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Dreams of the last few nights

Greetings, readers. It is not uncommon for me to have vivid dreams that I remember almost in their entirety every now and then. However, it seems that the last several nights in a row my brain has been working overtime. I’ve been told that there are two schools of thought about dreams. One is that they are always symbolic to something in your life, and the other is that it is just your brain firing and that the dreams mean absolutely nothing. I believe choice number one. That it is a way for us to work out issues in our lives.

The dreams I’ve had over the years have been filled with people I know, in situations I know, and in some circumstances I’ve completely relived happy memories from childhood. On the other hand, some dreams are sketchy, with people I don’t know, and they are set in dark and sinister places. As you can imagine, those are not my favorite dreams.

I shall share with you now one example of each. My favorite dream starts out a little bit on the scary side as I’m walking on a misty night, and I come to a huge tower-shaped hotel. Once inside, I am walking around brightly lit corridors with pretty pictures on the wall, fancy doorknobs and a hallway leading to either an indoor swimming pool or to the stern of a luxury cruise ship. I immediately jump into the hot tub and relax. Is my mind telling me to jump in water? Or am I going back to an earlier time in my life where I had the opportunity to enjoy things like an indoor pool membership or something fancy like that? I’ve had this dream with both destinations several times in the last fifteen years.

The other kind of dream, the one that is much more frightening, is the one where I’m walking on a very narrow road that I seem to know, but when I wake up I know it is completely unfamiliar. Is this road near my camp in Maine, or somewhere closer to home? After some time of walking, I get to what appears to be Bear Spring Camps, where I vacation every summer. My family and friends are all there but the cabins and the layout are completely different. Some are much fancier than they are in real life. My cabin is dark and dreary with not much light, and a rickety old bed. It almost feels like a tool shed. How did I get this lucky, to get one of the worst cabins? During this dream, I feel very uncomfortable in this place. I try to leave but I am continually drawn to it. From the outside it is a very small cabin but it has many more rooms than it should have, each darker than the next. Have I ever awakened screaming from this dream? No. I don’t think I’ve ever finished searching the cabin. Perhaps one day. I’m almost certain that my therapist would interpret this to be a searching dream, that I am looking for something that I haven’t found yet. In the past twelve months, I’ve had this dream almost exactly the same way three or four times. I guess we can call that a recurring dream.

What do you believe? Do you believe dreams are nothing more than the brain firing at night, or do you think every dream is symbolic and means something for your life? Post a comment down below or on Facebook and let me know what you think.

Tomorrow is going to be a day off, both Rebecca and I have important errands outside the office. I will try very hard to put up a short blog entry sometime this weekend to make up for tomorrow.

So until soonest, take care, enjoy your day, and happy reading.

I’ve been a dreamcatcher lately

Greetings, readers. Three out of the last four nights I have found myself experiencing very vivid, sometimes disturbing dreams. Is it unusual for me to dream? No, not at all. However, most of my dreams are short flashes of imagery or a short story. I usually don’t remember much of them. These last dreams have been detailed, long and disturbing. The first night the dream left off at a point and the next night it continued from that point. I think that is the first time that has ever happened to me. I don’t have nightmares, dreams with vampires, monsters, or murder, but these are as close as I wish to come to them.

I don’t want to go into specifics, but suffice it to say that the first two dreams dealt directly with tragedy and death. They freaked me out. Last night’s cinematic debacle dealt with an old love, jealousy and hurt feelings, with two natural disasters thrown in; a tornado followed by an earthquake. Why am I having these kinds of dreams, when I usually dream about such happy things, like family outings and Maine vacations?

My therapist will probably say that I’m working through some hidden feelings of dread or anger. As far as I know, I’m not angry at anybody, nor am I afraid of losing anyone. Therapy is tomorrow and I plan to bring my notepad with me with all the highlights … or lowlights … of the last few evenings.

If any reader wishes to share his or her dreams with us, please do so in the comment section or on my Facebook page. Well, there it is. Rebecca will here shortly and we’ll edit this entry and post it.

Until next week, take care, have a great weekend and happy reading. Oh … pleasant dreams!   😉

Strange dreams anyone???

Greetings, readers. Last night I had one of my nights of insomnia where I finally got to sleep around 4:00 in the morning. Ouch. Still wanting to do my morning routine, like a brave little trooper, I kept my alarm on set for 6:45. This meant that I had the unwanted consequence of being awakened during REM sleep. And oh, what a strange dream I was having.

The dream was a mixture of David’s family and TV characters from a multitude of shows from the 80s and 90s. The part that I remember the most was searching desperately for a young girl to tell her something. But now everyone had aged several years and, just like my memory issues in real life, I couldn’t remember this girl’s name. Here I was walking up and down some kind of outdoor area covered by white canvas, making inquires to people such as Will Smith and Lisa Bonet, as well as several members of Dave’s family. Finally someone said her name. I said, “That’s her.” I turned around and there she was, also several years older.

She didn’t look the same; I could barely tell it was her. The kicker was that she doesn’t exist in my real life, but in the dream I knew her and we were really good friends. We had either worked on a project together, or we had been in a relationship at some point. That detail was a bit fuzzy. And as chance would have it, before I could conclude this dream, my alarm awakened me.

So let’s try to analyse. I was searching for someone desperately, could be my parents, or the circumstances I had as a child. The outdoor covered area probably represents that I am still safe today, even though sometimes I still feel lost. David and family are there, as the anchoring figures, so that little Joey won’t feel afraid or alone. Who the famous actors and actresses were … well, that is where the dream gets you. There is always some part of the dream that makes absolutely no sense.

I think I did pretty well analysing my dream. Dr. Sigmund Freud would be proud. Please, readers, if you wish to tell me about you recent dreams and what you think they mean, drop a note at Facebook or in this blog’s comment section.

Rebecca will have a blog entry either Wednesday or Friday, and I’ll have one ready for the other day.

Until then, take care, have a great weekend, hope your team wins the Super Bowl, and happy reading.

Has my mother become the grim reaper?

Greetings, readers. Monday morning, right before I woke up, I was having an unusually vivid dream. It was one of the nicer dreams I have had in quite a while. I had a girlfriend, and as we were spending the day together, I remember us being happy in one another’s company, as well as some intimate time. Then it went horribly wrong. The next scene in the dream, if you will, was my late mother standing in our driveway at the old house, telling me that she was going to Pittsburgh (where she and I were born) and that I had to go with her because she was coming to take me home. I remember in the dream not liking the phrase – taking me home – because I have lived in State College, PA since the age of three. I consider this place my home and Pittsburgh where I was born. The creepiest part of the dream, however, was looking at my mother’s old Cadillac, which was black including the interior. My mom’s Cadillac in real life was white.

When I awoke from this dream, it took me quite a while to get my day started. Even though I was awake earlier than usual, I sat in my chair and tried to make sense of it all. Yes, I do tend to interpret my own dreams. The two points that stuck out at me the most was that of my dead mother coming to take me home in a black Cadillac, which reminded me of a hearse. The second point was the phrase about taking me home. She had no smile on her face, in fact hardly any expression at all. My first reaction was, is this a death premonition dream?

After several hours I pretty much shook it off and went about my day. But my mind kept coming back to that eerie dream. Was my mom trying to warn me about my new dream girlfriend? Or was my time on earth about to run out, and I was looking at the grim reaper taking the form of my mother? Welcome to the world of how my brain works. Have I wished for death before, being depressed? Yes. Do I really mean it? No. I hope to live to a ripe old age of a hundred and something. I really do love life.

So, what would bring my mother and a black car into a lovely erotic dream? My best answer? She’s trying to look out for me so that I don’t make a wrong choice. Well, Mom, I have news for you. I didn’t and I won’t. I’m not currently in a relationship, but I am sure with lessons learned, and with me being older, if a lady comes into my life and a romantic relationship presents itself, I will be happy to go down that road.

Lastly, on a different topic, Central PA is having another blustery day, and I hope that warm weather reappears soon and stays until October. If you have good weather, enjoy it. And as always, take care and happy reading.

OMG! What a night I had

Greetings, readers. Last night I experienced one of the more frustrating nights of sleep that I’ve had to endure in a long time. I know that people seldom remember every dream that they have in one night, but last night I counted four of them and remembered each one with relative clarity. I woke up this morning around 9:00 more exhausted than when I went to bed.

All four dreams had one person from my past in common; my high school girlfriend named Marilee [last name withheld for privacy reasons]. The first dream began at my best friend Dave’s house, with folks who live in my building mixed in the gathering. It was some kind of large dinner party, perhaps a holiday. Rather quickly, trouble arose, I got angry, and went home. When I got home, the first thing I wanted to do was call my girlfriend, which I did. It was Marilee, but a version the same age as I am now. She wanted me to come see her and I happily obliged. Now, Marilee and I in real life were never a romantic couple. In this dream, although not hot and heavy, we were certainly more of what people would consider a romantic couple to be. How nice it was to have someone to say I love you to and have them respond positively. That dream ended at 3:25 in the morning. What happened next was remarkable.

After a brief time up, I went back to sleep, and before I knew it I was almost continuing the same dream. I honestly can’t remember that ever happening to me. The second dream involved my Goddaughter, Ashley, Dave’s older daughter, with a big tattoo on her left shoulder. And again, Marilee was there to listen to what I had to say. I can’t quite remember whether I was objecting to Ashley’s tattoo or not, but Marilee was once again someone to talk to.

The third dream involved David and I in some sort of ritualistic wrestling contest in the front yard of my parent’s old house. It was pro wrestling gone wrong. I didn’t remember this next point until just now. When Dave and I were teenagers, in hotels on the way to Maine, sometimes we two rambunctious boys who were brothers at heart would play wrestling matches before the NFL preseason game began. Yes, boys will be boys; both Dave and I loved our wrestling. I do remember Marilee being in that dream also, but she was getting younger, as I guess we all were in my dream sequences.

The final dream, which I could only recall a brief moment of, was with Marilee as a little girl maybe eight or nine years old, with her mother standing behind her adjusting the collar of Marilee’s shirt. I was never so thankful to hear an alarm clock as I was this morning.

I’ve got a ton of imagery to sort out and already two friends have given me ideas to think about as to what my dreams meant. Must they mean something? I think all dreams mean something in their own way. I believe I will be faced with hours of reflection and many chances to unravel the mysteries. I have often looked for Marilee on Facebook and Twitter, but not knowing her married name doesn’t help much. Please, Lord, no dreams tonight. I don’t think I could handle any.

If anyone wants to chime in with their dream analysis, please feel free to do so. Until Friday, take care, stay well, and happy reading.

Self dream analysis

Greetings, readers. My last few nights have been filled with extraordinarily vivid dreams. It is not uncommon that I can remember bits and pieces of my dreams, but seldom can I piece together most or all of the dream. Two nights ago I had a dream so vivid, it was like I was watching a movie. And yes, I can confirm that we do dream in color.

My dream started off on some kind of ferry boat on a lake or a river. The young lady with me was an acquaintance; I shall not give her name for privacy reasons. This young lady – from my past – I always had a secret crush on. That is probably why she was in a very attractive bikini. She and I were definitely a couple, absolutely in love. We were closer than in real life. To me, I think that is why we dream. We allow ourselves the chance to fulfill any fantasy that we know would never be able to come true otherwise.

As this dream went along, I found my best friend showing up looking quite a bit younger than he is now, and I recall him mentioning that my lady friend and I shouldn’t be together. Obviously at the time this made no sense. I believe I have since figured it out. It was my friend’s way of protecting his “little brother” from whatever embarrassment might come about.

Then the dream got a little more racy. The young lady and I retired to our state-room and had a little extracurricular activity. Then before I knew it, we were off the boat and in my parents’ house. That’s dreaming for you. Without rhyme or reason it was, “Beam me up, Scotty,” time. I heard my young lady’s voice from down the hall, and I wanted to thank her for a particularly good time. When I got to the door, I heard her boyfriend’s voice. To me, I think that was reality kicking in. I walked back down the hall, and as I remember, I awakened not too long after that.

Last night’s dream was even more bizarre. I was in Maine at a camp, but as usual for my dreams, it was not Bear Spring Camps. It was different. It was hours before we had to leave to go back home. I was going to take one last ride before returning my rental car, which we had rented for me to putz around in. When I went to get into the car, it was filled almost to capacity with cases of soda, beer, and other party type fixings. Again, there’s dreaming for you, for this made no sense whatsoever. I am not having a party any time soon in my waking life. I could not figure out where to put this stuff. I kept telling my mother I’ll put it on the porch or I’ll put it in the trunk. I remember my mother getting angrier and angrier with me with each moment. I just decided to throw all the crap in the trunk and go take my drive. As I began to leave the camp area, I ran out of gas. Then my alarm went off. This morning’s first words out of my mouth … and I am not kidding … “Well that was a weird one for you.”

There are some dreams that you can easily figure out what they mean if you just use your head. Like dream #1. The young lady from my past was extremely gorgeous, I had a secret crush on her and she did have a boyfriend – the boyfriend from the dream. The river cruise lent the perfect opportunity to put said lady in a sexy bikini. As for dream #2, with my last ride and vehicle crammed with edible crap, I still have not pieced that one together yet. I’ve not driven since my accident in 08, except for a few times when I rented a car. My waking life can be messy and chaotic at times. That might be where this dream is stemming from.

Finally, as I get ready to close this entry, I was reminded of my recurring car dream. This is the one where no matter how nice of a vehicle in real life I had, I would always dream about my parents’ garage and wanting to drive my old clunker, that I purchased for cheap at the used car dealer near my home. Usually, it was an old Volkswagen Beetle or Rabbit. The last time I had this dream, however, all the cars in the garage, including my mom’s, were black. I awakened with a smile that morning because I quickly pieced together that I going through a bout of depression, hence everything black. I had a smile on my face not because I was depressed, I had a smile on my face because I figured it out so quickly.

Yes, I have had some doozies over the years. I could go on for hours. Maybe at some point in the future I will post my top ten list of crazy dreams.

Until next time, take care, stay warm, and happy reading.

P.S., if you have a crazy dream that you would like to talk about, please post it in a comment.