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Top ten things we said as little kids : )

Greetings, readers. With a hard week of creation coming up, I’ve decided to post a quick top 10 list. Do you remember these little gems from childhood?

#10: “Are we there yet?” When I was a young boy, that’s why my mother broke up our 612 mile trip to Maine into three days of travel.

#9: “I’m telling mommy on you!”

#8: “Do I have to eat all my vegetables?” I wasn’t a picky eater, but some of my friends were.

#7: “Could you help me with my book report? It’s due tomorrow!” Lol. I did this one quite a lot.

#6: “But I took a bath last week.”

#5: “Oopsie…, I broke it.”

#4: “Just ten more minutes of TV, please!” Luckily my favorite shows were on in the early evening. ; )

#3: “Mommy or daddy, there’s a monster under the bed!” By late at night, I was meaner than any monster.

#2: “My invisible friend broke it.” I only used that one once. The punishment was more for the fib than for the thing that I did wrong.

#1: “You’re not the boss of me!” Even though I never said it personally, I had a neighbor for a while whose sister said it to him all the time.

If possible we shall drop another blog entry in but as mentioned, creation must take precedence this week.