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From Rebecca: Is the weather cold where you are?

As Joe wrote yesterday, he is taking a personal day to get things done and I am doing the blog post today. He might do an entry himself in the next few days, depending on his energy level.

We are in a cold weather pattern in central Pennsylvania this week, and probably next week, too, with below freezing temperatures. It feels like January and February out there, so I guess our new year started early. People are going to have to bundle up for the First Night State College series of events this weekend. At least the ice sculpturesĀ  won’t melt this year, like they do in years when we have weather in the 40s on New Year’s Eve. I love seeing the ice sculptures in the following days, matching the designs to the organizations that commissioned them. For example, Centre Area Transportation Authority usually has a small ice replica of one of their buses outside their downtown office.

It was very cold yesterday, and for waiting at the bus stops and walking to and from working with Joe, I had all my winter weather clothes on. I had on two pairs of socks, sweatpants over my slacks, a hoodie, my coat, and gloves. I have a new coat, a bulky unwieldy heavy annoyance that I call blanket-coat. I like the length, but the pockets are an inch too low for me to really use. The best part of this garment is that it keeps me warm. I was standing at the bus stop for ten minutes on the way home with the temperature of 11 degrees F and I didn’t feel at all cold in blanket-coat. That was awesome.

For all of you who are also struggling with cold weather and snow, I hope you end each day safe, warm, and comfortable this winter. Happy New Year.

Until next Wednesday, or until Joe puts up another entry this week, have a good week, take care, and happy reading.

One of my favorite months, April

Greetings, readers. Although April is not my favorite month of the year, it is my second. The dead of winter is over and already I can see a few trees beginning to bud. It was gorgeously warm the other day, so I know the sun is on the way back towards this hemisphere. Today, however, it is sunny but cold.

In April, we have the beginning of baseball season, my favorite sport. Trees and flowers come back to life. And people made grumpy by the long winter seem to become cheerful again. Also, days are longer and temperatures are on the rise. After this extremely cold winter, I doubt I will be complaining much this summer, unless it gets up into the triple digits. Heck, it is human nature to complain. If it is cold we want it hot and visa versa.

On occasion, store sidewalk sales crop up, becoming more prevalent until the end of summer. Also what happens in April and May, are young college kids seemingly dressing for 10 degrees warmer than it really is. I know when you have a winter full of 10s and 20s and all of a sudden it hits 55, you might want to wear shorts and a tee-shirt. The truth is you just can’t. The cold bug will get you every time. Within a few weeks, however, it will be sufficiently warm that even I will venture outside without my hooded sweatshirts. Speaking of those, at the end of this winter season I’m throwing them all away. Next year I get new. Yesterday I went to put on my lightweight hoodie, pulled it down to adjust it, and the bottom hem seam ripped badly. I heard the rip and said out loud to myself, “Oops, that’s not good.” My three hoodies have had a long life and have kept me warm when I needed them to.

Another thing that is going to happen this spring, probably next month, is that I’m going to go visit my friend Dave. With him being a postal worker, he has one weekend a month that his days off are on Saturday and Sunday. So either in May or June I will be bopping down to New Jersey for a long weekend. He and his family have a pool; I might just take a little dip this time around. Usually I will only go swimming in the lake in Maine, I just don’t want to go swimming anywhere else, but this time I think I will take him up on his frequent invitation.

Lastly, the annual Blue and White football scrimmage was last weekend. Penn State won, ha ha. Seriously though, it was the blue squad versus the white squad. The final score was 37 – 0, Blue squad. In my lifetime I have only gone to one Blue and White scrimmage and found it quite dull. But for a true die-hard Penn State fan, a football weekend, complete with tailgating, is indeed a Penn State football weekend. Activities go in this order; park, lots of tailgating, and oh, by the way, there is a football game.

I am planning for the next blog entry on Friday to be a From Rebecca. As usual, take care, happy reading, and see you next time.