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I have come into the modern age

Greetings, readers. I don’t have the newest iPhone, the 11, but I did score the iPhone 10 for a very good price at Target. I’m still learning all its features and how to use them, and how not to get caught in paying for every little app that I look at. I tried to download CNN, which a neighbor told me is absolutely free, and before I knew it I was asked to supply credit card information. I don’t think so! Tomorrow I will go back to the store where I bought the phone and ask if this is normal. It may very well be that all the “free” apps are billable after a certain trail period. I have a 2g plan and I am hoping that it is enough to check an occasional email as well as a quick bit of internet searching. I have my trusty laptop for the bulk of that.

Yes, it is going to take several days, if not weeks, to learn all that this phone can do, what apps if any are truly free, and how to FaceTime someone. The phone did not come with a stellar instruction booklet; these days I think you are just supposed to look it up online. My friend, Smith, gave me a wonderful pen with a stylus on the end so that my greasy fingers won’t be smearing the screen all the time. Thanks and kudos to her.

There is a possibility that I will get my job back at the old fast food place I used to work. It will do me good to get out of the apartment and earning money again, however I must say I’m worried about my feet and hips. I hope they can take the pressure. I’m going to have to look for a Dr. Scholl’s foot machine and try to get a comfy insole to cushion my feet. That would help a lot.

My books are not selling very much. I did get one sale for one of them this last week. As we all know, $1.09 will not pay the rent. Lol. It would take a lot of $1.09s to even come close.

Very briefly, here is an update on the new building next door. They are starting to lay the red bricks on the outside and it is really starting to look nice. I have seen a drawing of what it is supposed to look like when it’s finished. It is a gorgeous looking building. Right now, not so much. Wouldn’t it be nice if a fast food chain moved in to the first floor? I could work there and be steps from home at the end of a shift.

Tomorrow there is a costume party for Halloween. I am going as C-3PO. I shall endeaver to put a blog entry up Sunday or Monday complete with at least one picture of said costume; if I can’t figure out how to do that with the new phone, we will post it next Wednesday. Until then, have a great few days, take care, love one another, and as always, happy reading.

Please get both hands on the wheel

Greetings, readers. With the Penn State students coming back this week, the downtown traffic has increased. Today as Rebecca, Traci, and I were crossing the street in the cross walk, a car turned left, getting a little too close to Traci for my liking. I glared at the driver and saw that she was on her cell phone, not hands-free, and had only one hand on the steering. Folks, that is illegal.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard horror stories in the news about car accidents where the driver is on the phone either talking or texting. If you do not have your concentration fully on your driving, pull off the road. It is not very often that I yell at someone in a car but this vehicle did not yield for Traci. The driver’s mind was elsewhere.

Have I talked on a cell phone while driving? I must confess yes, but usually just long enough to say, “I’m driving, I’ll call you back when I pull off the road.” Unless it is an absolute emergency, whatever someone has to tell me can wait until I get to a rest area.

What are some other things I wish drivers wouldn’t do? Well, lets see. I saw a man shaving once while driving. A young woman trying to put on mascara. And the scariest of all, on an interstate no less, a young child steering the car, sitting in daddy’s lap, while daddy controlled the gas and brake. I would have suspended that man’s license indefinitely. But I guess junior just had to drive that day.

Readers, please, if you are a driver, heed the laws of your state. Here in Pennsylvania the law is no talking on a phone at your ear, no texting, but you can talk on a hands free device. It is just too dangerous, and if you injure or kill someone you will have to live with the consequences the rest of your life.

My next blog entry will deal with my wonderful vacation, where almost nothing went wrong. Suffice it to say for now, I had a marvelous time. Details to follow.

Until Friday, take care, many thoughts and prayers to the folks down south and in Louisiana who are dealing with the flooding, and happy reading.

Technology Grrr 4 … with a favorable outcome

Greetings, readers. Today as I sat at Panera cafe working on a new story for the upcoming camp book, something happened to my dear old laptop that has never happened before. It completely froze; no cursor, no arrow, no running clock, or battery drainage indicator.  What’s worse was I was really on a roll. When Rebecca arrived, I was fuming and must have had that “help me” look on my face. I had already begun to copy by hand what I typed, figuring that we were gong to lose at least a part of what I had written.

Rebecca took over the copying while I packed up to go over to the office. When she was finished, I had to do what is known as a hard shutdown. This is not the best thing you can do to your computer. I didn’t see that we had much of a choice. Luckily, when we got back to the office, and started the computer, everything seemed to work fine. What really irked me was that I was aiming for between 350 to 400 words and fell well short of it.

Minor technology moment: although I love my new phone so much more than my old phone, I’m still having a wee bit of trouble with the buttons on the top row of the keypad. Somehow my big fingers don’t cooperate with the buttons on the top row. This means texting Rebecca when I need to is more difficult than I’d like. But at least everything on the phone works.

Now, close to 2 pm, I am hoping that everything that will gone wrong today has gone wrong, technology-wise. I don’t know if my computer will freeze up again or if this was a one-time anomaly. I really shouldn’t be too critical. The Asus laptop I have is five years old and we have sure put some miles on it writing three books and almost 200 blog entries. If I can get through the rest of the day without aggravation from technological items, I shall be very happy.

Yes, I know this is a rare Thursday entry, surprise-surprise. Whether Rebecca and I will put up a new one tomorrow is 50/50. We might have that be a work-on-the-book-only day. So until soonest, have a great day, take care, and happy reading.

Technology … Grrr 3

Greetings, readers. OMG! It took Rebecca and I about an hour to download one photo from my cell phone to my computer so that it could be sent via email to my dear Godmother. This technological task probably would have taken a ten year-old two minutes. After several trials and errors, we were able to successfully complete the task.

For my dear Godmother’s birthday

This prompted today’s blog entry. Today, technology did not win but it came damn close. I was literally five seconds away from throwing phone and computer against the office wall. Do I need anger management??? Perhaps just a deep breath.

After the photo was sent and the cord was unplugged from the computer, my phone began talking to me as it does so often when I hit a button by accident. This slim-line Verizon has buttons on three sides which makes it difficult for someone with bad dexterity to avoid hitting a button at the wrong time. My contract, I do believe, will be over either this August or next for this particular phone. When it is time for an upgrade, I will definitely get a more Joe-friendly model.

On a lighter note, but also dealing with today’s topic, last week I went to take a cute picture of Keekee the kitty cat, but hit the button too early and took a picture of my shoe. Ok, ok, that actually gave me a chuckle. Now that I have vented a few paragraphs, I feel better.

As a p.s., not relating to this topic, I do hope that more readers will chime in from time to time with comments and questions about past blog posts. Rebecca and I will do our best to reply. Until next time, take care and happy reading.

Technology … Grrr

Today at quarter to one in the afternoon I had my gazillionth fight with my state-of-the-art cell phone. It hung up twice on me when I was having an important conversation. Don’t get me wrong – I actually do like it and it works just fine. However, the infernal thing has buttons on three sides, where my hand holds it. Every time I bump one of these buttons with my finger, the phone starts doing something that I don’t want it to do. I keep expecting this phone to someday call China or take a picture of my knee.

I’ve had the phone since August and the two features I like the most are the voice activated calling and the touch screen texting capability. My phone is 3G, not 4. I’m not the kind of person who wants to watch a full length feature film on my phone. At first when I was learning to text, my finger would hit the wrong letter, causing beaucoup aggravation. Now I’ve learned to hit the screen precisely to get what I want. On rare occasion, I’ve actually sent someone a blank text because when I wanted to start typing, my finger hit send. With my mild case of Cerebral Palsy, it makes things with little buttons and knobs difficult for me. Probably the phone works just fine, but I’ve wanted to throw it a few times.

On other fronts, last night I was doing PS3, Madden Football 12, and later watched a movie on Netflix. Finally, technology that works for me. On rare occasions, however, Netflix has been “down for maintenance.” Obviously I understand that they have to update once in a while, but a few months ago it seemed that it was happening every time I wanted to watch something.

Now, I’m just me, I’m no one special. I just want it to work when I turn it on, that’s all. And I want the phone to stop calling people when I’m trying to set my alarm. It probably doesn’t help me either that I have a low threshold for frustration.

Now that I’ve gotten this off my chest, I shall clue you in just a little bit on my next post. It’s going to be about a character trait that has bothered me about myself. Last night I watched several episodes of a show called Air Crash Investigation. I’ve always loved jets and flying. I’ve also, however, been fascinated with the investigation of accidents, as can be see in my Air Florida post. I shall go into that in more detail within a day or two.