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From Rebecca: Working with Twitter

Joe and I spent some time today working on new material for the blog book; after that we started working with this blog’s links to social programs. Joe noticed that the last blog entry he did, a short note on why there were almost no blog entries these last two weeks, did not show up on his Facebook page. We went into the blog settings and re-linked it to his Facebook page. If this entry shows up there, we will know it worked. Then we got bold.

Recently, Joe has been dabbling with Twitter. We have been researching it, and it looks good. Twitter can be used for personal fun and also can be a business resource. Maybe, possibly, we can sell a few books from connections on this source. I am excited about the possibility of finding research materials for future projects through Twitter links.

Today, we looked up how to connect Joe’s Twitter feed to this blog. It took a few tries and the help section of WordPress, but we did it. If you scroll down the page, you should see a box on the right hand side with Joe’s latest Tweets and a link to his Twitter account. Good for us!

Please keep in mind, though, that Joe is just getting started with Twitter, and the box might not be full or have new entries in it for a while. He is putting one toe in the pool to check the water out, before he dives in.

If you see any problems with the feed, or anything else on the blog, feel free to let us know.