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Run, don’t walk

Greetings, readers. I recently, on Facebook, changed my relationship status from single to it’s complicated. Yes, I am in a relationship right now, but its dynamics are quite bizarre. I’m going to keep her name out of it for obvious reasons because I don’t want to hurt her feelings. Here’s what is going on.

One evening a couple of months ago, a female friend of my ex-fiancé knocked on my door and hit me with some news. She told me that she had a crush on me. Then she prepared me for more. She told me that she was in love with me. While flattered, I still felt like a deer in the headlights. I didn’t know how to react. You know me, readers, I tried to be as gracious as possible and said something like, “Oh, that’s nice. Wow!” Apparently her love had been growing for several months, even while I was engaged to my fiancé.

I talked to Traci, my ex-fiancé, about our mutual friend. I asked her if she knew about the feelings of said friend. She said no. Once I learned that, I felt worse. What to do, what to do? I decided to play it very cautiously and very, very slowly.

After a couple of coffee dates, and one home cooked meal at her place, it quickly became apparent that my new love interest had more feelings for me than I did for her. This is a huge problem. I’m not going to settle just because I want to be in love, but I’m also terrible at hurting people. I already feel like I strung her along a little bit and I am afraid that when I end it, this nice woman’s feelings will be crushed. That’s not going to be pretty. Unfortunately, I believe it has to happen. If only one of the two people in a love situation is actually in love, it’s never going to work. I’ve heard that the Lord tests people, and if this is one of those tests, it is not funny.

I’ve talked to a number of friends about this, and they all agree. Run, don’t walk. A friend whom I had dinner with last night told me that exact phrase. She said the woman came on too strong and that I do not have the same feelings. It just won’t work. I’m going to take this advice, but it will still be hard for me, because again I hate hurting people. I’ve been dumped many times before and I know how painful it is. Tact, planning, and luck will be all needed here. I say luck, because I do not want this love interest to turn around and take her frustrations out on Traci.  I don’t think she will do that, but you never know.

I know dear readers I don’t usually get this personal. I tend to talk about TV, the weather, or sports. But if anybody has any suggestions on a good way to proceed, I’m all ears.

I was not going to mention this, but I’ve decided to. Several years ago, I took a very good friend of mine who I was in love with on my Christmas Eve light ride. Afterwards we stopped at McDonald’s for coffee, and I professed my love to her and she reacted the exact same way I did the other week. Now I know how she felt. Trapped, scared, and not knowing what the hell to say. After learning that I was being rejected, I kind of mentally closed the rest of the evening out. It didn’t ruin the light ride, thank goodness, because we were on our way home after coffee anyway.

I’m taking a personal day tomorrow for an appointment. Rebecca and I will be back with you next Wednesday. This should be the last Thursday off for me in a while. Time will tell. One of us will post a new blog entry tomorrow. Until then, take care, have a wonderful day, and happy reading.

My personal Valentine’s Day massacre

Greetings, readers. As you may guess, as the title implies, I don’t much care for St. Valentine’s Day. I have had horrendous luck with the opposite gender, and have been alone on Valentine’s Day many more times than not. Yesterday, something caught my eye which I shall be happy to share with you now.

Yesterday morning, at my favorite hangout, Panera Bread cafe, as I enjoyed my favorite coffee and cookie, I saw a college couple obviously on what might be considered their first coffee date. I, because I am a writer, went into something I call observation mode. For several minutes I keenly observed this young couple almost to the point of staring at them. Remembering my knowledge from psychology classes, the young lady must have been interested in her new friend, because she was leaning forward with her arms on the table and she wore an almost unceasing smile.

He, as well, was quite cheerful and did his very best to be charming, debonaire, and he seemed to making conversation that included her and her likes. Toward the end of the lunch date, though I could not get the complete details, I believe he was inviting her to some kind of Valentine’s Day party for tomorrow evening. She eagerly checked her date calendar and told him that even though she had something scheduled for earlier that evening, she would definitely, “… try to make it.” Now, being an observer, I could tell that with that smile of hers, that she was not simply trying to polite. She really liked this guy and was really going to try to go.

When they got up to leave, I noticed her carrying something. It looked like a wrapped up single flower. I remember thinking this guy has class. No wonder she likes him. This reminds me of an event that happened many years ago with Georgia. I don’t remember if she was my girlfriend or my wife at the time. I had made reservations at a nice restaurant and asked for a specific table. Now Georgia was not one to like surprises but I was going to try to surprise her anyway. I had ordered a dozen long-stemmed roses to be delivered at the restaurant while we were there. It could not have come off more perfectly. She loved them.

Getting getting back to the massacre part of this title. Tomorrow I am taking a personal day off so that I can slide through this day as quickly and painlessly as humanly possible. This has an added benefit for my friend and writing assistant Rebecca, who has a special someone with whom to enjoy the day.

To wrap up, along with a new blog post today, I hope to put a small one up on Friday – small because Rebecca and I will be doing other work related things. If by some chance you don’t see a new blog post on Friday, enjoy your weekend, take care and happy reading.