I am going to end my days of mess. I am going to throw caution to the wind as far as my back problems go and just get my apartment cleaned up.

Number two, I am going to quit overextending myself. Many years ago I was told that I am “too nice.” At the time I didn’t know how that was possible. Now I do. It is called you set yourself up to be someone’s sucker or doormat. In the past, I loaned out money when I couldn’t afford to, or gave rides when I was too tired to drive.

Lastly, I’m going to change my outlook and demeanor when associating with people. I have found, especially recently, that I leave myself open for/to hurt feelings and emotional stress. Obviously these effects are temporary, though uncomfortable. I do not like emotional drama. It causes harm to my already sensitive nervous system. Am I going to be an anti-social Mr. Scrooge? No. But I’m going to make myself more refined, slightly more introverted, and safer.

You’ve read the definition for the word end from the Google search. To me, Mr. Eternal Optimist, I say that the end can be a beginning of something new or changed or improved. I think this will be the healthiest way for me to approach my current situations.

Until very soon, enjoy the winter wonderland if you like this type of weather. Drive safely, take care, and happy reading.